Well another year down and another year closer to well you know

Yeah! Another birthday has rolled around. Do I care! Well it is getting to the point of why the heck should I. Just another day of the year and it just gives me another year I have to suffer with when someone ask how old ya gonna be now. I really do hate these numbers. It is telling me I am old. I DON’T WANT TO BE OLD! That said I made it through yesterday. Life is passing me by and I DON’T LIKE IT, so to say every year I seem to go into a day of depression. For some reason it seems to hit me worse every year. I got in the shower yesterday morning and I just bawled my head off. I don’t know what brought it on, but I needed a release. Then I spent the rest of the day in my craft room. Tv playing in the background. Lights off and I just kinda sat there. Not doing anything. Just sitting there, just lost. I do hate when these moods come on and for some reason these moods will come on my birthday. I try to pop myself out of it, but to no avail. So I just go with the day.

Well one thing I can say. Other people care about it. I went on Facebook yesterday and so many well wishes from friends and acquaintances. I do thank you all for the well wishes and blessings. It did fill my heart with joy. It took TIL today to start feeling the joy though. Now if ever I could get the homefront on board to at least acknowledging, but know that would never happen. Never does and never will. Oh they may think of it a couple days later and say oh that has just past hasn’t it.

So now I will say another year older and still no wiser will I ever get. I know some people do not think it is great of me to say, but I will say it anyways. A duffus I is and a duffus I will always be. whether I am young or old.

Okay out of the doldrums and into today. Woke up to the sun shining in the patio window. Hell! I am getting up and I am a gonna go someplace. Enjoy the sunshine and get some vitamin d. Maybe that will take the cobwebs out and get me back on track. Well as back on track as I get these days. I had read the other day about a trail. Easy to walk and this time of year the salmon are running up river and the eagles are there to have a feast.

Well, spur of the moment I say to hubbie I am going out today. Well maybe he would take the afternoon off and go with me. Um., no thanks. I need a little me time. Well you are walking someplace. Takes the pooches with you and let them have a nice walk. Well I can do that, but now first I have to get them for a short walk around the block. If I don’t they will be in the car crying to get out to pee before I get to my destination. So off and around the block I go. Time to christen the neighbours lawns So to speak.

Walk finished. Doggies are good to go. Bundle us into the car and we are off. Heading down the highway. Music blaring away on my rock and roll channel. Windows cracked to let in some fresh air. Just a beautiful day. The cobwebs are starting to lift. The dogs in the back seat with their heads between the front seats. Staring out the front window. Anticipation of going someplace. Their cobwebs disappearing as well. Tongues hanging out and taking in the fresh air coming in the window. Usually they have their heads out the window, but my bug does not have windows that open in the back. So they have to be content with the roof being opened. They do not get to go on many car rides these days. We are off and running. well so to speak.

I head over to Kilby first. These places are all around Harrison Mills. Head off the highway and scoot around a few backroads. Stop in a few places to look at the view. Beautiful. Trees and field contrast in colour. Mountains so high they reach the sky. The sky of deep blue. Did I say just beautiful.! Yes just beautiful

I make my way back over the bridge and turn off heading towards sandpiper golf course. Somewhere down this road is a parking lot around the golf course. And there is a trail that I will be walking today. Now I have never been here before. Yes new adventure. For some reason luck is with me. I am in the right place and didn’t make any wrong turns. Well once in awhile that is good. I am usually driving here there and everywhere, because I made a wrong turn someplace. Going in circles to get to where I want to be. I have no gps so I am just a guessing where I want to be. But for today. No wrong turns. I am right where I need to be. My adventure was an easy one today.

So I get out of the car and leash the pooches. Grab my camera and we are off. Now where the heck is the trail I want to go on. All these dirt roads. Is one of them the trail. I wander around a little and finally find the trail head. A big sign I think I should have looked for in the first place. Off and down the trail we go. Well and easy trail to walk. Through the trees. So peaceful and quiet. The stream giggling along with us. A little breeze rustles what is left of leaves on the trees. I walk on. A lightness comes to me. I am enjoying myself.

I meet others walking the trail. We smile and walk on. Come to a clearing and have to watch when we walk. It is a throughway for the gold course. No balls coming our way. We cross the throughway and head to another part of the trail. Walking through more trees and more heavy ness leaves me. Forks in the trail. Do I go right or left. Well I will take one on the way there and the other on the way back.

I make my way along and come to a clearing. A few people there with huge cameras. Taking pictures eagles in the trees. Ha me with my little camera and them with these huge lenses. I think I get some very nice pictures with what I have, but to each his own. I walk on and come to the where the creek meets the river. A crane flies by, but I am too slow with getting my camera up. Oh here comes an eagle. I point and am ready to shoot. That is with the camera. And then the dogs move. Dang I miss my shot. There are three or four eagles in the tree over looking the river. Wow!

I focus my camera in and get some nice shots. Well I also get a few of eagle butt shots as well. But hey that is normal for me. My famous butt shots. The dogs move through a few of my shots so I drop the leashes and stand on the leashes for a bit. Just to try and get at least a couple of shots that are not blurry. Bingo. Got them.

I stand out on the lookout for a while. Watching the water and just taking it in. Ah fresh air and a little ting on something that may be salmon that have not made it back to their spawning area.

I leave the lookout and head back towards the trail. There is a spot close to the creek where the salmon are running up. I watch the salmon swimming up the stream. Until a couple of golfers came and wanted to play through. Well that meant I had to move on. so off down the trail I headed. This trail went along the creek. I stood be the creek for a bit listening to the water run over the rocks and the awed salmon make their way upstream.

Back over the foot bridge across the throughway for the golf course and back to my car. I stop along the way to admire some woodcarvings. They always fascinate me that they can take a chainsaw and carve such intricate pieces with it.

Back in the car. Pooches in the back seat fast asleep. I think I might have tired them out. Snoring away. Snuggled up together. I have one more stop to make before I head for home. I tour down a back logging road. Tires rumbling under the roughness of the road. The dogs sleep on. Okay I know that it should be around here someplace. I don’t want to drive too far on this road. I don’t want to meet a logging truck or anything of that matter. I am just about to give up and turn around. I rumble on a little further and I finally find it

Along the side of this old gravel road is a fresh spring stream. The stream comes out of a statue. The statue looks like a buhda of some kind. there is someone there filling up their bottles, but are kind enough to let me take a picture of it before they start filling up another bottle. The things you can find when you are out and about. I read about this statue on some internet site and thought if I could find it would be something to see. Well I found it. Good on me. Now if I could find some other things I have read on the internet, but they are not in this particular area. Well another adventure another time.

Well heading for home and adventure is done. The cobwebs are gone and I feel so much better now. A little sunshine and a little vitamin d. Company of my pooches snoring in the back seat. And the rock and roll on the radio. I am content and had a great afternoon. Depression has left me for another day and hope it does not return for a very long time. I know it will show its ugly face again, but not too soon. Life and fibromyalgia take their toll on me. Just have to keep going when I can. I dang well should not let another year get me down.

Well that is it for my adventure of the day. Talk to you later

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