I was going through way back on my craftyness


So this video above is a montage of my crafting. I have been doing crafting for so many years. Started around the time I was in highschool. It progressed from there to after I was married.

Then I stopped. It seems that I made these things and couldn’t get rid of them fast enough. They would just pile up in this closet or that closet. When I could would give them away as gifties.. so to save my hubbies sanity of having all these craft stuff laying around the house. I just stopped.

I don’t do much in the way of crafting for many years. Then we bought a few craft supplies for our son. Trying to give him something to do with his hands. Loved working with his hands.

Well after awhile those tools started sitting around, not being used by him. So one day I went out to the garage and grabbed a piece of wood. I started carving on this piece of wood. I did it until I got the hang of it. I was creating again. You know it felt so good to just start playing again.

I felt there was something missing in my life. I left this to the wayside so many years ago. Now crafting is back in my life. Who cares about the tools being left sitting around while I work on something. Who cares about the items finished that sit in the closet until I find a place to get rid of them. For now it just feels so good to pick up a tool. Or a needle or a crochet hook and just create.

I did try for a bit to sell these items. That was a no go. Well I can’t really say that. I did sell a few items. But allot more sit in my closet. Or hang on my walls down stairs in my craft room. More and more I give and donate them to events and such.

So above is a utube video of my craftyness. I went through my Facebook page and put them all together. Some I had forgotten I even made until that picture came up. It feels so good to see that I did create some things.

I will keep creating. It is my being. It is my love. I feel it is my need to create. I was lost without this need. I know it takes up space once it is done, but for now I am happy with the creating. So I will keep on keeping on

Talk to you later

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