Well, they back

I wrote last week about the new little critters in our back yard. I had put down salt. I had spread vinegar around. Just like the internet said. Dang you can’t trust the internet.

I thought they had gone to better ground, but no! They had to come back. Just to taunt me that ha, ha, you can’t send us away.

I am talking about the west coast tree frogs that have set up living in our pond. We had one night of peace and quiet. Those little critters can RIBBETT, RIBBIT, RIBBET1. All night long. So I had three more days of them at least being gone during the day. Or at least quiet. Then. Night fall would come and the RIBBET, RIBBIT, RIBBET started again. The first night it sounded like only one had come back. Then the next night. Well, there were two. One coming from up the waterfall and the other coming from in the pond under a flat rock. Oh great more sleepless nights. Well not for me, but hubby can hear every little crock and crack going on anywhere.

So it is time to take action again. The weekend is upon us. Hubby not working. First thing in the morning he is out in the back yard. Assessing the situation. He unlocks the shed and starts pulling out things he will need. Out comes the water hose. Then a sub pump. He then goes to the garage and pulls the water pressure pump to the back yard.

Aw! Now he is ready for some action. My pond and water feature is being drained. Those little buggers will have no water to play in and RIBBIT, RIBBIT RIBBIT! For the night. Slowly the water drains from my pond. So sad! No trickling water down the rocks into the pond. The water instead making its way through the hose and out onto the driveway.

This feature has been running for ten years or more. Only one time had it stopped and that was when the pump stopped working. Had to buy a new one and install it down in the tub at the bottom of the pond. A wet messy job. That tub had a bit of slim built up in it. Yuk! So had to have a little cleaning at the same time.

Oh I guess there where a couple of other times this feature had not been running as well. When it got so bloody cold outside that it froze and was one big ice block. We had to unplug it then when once through the winter the temperature got below zero and froze the thing solid. But other then that it has been running none stop.

Over these years we have had birds, dragonflies, butterflies and bees come to enjoy the water feature. Is always so nice to watch the activity going on around the rocks. The plants flourished and grew around the outside. Every year would enjoy the flowers and shrubs that grew there and made it heaven for me.

Now for some reason these critters came around. The tree frogs. Still do not know where they came from and were they go. Areas behind us are being developed so maybe there was water lands in the new development that they were living in are now gone. Well who knows.

Maybe a bird brought them in the form of eggs on their feathers or feet. When this bird was bathing or getting a drink. Could have dropped the eggs in the water. From there these eggs grew to tadpoles and now frogs. I didn’t see any tadpoles swimming around last year. But then I never looked that close at the pond unless I was putting in algae powder to keep the slim from growing. I guess now I will have to look closer and not just listen to the tranquility of the feature.

Well slowing the water has run its course. Through the hose and out onto the driveway. Down the street to the storm drain. Slowly the pond is emptied. Down to the rocks at the bottom and slowly disappearing into the tub at the bottom. No more water in my feature. Such a sad day. No more listening to the water trickle over the rocks. No birds or bees around looking for a drink.

Now a new noise is heard at the water feature. The power washer is going. Every rock, every layer is being powered clean of leaves and moss. The dirt at the bottom is being powered away. The area is cleaned from top to bottom. Plants get a ravishing with the force of the water. He leaves no stone unturned in his ramp to diminish the tree frogs. Water flowing over the rocks for the pump to take away and flow down our driveway. He cleans every area that he thinks they will hide. Then goes back a second time and does it again. Those little buggers are not going to keep him awake tonight. Well so he hopes anyways.

My pond is now empty. The area is clean. I look at my empty pond and miss the trickling of water already. I snip off broken stems and branches from my plants. I will wait for the day it can be filled to trickle again.

Now we sit and wait to see if those little critters come back tonight for another battle of RIBBIT, RIBBIT, RIBBIT. At 8 there is no sound. At 9 again we listen. No sound. By 10 we head to bed in peace and quiet. No sound was given all night. A good night sleep was had for the night.

This morning he says not a peep was heard. Not a RIBBIT or a cricket. He is happy with his cleaning yesterday. So now for how long will the pond be empty. Well at least long enough for the these frogs to take up residence someplace else. Maybe a week or maybe two. Who knows. Hopefully when we fill it back up they do not return and have to do this all over again.

So now onto our next project in the back yard. Besides my pulling of weeds and trimming of the vines that I grow. We are doing a little a revamping. Always something to keep us busy in our back yard. a watering system is in the works. We had one up, but it wasn’t working right so pulled it down last year and are going to use the hoses in a different way. So onto our next project we go. It is a nice day out so you know where I will be. Out getting muddy fingernail in the dirt.

Until my next adventure. Talk to you later

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