Sharing a little less as I get to know what process I need

So I am playing around again. I hope you don’t mind. I trying to figure out how I can put all of my playing together. So now if I make a utube video. Then share it to here. Put in a blurb on what it is all about. Then I have it on here and then last but not least. I can share to Facebook where it can be seen some more. That will make it so I don’t repeat over and over with many post. So I won’t be boring all of you over and over again. For me it is just playing. I have no idea whether anyone else reads or watches. Hey it is social media so who knows. I am not trying to make any type of a business out of this. Just playing around. Having a little fun and learning something techie in the process. Always like to learn something new.

Anyways about the video above. A few of you have seen it already. I posted it on Facebook there already. So it will be on Facebook again for those to be bored with me posting it again.

I got a new toy. Well I did tell you about it already. I have been playing and voila I made a video. Turned out not too bad. This is my red hat sisters I have met over the nine years I have been with the red hat society. We have not been playing lately because of covid. I have been out on a couple of social distance get togethers, but nothing big. All has been cancelled. So I have been missing seeing these ladies big time.

So out came my pictures. I went right back to the beginning. From my first adventure out to today. Wow I noticed how I have changed. I didn’t think i did, but yes I did. My life of growing. Who knew at this age in my life I would be growing. Then the dang covid came along and everything is at a standstill. So after a few months of quietness I am missing the fun and my red hat sisters. So I made a video was made to share how I was feeling. It starts with my first few events to that latest things I had done. Red hat sisters I care deeply for. Who are near at heart and further as friends through Facebook. Ladies I have met over the years and the smiles that come to their faces and to mine as well.

So hence this video. Have had a few lovely comments on it. Love ya all.

So now I think I will do most of my adventuring this way. Will make for one post on all of my social media accounts so not boring anyone who looks with many of the same thing.

This here will also help me with one other thing. I have tried over and over to sit and talk to my iPad. Videoing a commentary at the beginning of a video I am making and I just am not able to get past the fact that I am videoing myself. I am not a selfie type of person. I like being behind the camera not in front of it. I have watched a few people out and about. They can walk along and talk about what they are doing. I tried and bungle it up every time. I know it takes practice, but I am not cut out for that. So once in awhile you may hear my voice on a video, but to heck will never see me giving commentary on what is happening while the camera is facing me. Will see pictures of me once in awhile when someone gets a picture of me, but I am mostly behind the camera type of person. Way too self conscious for that.

Well you never know. I may grow that way too. As I grow older and May say to hell with it. Na! Ain’t happening.

So just a post to let you know where I am going with this. Hope you all enjoy. Right now just hoping that the video will run and pop over to utube to play it. Well I will see.

Oh by the way. I had a great walk yesterday. Slept so much better last night without all the voices going through my head for hours. My feet last night where telling me about my walk. I stood up off the couch to go make supper last night and boy I couldn’t stand or put weight on my feet. Pushed through it and did get supper finished. Thought about just calling for delivery, but did get it done. Silly me for pushing a longer walk. This morning after a great night sleep. My feet are a little stiff, but I can at least get around. Well this to will pass. With arthritis and Sjögren’s syndrome you never know where things are going to attack next. I may hurt in one place for a few days. Then another time that goes away and some place else will give me trouble. Keep doing my exercises and stretches and keep my body going. Sometimes try not to complain, but there are those days that I should have just stayed in bed.

Well until my next adventure. Big or small. Talk to you later. I am done with my playing

3 thoughts on “Sharing a little less as I get to know what process I need

    1. The society is in California. Their head office is just north of Disneyland. They have a Facebook page and a website. There are many groups in California. When I visited there a couple of years ago met up with so many beautiful ladies at a convention in San Fransisco. The membership is $30 a year.

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  1. Turning 50, a Red Hat Poem

    As I take my pen in hand to scribe this ditty for Red Hat land.
    Town criers hearken to the streets.
    Ladies rejoice your time has come to throw off your dowdy mantles,
    Of black, blue and brown as you are about the turn the world upside down.

    A regal celebration is near as you begin your 50Th year.
    A sympathy of brass shouts to the world that we don’t sit on our assets any more.
    Adorn me in feathers and bling so that I can set off metal detectors as I wave in gloves of satin at my subjects or my family that are wondering what has happened to their mom and wife today.

    Shout from the rooftops the goddess is near.
    Plums of fireworks light the way along the path of your re-birth this magical day.
    As a phoenix rising from the ashes a twinkle in our eye’s, a smile that will surprise all we meet.
    In self confidence that says “look at me I’m 50 today”!
    No more colours that make me blue.
    Bring on the purple and my crown of red as this is what my life should be.

    My red hat sets my soul afire as I join other ladies in our quest for fun and frolic to remind the world that we are the best.
    So look out world we are here no longer silent like our mothers but vibrant women of a certain age.

    by Elizabeth W 10-19-06


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