I tried today, yes I really tried

Hmm you wondering what I tried, well I tried to get my usual butt shots. I sit back and I watch when I go to an event. I get my camera out and take a few pictures. What do I usually end up with. Well butt shots. today for some reason every time I aimed my camera. And set it all up. This person would turn around and smile at me. I had to settle for the old pose and smile picture. I must be loosing my mojo. I am the queen of butt shots. What would I do if I don’t at least get one or two or even maybe three butt shots. I am going to go into butt shot hell if I don’t get my butt shot. Then again those pretty smiling faces at me are well worth it as well.

Here are these beautiful ladies. Yes red hat society ladies. After so many months or restrictions and rain we finally got out to enjoy each other’s company. Such a beautiful sight. These ladies are part of my tribe. The ladies of central Fraser valley in British Columbia. There was some members from 7 different groups gathered today for fun and friendship.

I do love getting out with these ladies. I am the quiet one in the group. I Just sit back and listen to all the different conversations going on. From catching up where we left off to what we are going to be doing next. When I heard that there would be a gathering of these ladies my heart just jumped for joy. It had been so long since we had been together. Since we had been able to get close instead of just talking on zoom.

Zoom is the next best thing when we are kept apart, but it is that human contact that I really crave. I may not show it much in my quiet attitude, but I feel so much better when I can get out and about with these ladies again.

Where I can act silly and be myself. It is time to get back into practice again to acting silly. It has been so long. Things are starting to look up again. Restrictions are being lowered. It will still be awhile before we can do the real contact of hugging and getting close, but hey it is a start.

I was so excited that I signed up for a convention or two in Canada. It would be so nice if the border would open and we can get out and about with our US sisters as well, but that will have to wait for a bit yet. So for now I will look forward to doing things in Canada again, the big thing is when I will be able to fill a bucket list idea and make it to Australia. I had that plan all sorted out and was ready to fly for a convention there. Then covid hit and everything came to a standstill for us. All my reservations had to be cancelled and I was stuck with just being in BC for a bit. You can find all sorts of things to do in BC, but it is not off to exotic places like Australia. Well in my way of thinking. So for the past year I have entertained myself by exploring around BC.

I have taken many a walk. I have found places I didn’t know where there. I would look something up on the internet and say hey I would like to go there. So off one day I would go. It is interesting to find things in your own back yard you didn’t know was there before. In the next couple of weeks I have a couple of places I want to go to. Just get a sunny day and buy my ticket online and I will be off on another adventure.

Anyways back to where I was. Today’s gathering. We had a teddy bear picnic. Some of the bears that these ladies have. Gorgeous. I have a collection of stuffies, but none that will rival what some of these ladies brought. I do not have any red hat stuffies either. I never really got into those. Some of the stuffies are ones I collect when I am someplace. A bear from Las Vegas. A dolphin from discovery cove. A voodo doll from New Orleans. A couple of bears my son gave me. A very special one made by my niece. My dresser is full of this collection from my travels. I have not gotten a red hat bear though. I have many other things from red hat, but no bears. Did I say many other things from red hatter. I think I have allot of other things from red hatting. At one time I went a little overboard. Had to clear out a few things just so I could make room for more things. The same old story by many.

Now that is a real lovely bear. Oh and Sandy is a very lovely lady as well. The bear does not belong to her, but to another lady. Norma. She said that her hubbie gave her this for valentines day this year. Isn’t that just so sweet.

There she is with her bear. She was one lucky lady.

Diane and Nikki with their bears. Then having a little fun in front of Nikki’s hot rod.

So I have shown a few pictures of our afternoon. I am looking to the future and the world opening up again for some fun and adventure. For me opening up again for this adventure.

Oh I have one more picture to top off my day.

I got home today to have four messages on my iPad. This beautiful tiara is mine. I won it from Royal Splendor. I will wear it proudly. Yes you all know I am the queen of the butt shot.

That is about it for today. Until my next adventure. Talk to you next time

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