Shopping, well for someone else

So, today was a bit of a fun afternoon. After a morning of being out in the garden plucking some weeds. Mind you it had been raining the last few days, so those darn weeds have bustled up so fast. I would walk by one of my bushes and not notice anything. I turn around and what the heck. There is a weed about 6 ft high. Where the heck did that come from? So I pull it out. Wander a little more and there is another one. I just pulled weeds the other day. How can they get so tall so fast. It was only a couple of days ago I was out there. I am looking up on the upper part of my garden now. Hubby was up there working on the sprinkler system. He says is this white thing a weed. Well there shouldn’t be any white flowers up there. So he pulls it and then just leaves it laying on the ground. Hmm so I have to climb up there. Pick up the weed and then climb back down. Oh while your up there will you do this for me. Hmm now I know why he left it there. So while I am up there I find two more of these white flowers. You know maybe they where not weeds, but I pulled them anyways.

It starts getting a little warm outside and the sun is coming around to that part of the house. Time to quit for the day. Besides that I was getting a little company today from a friend.

You know Bev. I have talked about her and a few other ladies on some of my blogs. Anyways Bev was coming around to sit and chat and maybe do a little shopping.

You saying shopping. At my place? Yeah at my place. She asked if I had a few things that I was thinking of getting rid of in my stash. I said that I probably did. So she came shopping at Brenda’s place.

When I got back into the house there was a message on my machine. I didn’t take the phone out with me. So it was Bev on the phone. Brenda I need your address again. Seemed to have misplaced it. And what turn do I take for this or that? So I called her back and we chatted on the phone for a bit. Then I gave her directions. Oh your making do left and then right and then left again. Oh never mind I will look it up. Be there in half or a bit more. Depending on traffic.

So I went downstairs and pulled a few things out that did not fit anymore. Other things I figured I would not be wearing again. And a few things I had for the thrift store already. Just in case she may want some of them.

A little while later I see her car coming up our street. You know the bug in the driveway would give it away that it is our place, but whenever anyone comes they drive up the street and then turn around and start looking at numbers on other houses. Well she finally backs up and pulls in behind my car. I am out in the driveway already to greet her.

We head into the house chatting away. We head into the back to my women cave. My haven when I want to craft. Back into the back room where my stash of red and purple is on five racks. Yeah I said five racks of clothing. I had pulled a few things off the racks so she could look at them. You know it didn’t even make a dint of being less on those racks.

So she goes through the items I had pulled out. Oh I like this and this is gorgeous. Wow! Look at the bling on that. I have something like that so don’t need another. But the bling on it. Wow! She tries on a few things and looks at others. I try on a couple of things just to show her what it looks like. she tries on something else. Oh I love that, but does it look right on me. I say maybe putting a dart here or there and I think it will suit you very nicely.

We giggle and laugh. And talk away. Have fun shopping in Brenda’s closet. Trying things on and admiring in the mirror. I have collected these cloths over many years. Brought back memories of when I did wear them. Even before I was a red and purple person. I would dress for Halloween in something different every year at work. So I have costumes from many years back. She looked through my racks. Her pile gets bigger. Bev is so excited to have some new things for her red and purple collection. I was happy to clear out a few things to a dear friend.

Two hours later we sat on the couch. Still chatting away about things. I showed her a few things on the new website for the red hat society. Seems it does not show up on her computer the same way it shows up on mine. I show her some of the things that can be done on the website. Says she will try them at home.

She then looks at her watch. Oh my it is time to go. Has it been that long that we have been here. I walk her back out to her car. Carry her ample bag of goodies she will love as I had. We hug. Something that has not been done in awhile due to keeping distance. It felt so good to get close again.

I love this lady to the moon and back. She has been my mentor from the time we met in Sacramento,at a convention, there the first year I started red hatting. She has been my friend ever since. She has been there for me through thick and thin for eight years. Her and a few other ladies I have gotten to know over the first few years of my red hatting. I don’t get too close to anyone, but I do have friendships I know will last.

Now my sad news is she will be moving away in a few weeks. It is time she says. Onto another adventure in another province. She and her daughter are going to buy a place together. So Bev has family close to look after her if something was to go wrong. I will miss her dearly, but am happy for her as well. I may have to do a road trip to pop in on her once in awhile. Just to say hi. Maybe we will meet at a convention someplace. That is what the red hat society is all about. Catching up with old friends you have not seen in awhile. That and the fun that we can have.

Now I bet she is looking through her new goodies. Or maybe just resting up from an afternoon of chatting away. Thank you Bev for the afternoon of playing dressup with you. Will miss you when you move onto your next adventure.

Well that is it for now. Next week will be a busy week. So you will hear more about my adventures big and small. I know boring as they are, but they are my aging adventures.

Thank you for reading. Until my next adventure. Talk to you later.

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