Today’s adventure Pitt Meadows Marshland walk

So today I braved the ten raindrops that where on my windshield to go for a walk today.
I thought maybe I would go over to HoppCott meat market in Pitt Meadows and pick up some meat. Well that didn’t happen. I was heading that way and then took a little detour over to Pitt Lake. A little walk was in order for me.
Well that little walk became a longer walk then what I expected.
I thought well maybe I would just walk down to the end of the gravel road. A straight walk between the lake and the marsh on the other side.
As I walked along I was enjoying myself. The sun was not hot today and clouds in the sky with a cool breeze blowing made for a pleasant walk.
So I just kept going. I went up the lookout tower that looked out over the water. Just a few boats going down the lake, but not much in the way of wildlife around today. Back down the tower and walking the rest of the gravel road.
Once I got to the end of the gravel road I could turn around and head back up the gravel road or I could turn to the right and head around the marshland. Now I had never been on this trail before. Didn’t know what it was like. Even if most of the trail was still there.
So I take a right and head along the trail. This trail is a two lane cow trail. Well what I mean is there are two paths about the width of tractor wheel width. With grass growing in between. So a pretty easy walk. Marsh and mountains on the left. More marsh on the right. The breeze is very nice and keeps the heat off. It is still a little hot out, but at least not as hot as it has been the last few days.
I walk on and the trail gets a little more tighter. I come to another viewing stand. I make my way up to the top. Nothing to view but the marshland.
I come down off the viewing stand and look at the trail ahead of me. Hmm. It looks a little over grown. The thing is if I turn around and go back the way I came it will be longer then just going through the bushy area.
So I make the choice and carry on. Blackberry bushes are at the start of this trek. Very close, but the trail is visible. Gets a little tight here and there, but then the trail opens a little. Black berry bushes are still close, but I can get through without being scratched anymore. I walk along with my fingers waving through the tall grass. A few spot along the way look like the trail has been half washed out. Hmm should be coming to the end soon.
Through more brush as I follow the trail. Starting to wonder what I got myself into. I carry on and finally the entrance comes into view. Back at the parking lot I am. 6.5 Kms later.
I sit in the car for a minute or two before I drive back down the road towards Maple Ridge.
My viewing today gave me ducks, geese, a couple of cranes, seagulls, hawks and a snake. EW! Yeah saw him on the overgrown path between the two marshes. He slither away. On;y a little one, but yuk! Still a snake.
I grab a bite to eat and have something to drink. Then head for home. Oh, oh I was going to go to HoppCott. Well I guess now that I am heading for home ain’t gonna turn around. Traffic will be getting busy now anyways.
So another adventure down and more to come. Will talk to you later. Until my next adventure.

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