Wow! Almost normal again around here

Did I say normal? Well yeah. I did. Well as normal as it is going to get around here

First off happy Halloween everyone.

Ah! There she is. Super old broad herself. Guess what I finally got a chance to get out and about. So happy for that. We are still doing small groups, but is getting much better all the time. We will soon be back to playing all the time. To boot will be in bigger groups and more fun and laughter. Well we will see. I am at least hoping as I am in the midst of planning things and they dang well better work out. I don’t want to miss out on a thing. Like I missed out on Australia a year ago. That was the biggest bummer going.

I had come up stairs after changing into my costume. I walked in the living room to say see you later to hubbie. He looked up from his iPad and just made a face. You know the one that says what the heck are you doing. You look ridiculous. well to me I look great. So who cares what he thinks. Off I go to have some fun.

I have gotten out three times this past month. This first picture is of the circle of queens. This is a group of queens from all over the area in and around Vancouver, BC. We had ourselves a luncheon and was able to meet a few new ladies in the process who just joined the circle of queens. Also got to get together with old friends have not seem in ages.

Here is my second outing of the month. A few days ago Paulette sent me a message. You interested in going out to have a little lunch and allot of laughter. Didn’t have to ask me twice. First words typed back to her was when and where? Yes I am interested. Well she said she would invite a few ladies and I was to invite a few ladies. Sounds good.

So we all dressed as witches. Had our witches coven at the Fort Langley Pub. My group of ladies car pooled to Fort Langley. My, it has been awhile since any of us had been there. New stores are popping up and old ones gone. The town is still booming with people walking and shopping there. Is there a virus. Wouldn’t know with all the people there. Fort Langley is a historic village along the Fraser River. Always lots of interesting shops there. Many artist shops as well.

Well we get to the pub and one of the ladies checks her purse and realizes she has left her phone at home. Oh no. She has her vaccine passport on her phone. If you want to go into restaurants you need your passport or they will not let you in. If the restaurant let’s you in without a passport and someone from the health board comes in to check patrons for their passports. If you don’t have one to produce the restaurant will be fined allot of money.

So first we were going to go tell the other ladies that we wouldn’t be able to join them. While we where in there to chat for a minute. The other lady hopped in her car and headed back home to get her phone.

Well she was back in half an hour and enjoying giggles with us. It was too bad that this had to happen though. Like people say shit happens but you can come out smelling like a rose in the end.

We where right in a traffic area of the bar. So allot of people walked past us. We certainly got allot of comments from these people. All good and all for laughs. It is nice to attract attention to ourselves and our red and purple.

So this was our first get together of the Halloween season

Can’t be outdone. Another opportunity to get out and about rose for us. An email came in from Mikki. Two ladies where looking at past pictures popping up on Facebook. We had gone to the casino in Washington and had a great time. So they decided why can we not do this here.

They were going to dress up and have lunch at the casino in Abbotsford. They ask the casino how many they could invite. Then they sent out an email to ask a few to join them. Well no time flat I answered back. I will be there.

So this was this morning in Abbotsford. Don’t we look just so Devine and some a little scary. A great lunch and more laughter. It is so great to get back out and see your girlfriends. Have a few laughs and catch up on things going on in our lives. Get to dress up to boot. That is most of the fun. on top of that the manager gave us a $10 card to use in the machines for coming in and having some fun. That was so nice of her to do that. I don’t go and play. Had a couple of errands to do on the way home. So didn’t stay. Should have given my card to someone else. I probably will not get back in to use it before it expires.

So on my way home had to stop in at Canadian tire. Pick up a couple of things and then head for home. You know how many looks you get when you walk around a store in a costume. Too funny! Didn’t bother me and I think people loved it too.

I was home for a few minutes. Just catching up on things on my computer. The phone rang. Call display said Alberta. O boy Bev is calling. One of my red hat sisters and a good friend. She mentored me through my first few years of red hatting. I love this lady. Alas she has moved to another province. To be closer to her daughter. I am not one for keeping in touch. It is a downfall of me, but I am that way. No idea why I can’t pick up the phone and talk, but that is me. Really the thing is that I don’t talk much and I make lulls in the conversation. So I don’t talk on the phone. Today I did pretty good though. Bev called me to catch up. I had so much to tell her, but I think I made her miss her life here. Hanging with the four of us. Her life is a little quieter now as she makes her way through life’s up and downs in Alberta. We had a nice long chat and caught up with each other. I really do miss her. it was so nice that she had called. It was at the right time when I needed it. Made me feel whole again.

So now it is the evening. I spent the last hour and half down in the hallway being scared by trick or treaters. We didn’t get too many. So we have some chocolate left over for us. I really don’t eat that much anymore. A snippet once in awhile. So most of it will be there for hubbie. Diabetic and chocolate, but that does not slow him down on nibbling on it.

We got about 20 kids here. A lot less then what we usually have. One girl walked past my gate and I have a huge spider sitting on the gate edge. She walked in great but on the way back out she looked up and saw that spider. She jumped back and then she started saying to her brother. Look! Just look! That is a huge spider. I just started to giggle at her. She was so amazed by my spider. I had some Minnie skeletons hanging around as well as a couple of skulls. I got asked so many times. Are those real? Made me smile. Such a great night. Seeing the kids out again trick or treating. Fun to give them a little scare as well. I don’t decorate much, but like to put out a few things

So now I am sitting upstairs. It sounds so much like thunder outside. No not really. We have fireworks on Halloween. People go and buy them from the indigenous manufacturer places. They are aloud to make them on their land, but in Mission we are not aloud to set them off anymore. I don’t think anyone got the message though. The fireworks are going off all around us tonight. It is so good Rocky and Boots is getting old. This use to worry them to no end. This year they are both sitting on the couch without a care in the world over all the noise going on outside. The pooches next door are not taking it so well though.

So now that is the end of October. November calling my name. It is birthday month. Hmmm! Another year closer to being old. Hell I ain’t old yet, but sometimes I wonder. Well I will keep on keeping on as long as I can. I will play as long as I can. I will adventure as much as I can. Then there are days I will sit on the couch and just veg. Do my crafts and enjoy the quiet time. I would rather play though, but once in awhile I think it will catch up with me. Until then I carry on.

Aging disgracefully. My motto for now. I slow down a little every year. Mostly because of sjogrens, but I push through and keep on keeping on. Fun in still in my future.

Well that was my adventure over the past month. So much fun was had by me. Talk to you later

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