So just playing around today and yesterday.

Last week I got a new camera. It is a small camera. One you use when you are active. Just clip it to you and go. I didn’t get a go pro as it is over $500. Can clip it if we go on the bike someplace. Or if I go swimming. Or if I am out on a trail enjoying a walk.

So what I did this past two days was load a couple of video editor apps onto my iPad. Then I started with some of the pictures I have and make a video.

I started with making an intro and then I made something to put at the end of my video. I saved those so on my photo stream so I am able to use them every time I make a video.

Now that I have those made. I was off and running. I opened my app and started collecting pictures together from my photo stream. Had the intro on and then added the ending at the end. Played around with some titles and graphics. Been doing this for two days now.

So it is finished as much as I am going to do on it and made two videos. I put them on Facebook, Instagram, utube and now hoping they will go on here as well. I am about to see. So here goes.

Well it will not publish to here. I think I will keep working and see if I can get it to go there, but for now it won’t be on here. Aw! Shucks!

So on top of getting the app I have to start playing with this new camera. So once I get a mini sd card will start to play with it. Don’t want to turn on until I have all the parts. At least that is what it says in the destructions I was reading. So sits on the shelf till I get the rest. Oh well!

I can’t go out much of any place right now anyways. Dang covid has us where we stay with our bubble. So I sit downstairs in my women cave and craft away while the tv runs. On the weekend hubby and I go out for a drive and afterwards get groceries. Such a fun life lately. I don’t mind being downstairs but always? I want to go out and play with my friends. I bet they wish they could get out too.

Well that’s it for my excitement lately. Stay at home and craft. Mind you I have goo-then a bit done. I also sent out a couple blankets to a lady this week. So I cleared out a shelf I can fill again

So talk to you later.

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