Alway fun to be out and about, well maybe

Imagine Van Gogh in Vancouver

The video above is part of yesterday’s adventure. These are pictures from the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit in Vancouver BC. Interesting how they took his paintings and projected them in a room so you felt immersed in his paintings. They even had the floor with parts of his painting on it. You would walk around the room and the pictures would change. You would see part of his painting and on another wall would be a different part of a painting. I learned a little about the artist also. It was a interesting afternoon.

You know I am getting ahead of myself here. Yes Van Gogh was part of the adventure, but there is always more when I head out with a friend or two. Today it was Elizabeth I went with. About a month or so ago Elizabeth post on Facebook about this exhibit. Wondered if I would be interested. I had posted back that it sounds like a fun afternoon. Then life got in the way. My life to be exact. Nothing more was said about going.

Well a couple of weeks ago this popped up again. So I thought I am going to go. To heck with what might be said I am going to go. So I popped a note off to Elizabeth and asked if she was still interested. Our notes where popped back and forth until we had a plan. Tickets were bought for a week later. Oh, excitement in the air. We where getting out and about. Was going to be like old times. Our summer adventures coming up just like we did last year.

By the time the date came around to go my calendar was filling up. With things I had to do with hubby. With medical appointments I had. Also a red hat event. Oh yeah the ladies of the red hats are starting to come out of covid hiding. Events are starting to be planned. Fun, fun , fun is about to happen again. It has been a long year and a half since any of us have gotten together in person. Oh there have been zoom chats and lots of messaging. A few phone calls, but to get together that was a worry. So it was not done. We had a couple of distance parking lot chats last summer, but it is just not the same.

Well I kept my day opened on my calendar to go with Elizabeth. Sure missed our adventures.

The night before she text me. When you want to leave. Well not knowing how traffic was doing these days we decided on 11. This way we had plenty of time to get into Vancouver. She said she would drive. Sounds good to me.

Next morning I am at her place. It is going to be a hot one today. She pulls out of her garage and I hop in her car. We are off a running. Out onto the highway and heading down the road towards Vancouver. It feels like old times. One thing is a little better. Traffic is lighter, but is getting a little busier every day that the province is opening up. Highway will soon be a parking lot again. That will be such a bummer.

I am amazed at how many more high rises have gone up over the past year. Places where you could see the mountains in the distance are now blocked by taller buildings. Mostly around where skytrain stations are. So sad but housing is needed.

We come off the highway at Hasting street and make our way land isn’t opened as yet, but the way things are going it may get it chance this year. We talked all the way into Vancouver.

As we made it close to east Hastings a change was showing on the streets. So much disarray. Made me sad to see this and how bad it looked today. Then a few streets down another change to cleaner. As we drove by a store that Elizabeth loved to go in. She saw it was closed. She was thinking that maybe she could pop in there. No go for that.

A few more streets down and we where getting closer to the convention centre where the Van Gogh display was going on. Elizabeth made a turn to where she could take a street to the parking lot she would be going to. Construction on the street and couldn’t make a left hand turn. So around the block we go and back to where we started. Down one more street and make the turn again. This time she can get a left hand turn. This bring us up almost to the parking lot we are going into. Around the parking lot we go to find an open handicap parking spot. There should be one in this area. Around a little more and there is a couple up ahead that are opened.

We take a walk to the convention centre. We are a little early so go along for a walk and look at the digital orca statue and the olympic flame. As we walk along the waters edge we see a line up below. This lineup goes for so long. Those poor people out in the heat standing in the sunshine to get their covid shot. The lineup is so long. You don’t even see the end of it. We wander for a little bit more and then finally decide to see if we can get in a little early. Well it is better to be early then to be late and not let in.

We do get to go in. They do their contact tracing and then we are inside. We read all the info at the beginning and then walk into a room there the music is playing to the changing pictures on the screen. The picture illuminate on the walls and the floor. Moving pictures that go up then another shows and it goes down. The floor changes pattern as the pictures change. We stay in this room for an hour and half. Watching the changing scenery. So interesting

Finally it is time to leave. We head back to the car. Now where did we park. Oh yeah it is this way. Out of the parking lot we go and back down along Hastings street to highway 1. We stop for a bite to eat before the highway.

Now back on the highway traffic slows. Well so much for light traffic. Slow down and then speed up for a bit, just to slow down again. Parking lot heaven a few times. We make it home in two hours. We are both tired from our adventure out. I hop out of her car and back into mine. Well I wouldn’t call it a hop though. My feet where telling me about my day of standing. I ain’t old yet but sometimes it sure feels like it. I Head myself for home to put my feet up.

So today had to be out again. This morning had an appointment with the breast cancer clinic. I wrote the other day about having to have a couple more tests. Well today I find out more info. Well they haven’t got all the answers yet. So it would seem. They would like to do a biopsy. Oh joy oh bliss. More fun .NOT!! The ultrasound and mammogram had shown calcium buildup. They are not sure but there is a mass there of some kind. They say that it may just be calcium or it could be pre cancer. They have to do a biopsy to see what they are seeing. So now more test and then wait, wait wait

So I will give you a little advise. Get your pancakes done. Whether you like it or not. If they find things early it is so much better in the end. For now though I might be in the clear or if things are different on the next test I may not be. A wait and see life I have here. With so many tests going on in my life right now makes for trying times for me. I will keep on keeping on for all I can. Hope that my bod keeps holding on so I can enjoy more life and more adventures.

So that is about it for now. Until my next adventure. Talk to you later.

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