Hayward. Reservoir trail.


Such a beautiful day. I decided to head out on the trails. It is a little chilly so took along my toque and gloves. But the time I was finished the gloves and the hat went into my back pack.

So up and about this morning. Sun is shining so beautifully today.. so I checked out my iPad and looked over a few trails that might be okay for this old broad to go on. I am still that out of shape. I do try to keep up with the exercise, but gets a little harder and harder every day. I push allot to keep myself going. Hoping that my keeping going last longer then I think.

I decided I was only going to go to the falls. That is about 2 Klms or so.

So I pack up my back pack with water and my camera. Put on my hi king boots. Grab the leashes for the dogs and I am out the door. For some silly reason I am suppose to be heading up to dewdney trunk road and instead I started heading the other way. So had to take myself up a few different back streets in mission to get myself back where I wanted to be. First brain fart of the day.

Okay onto dewdney trunk road. As I drive along getting higher into the bush you see the frost on the trees. The road is a little slippery. The brimm truck goes by going the other way. Now I wonder if this is a good idea. Where the sun shines through the tree the roads are wet and not frosted over. I make my turns with no more wrong turns. I pass another trail I would like to go on some time. will have to look it up when I get home. Some of these trails will be a little tough for me so will keep prodding along with a few easy trails.

I turn off into the parking lot. Plenty of spot this morning. In the summer these lots are full. So a chilly but good time to come. I pull my camera from my back pack and sling it around my neck so if I see something worth while to take a picture of it will be ready. Throw my back pack on my back and leash up the pooches.

We are off. As we make our way to the trail the dogs are so excited they tangle around me and under my feet. Long leashes make for tangles. We finally figure ourselves out and we are off. Hopefully they stay ahead of me and no more tangling. I don’t want to end up on my butt with them tangled around me.

So now the thing is we are going down , down way down. Then it flattens out to a nice path. Then there is more down and twisting around. My gosh. You know all this down I will have to make my way back up again. Am I going to make it.

Over knots of trees and rocks. A well groomed trail of dirt and stones. The trail is about three feet wide. Sometimes along the side the edge is close by. So I stick to the inside of the trail. We come to babbling brooks so loud is the sound of the water as you cross a wooden bridge. The bridges are a little slippery and some have boards that are only half there. Still safe, but you could put a toe through and slip. Then as you leave the brook there is silence. Just the sound of of my feet on the path and the dogs panting away.

I come to a cross path. One points to the falls and the other goes more along the reservoir trail.. I decide on the falls. As I follow the trail it goes down. Way down.. boy oh boy yes way down. There are places that are not easy for me to step. I grab at the rail on the way down. I finally come to the falls. Just beautiful. Cascading over the rocks. The sound is like heaven. Water cascading down the rocks. Going this way and that. I stay there for a bit and enjoy the site.

I then know I have to make my way back up this dang stairs. Way back up the hill to the main trail. So I take a breathe and away I go. Up the stairs and up the path. I am breathing hard now. I may have bitten off a little too much. I trudge on. On a flat spot I stop for a bit to catch my breathe. In and out, in and out. Deep breathes. I finally have the energy to make the rest of the climb. Up I go and onto the top. The main trail is ahead of me.

Now I do a silly thing and turn right instead of left. I figured still have some in me so I head on further down the trail. Little ups and little downs. More babbling brooks. The sun trickles through the tree tops. I stroll on for a little while longer. I come to a four Klms sign. This spot is where BC hydro does not manage the trail anymore and the district of Mission takes over. I walk on for a bit and then figure that may be enough.

We turn around and head back for the car. More ups and downs. More ups then downs in some places. Back over the babbling brooks. Back over the little creeks. I finally see the the parking lot above me. Well one more hill to go. I climb the last hill.

I walk up to my car. Grab the water bottle from my bag. Give the pooches a drink and then my self.

As I pull out of the parking lot the pooches snore loudly in the back. Content with their walk. I make my way to Maple ridge along dewdney trunk road. Have a couple of errands to do there before I head home.

On the way home along highway 7 I see a beautiful sight. Mount baker is in clear view. So I stop on the side of the highway to get a picture of it.

A few minutes from home. The dogs know where we are and start watching in the back seat. As I make my way up the road they whines and jump around. Into the driveway and let them out. T hey run for the gate and a little ramble and sniff of the back yard.

As I sit here now and write they snore loudly beside me again. Snuggles close dreaming of their walk. Wait in anticipation for our next outing

So that was my adventure. A beautiful day we have had. Time to go now. Talk to you later. Until my next adventure.

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