Well I escaped the couch

I was up way too early this morning. The sun wasn’t even up yet. I guess I must have slept last night. I do have a little bit of help with that. I am a rebel and take a couple of drops of cbd oil. Never thought I would be doing something like that. The doc suggested it for me. I was sceptical at first. I finally broke down and started doing a little researching. Then a little more researching and figured why not. I ain’t gonna get in trouble for it. Just don’t take across the border when it opens again. I only take a couple of drops before I go to bed. Yeah it seems to help. On another note. The size of my lump on my throat also has gone down. One doc says it might be because of the cbd oil. Well it may or it may not have, but I am happy with the results. Pain is a little lighter with it. Just too bad that medical insurance does not help to pay for it. Well I can’t have everything.

So I said that I had escaped from the couch today. I sat for a bit this morning. Looking at a few trails that are easy for an old broad like me. After a bit I figured Friday will be a nicer day so will take to the trail on Friday. Now for today I drove over the river to the trans Canada trail. Well it is part of it. A flat place to just take off and stroll.

So I ask the pooches if they wanted to join me. They where up off the couch in no time. I grabbed the leashes and we where off.

The weather was a little brisk as I started out. We hopped in the car and headed over the bridge. I would have gone to one of many places, but with covid I know that this Dyke walk is not too crowded.. down a couple of secondary roads. And into the parking lot.

Rocky and Boots are now excited. Jump into the front seat and are bouncing around to were I can not get their leashes clipped on.. I finally get them hooked up and they where out of the car before me. Yeah I am a little slow.

There are 4 other cars in the parking lot so I will meet someone sooner or later on my stroll. I head off walking. The dogs are out ahead of me. Just a going to the end of the long leash. Pulling at first. After 20 minutes or so Boots is back by my side. Sometimes even falling behind, but still keeping up. She is enjoying herself, but sometimes just not sure where I am. So has to keep checking that I am there. Rocky the whole time out in front. Sniffing here, sniffing there. A puddle for this bush, another puddle for that bush. Simply enjoying being out and about.

The weather changes a little and the sun comes out. On we go. You know eventually I will have to turn around to come back to the car. So how far do I go. I pick a spot down the way and say that is as far as I am going and then will turn around. I make it to that spot and decide that maybe a little further. It is just so nice to be out in the fresh air.

I see a couple of eagles in the trees. A younger one and then a little further down one a little older. They stare at me as I stop to watch them. Take a couple of pictures. He squawks at me as I am disturbing him. I wander on and come across a gaggle of geese gathered in a field beside the river. As I come closer along the Dyke they lift up and start walking away.

Hmmm that might be a hawk not an eagle

As we wander on a horse in a farmers field gets Rockys attention. Oh a big dog to play with. He comes closer to me, but is watching this horse as we walk on. What a strange looking dog that is

I finally pick a point and turn around. Back past the horse and the geese and the eagles. Back along the Dyke to my car. A tug goes by on the river and I watch it for a bit. Then I head on.

Back at the car my pooches scramble back in. Over my seat and onto the the passenger seat. Doggie prints everywhere. I guess I will have some wiping down to do. I take off their leash and scoot them to the back seat. They curl up together and are content to stop the walk.

Funny thing is. I am content to stop the walk too. My feet right now do not take these kind of strolls anymore. My usual walks are only about half hour around a couple of blocks up here. Today though I figured about 3 or 3 and a half miles.

Such a beautiful day to be out. The temperature is not too cold and definitely not hot. Would have liked a little more sun as pictures come out much better then. There was only about four people I met on the Dyke. Makes for an enjoyable walk as I did not need to contend with too many others with dogs. some have off leash and boots and Rocky do not take to others invading getting close to me. They have always been protective.

So now I sit on my comfy couch. Pooches beside me snoring away. I can feel the bottom of my feet. I don’t know, but the heals are giving me trouble now. Maybe I am getting bone Spurs. Whatever it is it dang well hurts when I walk. Especially after I sit down for a bit and then have to get up to do something. That is when it really hurts. That is why I talked about the two wheeled scooter I could ride along the trails. I could still be out and enjoy a day like this and not have to hurt myself to do it. Unless I fall off. Ain’t got much in the way of balance either. But for now I will keep walking and enjoying myself for as long as I can.

Well that is my day. Now I plot my day on social media. Some read and others think oh no she is at it again.. whether you like it or not . It is more of a diary for me. Something I can say hey I did that. Also using a new toy to make small videos. Just because I can. So I hope you enjoy my writings. It keeps me busy and I am having fun with it. That is the point for me.

So will talk to you again another day. Maybe Friday after the trail walk I want to take. Like I say if you don’t do it now you will not be able to do it later. It is now or never. Enjoy life and don’t forget to smile. Talk to you later

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