Well first off. Happy first day of October. The fog is back in the air. Early crisp mornings. The thing is I miss the autumns of Ontario. Those beautiful colours of trees. Every year about this time, when we lived in Ontario, would take a drive north to Algonquin or Tobermory to enjoy the fall weather. The beautiful colours. Fast forward to British Columbia and where we live now. First few years looked for these colours. You know, there is a bit of colour, but they are not as vibrant as what It was in Ontario. Or for other people in their own states or provinces.

This is my hometown in Ontario. Isn’t it just beautiful! Did I tell you I love the colours of Ontario.

This is from our flight back to Ontario last year. Like I said beautiful colour. Always so much better when you can make it an adventure as well. So adventure and colour does top it all off perfectly.

Well adventure is what I was really writing about today. But I woke up this morning to this fog through the valley and something became kind of nostalgic in my feelings that this year is almost to an end. What has been going on around the world this past year. How life can pass you by in a blink of an eye. Take all the little adventures you can. Get out and see the world around you. Not thinking that it is time to start traveling again. I think it is time to take a look at your own surroundings. Take a walk around the block and just see what you can see. Open your eyes and take in what you see and feel. We all take our surroundings in with no idea of what we are really seeing. Taking advantage of our surroundings. We have seen it so many times that it just comes a blah to us again. Like it is not even there at all. There is beauty everywhere. Just opening our eyes and taking it all in. A little fun will eventually lead to allot of fun in our own back yards. Well got to do something to keep up our happiness when all hell is breaking loose in the world. Or so some days I think.

We are going through a pandemic. We are having so much hate in the world. People are rebelling against this, that and the other thing. Fires are ravaging places. People are saying I hate this person. People are saying I hate that person. This person is an idiot. That person can’t put two sentences together. Why are people like this. The world just wants me to go crawl in a hole and never come out til it is all over. But when is that ever going to be. So I make my own little world as best I can and try to keep myself as happy as I can in these times.

So I am starting to get down in the dumps. I lay in bed at night and so many thoughts go through my head before I go to sleep. I sit on the couch at night trying to keep myself interested in what I can do on my iPad to keep my attentions away from the tv and my hubbies shoot-em-up shows. Once in awhile depression is setting in and I just want to sit and cry. So I take my actions to stave off these feelings. Well at least I am hoping so. I definitely do not like the alternative.

So now the little adventures. I was on Facebook the other day and came across a post from Bobbie. She is a red hat friend from across the border. I met her once in Seattle. She drove up to Seattle. We drove down to Seattle. A lady from Australia was visiting family and we gathered together with a few other red hatters to enjoy a meal. Well anyways onto my story. She was going on an outing. A planned place idea of being someplace. She had to take a different route to get to a car show and shine she attends. Her place was planned to get to, but she did not make it and was all worried about not making it there. she had a bit of a worried post on Facebook about not getting to where she was going and ended up someplace else and all worried that she didn’t make it. She made a different post a little while later apologizing for being so raged in her first post. You know. I thought about her post for a bit and gave her a response. I am not sure whether I helped her or not. But I put in my two cents in to help her to feel better. If she was not scheduled to be at this place and had just decided to go, there is no big worry on whether you made it or not. Where she did end up was at the beach. Just imagine. A tranquil place to wander and listen to the waves rolling in. Where the water meets the sky. A quiet place to wander and take a few pictures and think. This is an adventure. A beautiful adventure. It took her to someplace where she can relax and think. Reflecting on her wellbeing.

She is out and about quite a bit. She puts out a few post on her wandering. She always takes a picture and ask where am She is now. I love that spirit and her wandering. She is doing a bit of growing on her own right now with changes that have come recently in her life. I love the way she is growing.

I watch a few other ladies across the country and how they are growing in different ways. Getting out where they can and taking in little adventures around their own area. I love those pictures they post of the little adventures As they can get out and about. Yes keeping distance makes life a little bit different to do adventures.

This picture is from Joann another red hat friend I know. She lives south of our boarder as well. Eastern part of the US I am sorry I stole your picture. If you don’t want it in I will take this notation out. Her and her hubby where out and about the past couple of days. Taking a little R and R for a special weekend. Anyways this is a beautiful picture taken by her on their adventure around backroads and byways. The things you can find when you just take a day and wander. No schedule for anything and you happen to come across a gem like this. Now mind you they may have been looking for things like this in their back road adventure, but to be able to find it is a prize in itself.

So yesterday here we are again. Another day and another adventure. Elizabeth and I are out and about again. Where did we go yesterday? Well went up the mountain. We took the tram to the upper level of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver.

Above the clouds. Well if there was clouds. It was a beautiful day. Sun shining and beautiful warm weather. Figured would maybe need a jacket when we got up there, but no, such a beautiful day for an outing.

We wandered the groomed paved trails that where easy for walking. A little hilly once in awhile, but a great walk. benches along the way for sit downs when needed. Many carvings along the way to admire. Breathe in. Fresh air to no end. The smell of pine in the air. I could take this in for hours. I think we strolled the paths for a couple of Klms. Slow and steady pace taking it all in. Well ElizabethI hope you are feeling up to par today. I was more of a aching back yesterday on the way home then what I am feeling today. It was a very long day for both of us. I slept very well last night with an early to bed.

So I ask once more before I close for the day. Take in the miracles. Love your life and enjoy your adventures. The other way is too depressing. The news brings more and more sadness. Facebook is bringIng more and more hate. Why do people do that. Why do people want to bring out more hate then love. Starts with saying you don’t like someone. Then someone adds to this not liking and it goes on and on and on. It escalates and brings out more. Until the world is full of hate. This full of hate will eventually lead to way too much and something is going to explode. We need to stop and bring the world back to love. I am sorry this is my opinion

So on my Facebook page I delete all that is political. I don’t want to read it. I look at it as not being political anymore but just allot of hate from one side to another. Build up your life not bring other people down. The pandemic and people on all sides. Wear a mask I don’t need to and it goes over and over and over. We are people. We are the human race. We should build each other up. Not drag everyone down. I am trying to put things on that will make people laugh. I hope it is helping, because it is helping me. It makes me laugh. I have even had a few others ladies joining in, which makes me laugh a little more. I love it.

So in closing for the day. Enjoy your life. Take your adventures. Have fun in your life. Live everyday like an adventure. Love is the word. Please not hate. I am hoping this blog is not so confusing. It does go a little all over the place. There is confusion In me lately. So much going on in the world and so much is overwhelming.

Talk to you later and laugh everyday.

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