Well, will go with it today

First off. If you are noticing anything different. I changed the title of this blog. 60 is the new 40. Well sometimes it doesn’t feel like it is. 60 May be the new 80 the way I feel somedays. So I will go with aging disgracefully as I am not a prim and proper type of gal.

I do now allot of awed strange things that I never thought I would do in my life. I was such a chicken shit most of my life. Thought it would be fun to do, but would never do it. Now that I am older I am thinking. If I don’t do it I will never do it and regret that it had never been done. So the hell with it. I am still a chicken shit and takes a bit of coaxing, but I do do stupid things now. Sometimes I wonder what am I thinking, but hell now you don’t do what you want you never will. So off I go on this blog of disgraceful living. Or as much as I hope I can do

Look at that gal. Looking foreword to growing up. Seeing what life has ahead of her. That is me by the way. I was six then. First year of school. Yep that’s right, six. My parents didn’t let me start school at five. So I was always a year ahead of my class mates in school in age.Which in a way lead to some of the teasing. Lead to allot of my quietness. Year two of school I was wearing glasses as well. I was such a geek. Well in my thoughts anyways. So was mostly a loaner who kept allot to herself.

That’s where my craftyness came in. I could be on my own and craft away at something in my room. I grew up being a crafter. Was always finding something to occupy my time. I always thought that I could do something with my craftyness, but that never evolved past being good at it to great, but I was happy with what I had done. The crafts piled up and soon where gone from my life soon after I was married. Always felt I was missing something in my life after that. Many years later I have brought it back into my life. Still not much I can do with finished products, but give away as gifts. It does make me feel whole again. It can be money that limits what I can make so look to other people to keep me crafting and ask for donations of scrap yarn and material. Then when an item is made out of these scraps I donate my craft off to some organization. Oh by the way I am running down on yarn right now. So am looking for a few extra balls of yarn you may have kicking around you want to get rid of. I do have on my table down stairs about three other projects on the go and four more in the pile to start. So not for want of something to do

Life goes on. I pick up more projects to play with. I found other items that I can play with. I pulled my guitar and banjo out of the back room. Has been in storage area for many years not playing. I also found a violin on ebay. Was hoping to learn how to fiddle. I haven’t really made a sound with it yet. Just a few squeaks and squeaks. Who knows if I will really get the hang of it. Once covid is over I have a number for a lady who may be able to help me out with a few lessons. So more projects that I can work on. As if I haven’t got enough I can do around here.

Now last but not least I got a new iPad. Bought it to replace one that is starting to be out of date. It still works, but can’t get certain apps with it or they don’t run right on this old iPad. I had many fun years learning with it and playing on it, but not enough of something. So a new iPad was in the future for me. It is now the future. I can do so much more on this one. Has enough memory to be able to have all my photos and some music on it without being in the cloud. I couldn’t get to cloud if I was not on wifi. Made for some trying times when I was traveling. So I loaded up a couple of apps that I wanted to work with. As you can see on utube and Facebook and Instagram I have been playing the past couple of days with these apps. I made a couple of videos. Not too great yet but with practice they will get better. So my playing continues. I am not slowing down any on keeping myself busy.

You know though it is just the fact. I would like to get back out on the road again. Out and about around the area or further beyond and seeing the countryside. Covid is keeping me more at home and not exploring places I would like to see. For now just my own back yard as we have to stay in our area close to home. It is getting really old and making me old in the process.

This to you does not sound like being too disgraceful does it? Well maybe I won’t be too disgraceful. I do think of all the things I can do when we get out of covid jail though. I am not the kind of person now who wants to sit on the back porch in my rocking chair watching the grass grow. There is so much in this world that I want to explore. I see things on tv and think wouldn’t that look like fun. I have tried a few already and am not going to stop playing. I now have a new camera to video my silliness as well.

I had opportunities when I was younger to do things. I would say it looks like such fun and then someone would take me to do this thing and I chickened out at the last minute and would not do it. So now if I have the opportunity I will button up my chickenshit and go and do it. So many things look like so much fun that I really want to try. Hmm I do have my limits though, but will do my best.

This is me these days. A far cry from the six year old who thought life would be great and have lived a life of my dreams. Well dreams have changed over the years.

I never got into thing some of the gals got into. I never really experimented with makeup. I bought some when I was a teen. Tried applying a few times. But never really got the hang of it and always wondered why you would take the time to put that stuff on your face every day. I just didn’t see the point. These days I get asked why I don’t put on a little lipstick. I still have the same opinion. Why would I put that stuff all over my face. Plain and simple I am me and this is how I look. I have the wrinkles now and don’t cover them either. I did relinquish and use wrinkle cream now. Hoping to smooth out a little of the old age that is creeping up on me. I still have some makeup in a bag here in bathroom. Once in awhile I have the urge to do a little dress up. It is not too often when I go out with my red hat sisters that I will put on a little makeup. At 60 some years still have not got the hang of what to do with that stuff. some days though I will gussy up for something. Disgraceful I am.

I seen something on buy and sell the other day. It is Scooter with a motor. It looks interesting. I wonder if it would go up trails or if it is just something for touring around streets in the city. Wouldn’t that be a great way to see the trails. Wouldn’t have to walk. Just hop on it and motorized yourself up the hill to the lookout. Too bad there are stairs on the trails that you still have to walk up. I can think of lazy ways to get up to the view if I want to. I can be lazy once in awhile. I can the say look I made it to the top. Boy am I in great shape. HaNOT! I am thinking, but won’t buy it. I will walk the trails with my own two feet. Whether they hurt or not that day. Disgraceful I am to think the easy thing to do.

Well the sun is a shining today. So will leave this blog and head out in the sunshine. January and we have degrees in the double digits. End of the week will be going down in temperature. But I will go with it won’t snow as hubbie bought a snow blower.

So will talk to you later. Going to go enjoy some sun and live my disgraceful life.

2 thoughts on “Well, will go with it today

  1. Hey girl I wrote this in Sept. 08 and you know how cluttered my 70+ mind is so enjoy the laugh I just did 🙂

    “The Kitchen Drawer, a ramble” by Elizabeth, September 08

    Today I tackled the ultimate in horror ” the kitchen drawer”
    You know it, we all have one where we throw that 1 screw just in case.
    Scotch tape rolls that won’t unroll.
    Push pins because some day I will have a bulletin board.
    A piece of string 1 foot long.
    Cute little painted stones with a 10cent price sticker.
    A stalactite from my son’s ( no I did not take it from that cave) collection.
    Marbles so now I can be in grade 3 again.
    A Toronto transit token , the last time I lived there was 1979!
    A 1944 penny which is probably worth with inflation a penny.
    A piece of decorative wood for that table I should have fixed but don’t have now.
    Three pens for liquid ink from high school Now has anyone even seen liquid ink in the last 40 years?
    A pen with Mt St Helen’s ash dated May 18Th, 1980

    Lolly pops
    Six rulers , 3 from working elections who liked my home better then the jerks in Ottawa’s homes.
    A Kellogg step counter now who do you think your talking to when I have lolly pops stashed away?

    Four jack knives in various sizes.
    Loose birthday sparkles.
    Zig-zag papers for when I roll one 🙂
    Eight hockey cards from McDonald’s from the 93/94 season.
    A coaster with my name on it.
    Assorted magnets.
    An instruction for a 1996 Star Trek collectible.

    Four pencil sharpeners, now when was the last I used a pencil let alone sharpened it?
    A hot pink carpenter pencil “ditto”.

    Two large plastic cake toppers that read “To MY Valentine” and “Happy Mother’s Day”. And you ask why are you keeping them?
    Well darn it all I bought the cakes so if no one buys me these next year I can put them on the top of the ones I get, scary i know.

    Four oils in tiny bottles that i think you put 1 drop at a time on a light bulb.
    Now with my dexterity the whole lamp would be drenched so out they go, by bye.
    One lantern wick.

    Red wine remover liquid that you put on your table cloth to get the wine out.
    Now if you spill your wine trust me I will lick it up ( or is that you?) before it gets to the cloth.

    Four pop up bottle tops you put on your water bottles to make guzzling easier, probably 7’s.
    Four phone plug jacks that rotate.
    Tape to fix my shower head… now if I want head….
    A fizz keeper , that you pump kind of like … I know get my head back on the drawer.
    Assorted I don’t know what the …. it is but I need it!
    Tiny screw drivers.. I know keep your mind on the drawer.
    Assorted keys for ?
    Enough markers,pens and pencils to keep me till the kids put me in a nursing home.

    Seasonal and flashing pins and so I can be wild and crazy 6 cents.

    Now get and clean up you own scary kitchen drawer after all Halloween is coming up.


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