Two for the price of one

Here we go again. These beautiful ladies have been out and about again, It seems with the pandemic taking up most of our time these days. Taking away so families can not get together. All together just disrupting our lives. So on Monday, being that it was thanksgiving, two of these ladies where not able to enjoy thanksgiving with their family. So to put a little joy in their lives and have a thanksgiving dinner. Five of us got together and had a scrumptious lunch at White spot.

Elizabeth sent out a note a few days ago. Asking since she could not be with her family in Seattle and Bev could not travel to Alberta to see hers. The suggestion was made to have a family lunch of our own. This family of sisters. We get together often. To laugh and tell stories and just all around love each other and just be there for each other. Our circle is is just the five of us. We call ourselves the Northern Bubble.

So the day or two before we where to get together Elizabeth’s car had a hiccup. Just a little one, but it left her without transportation. Heading to Chilliwack would be mighty difficult for her without a car. I offered to give her a ride. Since I was heading that way and Darlyn was in the same area I offered to her as well. No didn’t toodle around in my bug. I borrowed hubbies car to fit us all comfortable.

Now here is where the story gets a little silly on my part. I was early to Darlyn’s place so pulled back out to find a mail box to mail a package I had. Thing was Darlyn saw me through the window and grabbed her coat to come outside. I had pulled away from her place and she was left standing outside. Naughty me. I didn’t come back to her place until about ten minutes later. Well my first mishap for the day. It gets sillier

Got to Elizabeth’s place and she was waiting inside for us. She came out and we where on our way. Now this is my driving and I do tend to give little scares to people who ride with me. Heading down the expressway towards Chilliwack. Now for some reason I had it in my head that the white spot was someplace else then where it really was. We come to a standstill on the expressway. So I get us off on number 3 road. Heading back to where I make a left turn to get us to kieth Wilson road. A couple of blocks up on Keith wilson I make a left. Now I start getting the questions. Why you turning this way. You just go that way and you would get there. I say no I know if you go this way you will get there. Now they are wondering where the heck I am going. I make another left and everyone pipes in again. Why. White spot is over this way. I think for a minute and it dawns on me. I am going the wrong way. I am heading for the IHOP not the white spot. So make a u turn and start heading in the right direction. Well anyways an adventure and confusion I gave them. Back roads and byways. too funny. At least they didn’t let me take them all the way to the idea I had. My mind has so much different ideas then what it should have. I will blame it on old age. Not because I was a duffus.

As we pulled into the parking lot Bev and Joanne where just getting out of their car. Had a wait of 15 minutes before we where able to get a table. So we stood outside and chatted for a bit. Finally to our table and had our lunch. You know we where going for turkey dinner and when we ordered only one person was traditional enough to have the dinner. Well it was delish no matter what we ordered. We had a great time and caught up on each other lives. These ladies are the best. And will be there for me and I for them. Love them to bits. My sisterS in heart

The drive home was back roads and byways as well. Enjoying the countryside and still chatting always. the expressway was bogged up so didn’t even try to get on there at all.

So now making two for the price of one. I had another outing this week. Two in one week. Out for adventure. We where. Elizabeth decided that it was time to play tourist again. Time to explore another of the beautiful places in and around Vancouver. Or BC for that matter.

She called me yesterday and ask where would be a great place to go. She listed off a few and they all sounded so great for adventure. Well we settled on Stevenson over near Richmond. A very picture perfect little fishing village.

I was at her place at nine this morning. She came out of her parking garage a few minutes later. I hoped in her car and we were off. Heading down the expressway going west. Traffic was light and a bonus there was no rain. We came off the highway at highway 17 and headed for highway 99. There we turned onto highway 99 north and went through the tunnel. The other side of the tunnel we took Stevenson Road and headed towards the water. Found ourselves a parking spot and wandered to the museum.

Inside was an area that was set up to be haunted. Well not haunted by ghosts and goblins, but by plastic from the ocean. It was dark and creepy with the plastic all around us. Sneaking and hanging all around us.

We came out the other end of this room and the rest of the tour was of the cannery. It was an interesting tour. The people and machines that where used to take a load of fish to the can. These cans where shipped all over the world. Over the years the change in labels to keep the advertising alive. Many years these canneries where opened and thriving. Now closed and no more being produced here. The village is a quaint little town now on the Georgian straight. The fishing boats are still docked there, but take their catch someplace else.

Our tour is complete we walk along the shoreline walk. Take in all the beauty around us. From the quaint store front and the wharfs full of boats. We stop at a restaraunt to enjoy a lunch. We go for the traditional fish dinner. Oh my was that so yummie. One piece of breaded cod with a ceaser salad . Full to the brim and in need of a little walk to settle the helping. After our meal we walkalong the streets of Stevenson. Elizabeth picks out settings that where in tv shows she watches. I love the little shops along our walk. The store fronts are from way back when. No fancy new age, just quaint and small town enjoyment.

Our last stop is over to the beach. We wander the park for a bit. Look at the Chinese garden and watch a film being made by the fisherman memorial.

Well our adventure is done for the day.. we head back to the car and head ourselves for home. The highway has a few slowdowns but we made it back home in an hour and a half. Not bad timing. With traffic you never know what is going to happen.

So now I will rest up until the next adventure. Love playing tourist in our home area. Love when I can do it with someone that appreciates it as much as I do. We both love to take pictures and love to explore. She loves to take me places I have never been before. All the more bonus for her to show me her old stomping grounds.

So I say. Live your adventure. Whether it is in your back yard or further from home. You never know what you might find along the way. Until next time. Adventure on and it is always better with my sisters at heart. Talk to you later.

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