I felt like playing tourist today

So a couple of days ago I was sitting on my comfy couch. A thought came to me that the weather is getting a little better for being outside. You Know! not sweating to death when you take a walk someplace. I looked on the weather app and checked out to see what day would not be raining. Another stipulation of having a nice day out and about.

So the best day was today. Next I had to decide where I would like to go. There are so many places I would like to see in and around the area. Vancouver and area has so many places to wander around and just enjoy yourself. I use to be a big shopper and just wander the mall, but now getting out and seeing different things is becoming interesting to me. So I have decided since we can’t go far away on touristy trips that playing tourist in my own back yard sounds like a great idea.

When I was at the Vancouver museum I picked up a bunch of brochures. I sifted through them and pulled one out. I came up with capilano suspension bridge. Well that sound like a plan. I have never been there. Read allot about it, but not been. The thing is I have to drive all the way through Vancouver traffic. Not my greatest point, but I can do it. Knuckles may get a little tight on the steering wheel at times, but yes I can do it. Well a plan is in play now.

So my next thing I do is go on the internet and search out capilano. I have to know how to get there. The only times I have been to north Vancouver I was on my way to the ferry. Straight through on highway 1 to the ferry. No stop overs, no looking around. So have never drove any streets in North Vancouver. New experience for me. I don’t think I have ever been there with someone else driving either. So no if and or buts do I know where I am going. Well that is all figured out now.

Next thing on the website is because of covid there is only so many are able to be in there at one time. You have to pick a time when you can go in. I picked 11:30 figuring that I might make it by that time with traffic.. yeah always got to think about the traffic. I already had a membership to go in. I bought that a couple of months ago. I wanted to go there, but because of this that and the other thing had never made it there yet. So I put in my membership Number and got my ticket for today.

Excited. I am going someplace. Just wander and enjoy nature. What fun! Up early this morning. Comfy cloths on and first things first. The pooches have to be walked before I can go anywhere. We do have to go and sniff every bodies front yards. Make sure that other pooches know that they where there. Yes and leave a deposit or two that I have to pick up and carry around a little bag.

When we are done our duty we walk back to the house. Pack myself up to head out on the road. Pooches look sad that I am leaving them home. Rain coat just in case. Camera so I can get some lovely pictures to remember by and a water bottle to keep me hydrated. Oh yeah and my mask just in case I need if I am in a building. Always something new I have to pack along

First stop is gas. Halyluya! Gas is cheaper today. So I fill all the way up instead of just getting a half a tank. Well I am off. I decided to go route of highway 7 into Coquitlam and then take St. John’s around Burnaby mountain and then onto Hastings street through Burnaby. I keep my eye out for traffic backing up and low and behold it never does. Traffic is light. I seem to have my part of the streets to myself. A car will pass once in awhile, but the traffic is light. No bottleups at all. Love it. My knuckles do not need to turn light. A little construction here and there, but no bottleups. Love it. As I drive through Coquitlam and Port Moody I look ahead and see the buildings at the top of Burnaby mountain. The sun is shining and the glass windows and sending beacons down to me. I make the turn to go around Burnaby mountain. The view today is spectacular. Well of what I can see of it while driving. Eventually pulling away from Burnaby mountain and heading into Burnaby.

As I drive through Burnaby I look ahead and see the high rises of Vancouver. Such a site, but I really do not want to be driving in there. I have done it, but don’t like it too much. I finally pull onto highway 1 at Hastings street. Now I have to start watching a little closer. A bit more traffic but still not bunched up. I head over the ironworkers bridge and head into North Vancouver. Time to start watching streets. I know that I have to get off after Westview. So I keep and eye for that road and then I have to start watching. If I miss it I may be heading for the ferry and still looking. That would be a dumb, dumb! Move.

Well I did find capilano road. I pull off the highway and head up capilano. I find the parking lot, but because of not much traffic I am there early. So I decide to take a bit of a side trip. I drive up the mountain to grouse mountain. Well that was easy. I figured would be steep getting up there. My poor little bug would have to struggle, but it didn’t. I pulled into the parking lot and got out to take a walk around. Watched a tram head up the mountain. Hmm this is where the grouse grind is. Let’s see I could make it up maybe, just maybe ten steps and then I would have to stop and sit down. Crawling back down to my car and having a sleep. I think when the time comes I will take the tram up. I know I am in dang rough shape when it comes to exercise. I have no idea how anyone can do that. Let alone make it to the top in 30 some minutes. I will stick to the lazy way. But will not be today. My time has come to go into capilano.

I drive back down to the other parking lot. Pay for my parking and head into the park. You have to keep your distance. They only let on a few at a time. Distances apart. Only thing is when people stop to take pictures. Yeah! Me included, that bunching up may start. My balance is not the greatest at times, but I make it across with no problem. A little tipsy here and a little tipsy there, but across to the other side. I hold the rail every now and then. I stop in the middle and look way down. Just way down. Wow!

Off I get on the other side of the canyon. There are trails to follow. They have them all one way. So no one is bunching up. You walk trails to where you take steps. Lots of steps taking you up to the tree tops. There a bridges and platforms all along the tree tops. You look down below at the trails below.

That is my shadow way down there

Then you take steps down again and are in the ground again. Looking up through the tree tops the sun is shining through the trees. You follow the trails to where you come back to the bridge over the canyon. As I walk back across the bridge and gent ahead of me decides that stepping from one side to the other to wiggle the bridge. Then you hear over the loud speaker. Please refrain from deliberately swinging the bridge. They make their way across the bridge, which leaves us to cross as well.

Our next trail is called the cliff walk. As you leave the bridge you go to the left. There you find a set of steps the take you down to where you walk along the side of a cliff face. The platforms were out away from the cliff. You could see down both side of the platform. Way down!

You then finally come to the steps that take you back to the top of the cliff. Following the trail back to the gift shop.. I did have a boo in there. Some lovely things and the touristy things. I really love the silver that is carved by artists. I would never be able to afford, but they are so pretty.

So that was my adventure for the day. It was 12:30 now and maybe thought I could go to grouse mountain for a bit. Alas I decided it was time to head for home. I don’t want to do too much and hoop myself for the next couple of days. I could feel my knees now. Telling me it is time to call it a day. So I head my butt for home. Taking the same route I took to get there. Lovely that traffic is still very light. I make it back to my comfy couch at 3:30 after a couple a errands I was to run. My feet now up and my knees, back and hips gooped up with pain rub.

Now I think what brochure will I choose next time. Well in two weeks I will let you know. when I am ready for another adventure. Tomorrow back to my craft room and sewing away. Needle in needle out. Give my old bod a rest and work my hands instead.

Well until next time. Talk to you later.

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