I did it! I really did!

Last week plans where made. My son had the day off. So was showing to be a sunny day. We got together and picked a time and day to go out and be tourist in our own back yard. I bought my tickets online to go and he was suppose to get his. Then I get a call a day later. Mom so sorry. I have a chance to work on Thursday. I won’t be able to come with you. You have your tickets. Nope hadn’t got them yet, well our adventure has just turned in my adventure. No problem I do allot of my adventures on my own. Then there are times I do adventure with others, but for this one I am on my own.

Then I thought. Why don’t I see if anyone else wants to join me. So messages went off to a few ladies who love to adventure with me. Two days later I got answers from everyone. Well the answer is I am still on my own. Still no problem. I do not mind being out on my own. I do it quite frequently. Hubby said that he would take the day off and go with me.na! I turned him down. This is my time to be me time. Not together time. I know a little rude, but I don’t want to go with someone who complains about driving around Vancouver. He doesn’t like driving over there so why would he want to go. Then he will want to walk so I won’t be able to stop and take pictures. Our outings never go the way I would like them to go if he is along. So me time is what I went with.

So I kept watching when the weather came on each day. One day it would say rain. The next day it said maybe sunshine. The day got closer and kept showing for no rain. A bonus! But it was going to be a little chilly. Well I can live with that.

This morning almost slept in. What was I thinking. I was having an adventure today and I am sleeping in. Up I get. Have my breakfast and then get the dogs out for a bit of a walk before I leave. They love to get their walk in and give neighbours lawns a dunking. Yes I clean up the soiling they do. Put it in my bag and bring it home to the doodoo pail.

I pack up my purse, my iPad, my camera, water bottle and my mask. Boy all the more things I have to take with me when I head out the door for adventure. I am on the road and still do not know which way I am going to drive into Vancouver. I have been over there before. When my brother was in the hospital, on Oak, I would drive over to visit him at least once a week. So I know the route that I did take. It has been a couple of years since he was there so have to do a little remembering.

Then I think. I could go in highway 7. Go over the golden ears bridge. Take the golden ears connector and get on highway 17 to highway 99. Or another way is take highway 7 all the way in. Until it turns to broadway. Then make a left turn on main and head south to Queen Elizabeth Park. Another route is to go in highway 1. Blah! Expressway and get off around Grandview and head across. There is another route to go marine drive and turn north on oak street. There are so many ways I can go and get there eventually. Well I went with the first route.

I do love the fact that people are working from home. Traffic is not as bad to get around. The route I took was vary light on traffic. I had a few trucks, but I did not bottle neck up anytime. I just rolled along with no stop and start. Loved it. Even going through the tunnel was not a problem. As I got closer to Vancouver. I started to see a little more traffic. The idiot drivers who like to weave in and out. Who will not keep a distance. So on and so forth. I am not a fan of driving Vancouver myself. When I want to go though I have no choice, but to do it. I count down the streets until I get to the street I want to turn at. 33rd goes over to Queen Elizabeth Park.

I make it to Queen Elizabeth park and intend to go to a parking lot as I come into the park. Dummie me. I miss both entrances. I go down to the bottom end of the park and there is another parking lot there. A little further to walk, but I will take it. Another bonus. Do not need to pay for parking there. I know it is a bit of a walk to where I want to be, but it works for me.

Now to find the conservatory. I have ticket for 11am and it is now quarter two 11. I may have to hustle a little walking to get there. Now hustling is not my idea of fun. Walking uphill is not any better at fun. I am not even sure which way I am suppose to go. I know it is over in that area, but which path do I take to get there. Well I am winded when I get to the top. There is the other parking lot I wanted. I walk across the parking lot and make my way to the conservatory that is just across the parking lot. I made it in time. They where just opening the doors and a lineup outside to go in.

I grab my mask out of my bag and stand in line to get in. My first step inside and my mask steams up. It is warm and moist in there. Oh my mask is a plastic face covering. I don’t wear a cloth mask. They bother me, so I wear a plastic face covering that are like a pair of glasses. Only the safety plastic covers the whole face. Anyways. I steam up. Have to stand by the door and wipe off the moisture before I go in. Well at least it gives time for everyone else who was in line to walk ahead of me. No on behind me. I can stop when I want and look. Take pictures without disturbing anyone else behind me.

There are birds of all kinds in here. Parrots and smaller birds. So much colour of different plants. Ponds full of koi.

I strolled around there three times. I caught things I didn’t see the first or second time I walked around. It was a small dome in the centre of the park. But so much to see in there. I loved seeing the birds

I was in there about an hour. I finally left the dome to walk around the park. As I came out of the dome I walked aver to the edge of the sidewalk. There was vancouver below me in all its glory. Clouds up on the mountains cover the tops. But such a clear day to be out and about. The chill had left the area. I had to take off my sweater. I made my way to the back of the conservatory. There you look down and see the quarry gardens. There is not many flowers in there this year, but it is well groomed and lovely to see.

I made my way down to the quarry gardens. Going down, down and way down. Hmmm! Will I have to walk back up this to get back to my car. Well what will be will be I guess. I am gonna be some tired tonight.. I follow the paths and make my way around the park. It is just so peaceful here. I had a visitor come up to check me out.

This little guy was rambling around in the leaves. He started out being a little timid. Then he came a bit closer and sat there and checked me out for a bit before heading back to his tree. So cute. I wandered on and came to a statue that was covered in locks. It is the locks of love. There is four statues there.

Well time to head back to my car. I guess walking back up the hill to get to the other side. I could walk around, but shorter distance to walk back the way I came. I follow another path. It will take me to the same place, but I will see Some different areas.

Well back up the hill and then over to the other side and back down the hill to make it to my car. I first thought I would park in Queen Elizabeth park and walk over to VanDusen gardens. A little bit of a change of mind. I would then have to walk back over to Queen Elizabeth to get back to my car. Well I didn’t need to pay for parking here so if I have to pay over there. It isn’t double paying.

I got into my car and headed back the way I came. Ah! There is the parking lot I was suppose to be looking for. Oh well I did okay. I head back onto the street and head back to Oak Street. make a left and turn into vanDusen gardens. Ooopppps! Not the parking lot. Just a driveway. So back out on Oak Street again and head a little further down. I have to go around the corner to find the parking lot. Nice not very full. I find a spot. And then look for pay parking. Well what cha know. No pay here either. I am getting all sorts of bonus’s today.

I walk over to the entrance and no one in line. I was there early and since not too many where in they let me go in early. I was suppose to go in at 1, but I got in there at 12:15. So nice. Means I had more time before I had to head for home. Well this will be a quiet walk. Very nice. The gardens are not in full bloom around this time of year., but I am just looking for a nice stroll. Where I can be out in nature and just enjoying myself.

The ponds have fountains in them. Ponds have pond plants in them. You walk uphill and down hill. There are different areas. A Chinese gardens, a rose garden. Totem poles and a maze to walk through. It is quiet and tranquil. I know this would not be like this in tourist season, but for today it is a beautiful place to walk. Not many people around and distance can be kept.

Just beautiful. I so enjoyed this day. I walked in Vandusen for a couple of hours. I think I walked most of the acres that where there. After three hours of wandering around I made my way back to the entrance.

See the clock. It says two o’clock. I believe it is time to be heading for home. The drive takes between and hour and half to anywhere longer. Depending on traffic. Time to head back to my car. I come to another path and turn myself around a bit. I think I was here so if I follow this path should get to the entrance. Yes the entrance is just over there, but something else catches my eye. A rose garden. There isn’t much in the way of roses this time of year, but I bet during the summer the blooms are so pretty.

I make my way out the entrance. Too bad the shops are not open as I would have taken a boo in there. I pull out of the parking lot and head on down the road. Back towards the tunnel. Through the tunnel and know I have to take a turn off after the tunnel. Well the duffus I am I took one too soon. Now which way do I go. I right now am heading toward tswassen. Have to get myself turned around. Then I see a sign for Ladner trunk road. I know that road. So scoot myself over to the left lane and turn onto that road. Well I guess I will be taking highway 10 home. Duffus. Well it is an adventure. And sometimes duffus things happen. At least I know where I was going. So a little longer to get myself home, but I did see some different countryside.

At least with this pandemic going on right now I love that traffic is light. If it was a regular day. I might have freaked a little at driving into Vancouver. I did do it. Another tourist spot off my list of things I want to see. So I left this morning at nine and made it back home at five. Picked up something for supper and ran an errand that needed to be done.

I now sit on my comfy couch. Feeling the aches from my walk today. I will be stiff in the morning, but for now just the aches with puppies snuggled close to me. I left them at home while I went to play.

Well that was my day of adventure. Be proud of me. My adventures are stretching to Vancouver. I am seeing places I have never seen before. Places I wanted to see, but was just to jittery to do. Now I am doing and getting out of my comfort zone and having a great time. Away from my comfy couch and my craft room. I do need this some days.

Talk to you later. Adventure on.

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