Can always be an adventure

Saturday and hubby is not working. He always takes one day during the weekend to get out and about and look at the countryside. He has a few routes he takes. Normally he is on his motorbike, but now that the weather has changed his baby is in storage now.

So the question I get now is. Ready for a drive? Well I guess I am going for a drive. So we drove out highway 7 towards Agassi today. It is a beautiful drive. Especially if it is not raining. There are clouds and some of them are dark, but our drive did not find us any rain until we where heading up the hill towards home. All though was a couple of hours later then when we set out this morning. We took the dogs with us to give them a trip in the car. Rocky sits in the centre seat in the back and watches everything going by. Jumps to the side window to stick his head out when we slow or stop for something. Boots is just a sleepy older lady. So snuggles into the blankets in the back seat and sleeps the time away. Opening her eyes once in awhile when Rocky jumps on her to get to her window.

The highway is quiet today. A few cars come up behind us and look to pass. Everyone always in a hurry to get someplace. While we toodle along at the speed limit. Enjoying the day and looking at the scenery going by. Along the slough at Deroche there are lots of cars parked along the road. I bet they are up on the other side of the dyke fishing for salmon coming up the stream.

We make our way along highway 7. The trees have changed, but the colour is only a burnt orange that we look at. I still would enjoy being in Ontario this time of year to take in all the colours that the trees give there. Anyways, back on track here. There are lots of places I would love to stop and take a few pictures . Unfortunately someone else is driving and he just likes to go for a drive. We come past the Sasquatch inn and what the heck. The parking lot is empty. Not a bike to be seen. Normally all summer this parking lot is full of bikes. I guess allot of babies have been put in storage now. Or they just do not want to be out if we get the weather that was threatening today.

We head aver the harrison river bridge. See a few boaters in the water. More salmon fishing. The jet boat that does tours from Harrison Hot springs is heading up river. They do tours up the Harrison River in October and November. I have thought about taking a tour. So many eagles you can see out along the river this time of year. Would be fun to do. On the other side of the bridge you can turn off and go to Kilby historical farm. They are opened this weekend for thanksgiving. Well we didn’t go over that way either. Also just a little further down the road past Kilby farm is the Kilby provincial park. You can sit down by the Fraser River and take in all the vista of it.

Oh another spot that would be interesting to go to is Hemlock valley. You turn at the Sasquatch inn and head up the mountain. I have never been up there. It is a ski resort and I think right now they are keeping the area closed down due to covid. Some day I will take an adventure and take a drive up there. Not in the winter though. Did I ever say I hate snow.

Well we keep heading east. Up the mountain pass. Way up we go. This area has allot of twists and turns, but once you get to the top the view along the Fraser River over towards Chilliwack is spectacular. Yes no stop at the pullout to take a look. I do that when I drive on my adventures myself. Don’t even think of taking my camera when I ride with hubby. He ain’t gonna stop anyways. Well not unless it is something that interest him.

Down the other side of the mountain and we take a little deek into Harrison Hot springs. Well the beach is sure different now then what it was a few weeks ago. There are parking spots you could get in and it is not people galor. We could have parked if we wanted to and took a walk on the beach or down the sidewalk and checked out the boutiques along the beach are.

Back out on the main road we head for Agassi. Well he changes his route a little bit. We keep following highway 7 heading for Hope. I talk about something I would like to see, but it is further out then Hope. Maybe another day when we leave a little earlier in the morning. What I want to see is out near the hells gate area. So maybe another day.

I watched out the side window as we drove along highway 7. The Fraser River to my right and the mountains that overlooked the highway on that side. So many waterfalls coming down the mountain. Had to be allot of rain at sometime to make those flow so beautifully.

We come to highway 1 and turn ourselves towards Hope. Over the Fraser River and I tell him about the chainsaw carvings that are along the streets and in parks there. He actually turned off to take a look. Mind you we did not stop or get out of the car. He just drove up the street, turned around and headed back out of town. He did say that the Rambo carving was pretty lifelike.

Back into traffic on highway 1. We made Our way back to Chilliwack. Here he turns off at Lickman road and says I am to decide which way we head home. We have gone many different ways back to Mission. Well which way will we go today?

So we take Industrial road to old Yale road. Cross over the expressway and then head for Keith Wilson road. This is a usual route that he usually drives. We have gone back into Abbotsford via Vye road. We have taken north parallel or south parallel. We have gone up Whatcom or we have gone the other way on Whatcom and came out someplace over by highway 11. Allot of back roads and byways we have traveled.

But today I change the route a little. Someplace he has not been before. After we go over the Chilliwack/Vedder River I say go right instead of left. He figures that does not go anywhere, but fooled him. More countryside he has not seen before. Unfortunately more tractors on the road too. At least there was no honey wagons out today. The other day when I was on this road was a smelly experience. Aw! That fresh country air. Not!

We come out eventually at number 3 road, cross the expressway and take north parallel heading west. Before Whatcom road is another road I don’t think he has been on before. I tell him to turn right on Sumas Mountain Road. I was on this the other day. You go up, up, up. Twist and turn your way around and eventually come to a stop sign. There you should turn left and head towards Clayburn. Nope I said go straight through

Now here is where the adventure comes in. Boy did I give him an adventure. I had read on my trail app that there was a trail on this part of the road and I wanted to find the trail head. So one day I am going to head up that trail and take a boo from the viewpoint. But not today. Just wanted to find it. So I had never been on this part of the road either. I knew that at the end it was gravel road. How good a gravel road I was not sure of. So I had him over here driving and took him in a direction that would end up being a gravel road.

Well the paved part of the road did make it to the trail head. So I know my bug will get up there to park and I can go walking. Yeah we did not stop, but at least I know where it is. Some day in nice weather I am taking a trek up to a viewpoint. When I don’t know, but will be in better weather then this.

So now we are still driving the same direction. Heading towards the Fraiser River. I know it comes out by the Matsqui dyke of the trans Canada trail. I was there the other day and saw the road. Yeas it was gravel. Well past the trail head it does turn to gravel. We have about 7 Klms of gravel road to follow. There is twists and turns. Some of the road could wash out in a good rain. You look down the side and it goes ways down. If you get too far off to the side the edges are soft in places. he is asking you sure this does not go to a cave or something and we will never be found again. I have my feet ground into the floorboards and holding onto the handhold of the door. No it does not go into oblivium. I know it comes out at this place. We drive on. Cars are coming up the hill. We are going down. Not much area between the two cars. twists and turns.. up and down. Way down and the up again. The edge is beside me every now and then. Don’t go too far over to the edge. Finally one more steep decline and we come out at Page road. This is the east side of the Matsque trail by the Fraser River.

Well he asked for a different route. I gave him one. Like I said I am always up for adventure. just sometimes the adventure will stiffen me up as well. That road was one of them. I laugh now at what I had just taken him through with his car. You know, he did stop for once too. I wonder why? We went to the parking lot at the Matsque trail and the excuse was to take the dogs for a little walk. Too funny. I guess he won’t ask me to pick a route home again

I know I have bored you with my little adventure for the day. But I just had to share how silly I am sometimes. Hey you got to have adventure or life would just be a bore. Besides that it gave me something to laugh at tonight while I think about it.

I guess will talk to you later. Until next time and more adventure. Happy trails.

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