I just don’t know how they did it

Look at that dress. That’s me on the left. Just look at that dress. I really do not know how they did it. Who? You asking? Well ladies in the Victorian era. It took me this morning to put that outfit on at least a couple of hours. Mind you I didn’t put on half the stuff that they use to put on in the olden days.

Olden days. What am I talking about. Well, yes I am part of the olden days myself. In my time we just put on a pair of jeans and a tea shirt and we where ready to go. Oh the jeans did have to be skin tight and have the widest bell bottoms going. Or that mini skirt that was way up the thigh almost showing your butt if you bent over the wrong way. Well and how about those hot pants. I did have an outfit like that too. Shocked? Well if I could get out of the house without my father seeing. I had a bikini too. A bright green fluorescent one. That I know I couldn’t wear anywhere, but I did get to wear it in the backyard around our pool.

Anyways I was talking about way back further then the 70s and the hippie era. I was thinking back to when ladies had layers and layers of clothing. You start off with your very interment underthings. The bloomers come next. A sorta camisole is all I can think of the next layer. There is another layer to cover the bloomers and camisole. Then the outfit to push the skirts out. Either a cage of some kind or a bustle. Then you put on the under dress over all this. Then it starts even getting more tricky. You have to put on a corset to pull this all back in. Make you waist as small as possible. Last but not least little bits and pieces to uplift the bosoms a little higher. And then the over dress. I really don’t know how they do this. I know that some had servants to help dress them. After all this would just make me sweat thinking about it. Oh! Did I say sweat. Well it was the vapours in those days. No wonder so many would faint from the lack of air you could get being bundled up tight like that.

So me this morning. An outfit I have not put on before. I got it last year for a Victorian event that I was going to. Yeah I bought another. I was looking on the internet and came across this outfit. It looked so good on the model. Yeah! They always look good on the model. You know those skinny little teen age girls. Nice and perky and just plain skinny. Well it looked very nice on her and I thought well maybe. So I bought the outfit. Silly, silly me. Where the heck would I wear it. There was no covid at the time and sooner or later I would have a place to wear it. All except the shirt under the corset. I had a couple of those already. I loved the look of the corset. A little different then the couple I already have. Asking myself why would I need another corset. They do help when my back is bothering me and yes I do wear them. The thing is breathing is always another story if I make it too tight.

Okay back to this morning. As I said I never have tried this on before. I was thinking first I will go with the outfit I usually wear. Then I thought oh what the heck. I will wear this new outfit. So I start digging it out of my stash. My four racks of red hat clothing. Had to dig a bit until I found it. I knew I put it in here someplace. Where the heck is the skirt. Should be here someplace. Finally found the skirt. And the pedal skirt that went over top. I then went to the drawers I have with my corsets in it. I have under the bust. I have over the bust and waist clinchers. That don’t really waist cinch the way they show on a model. You try to make the clincher look right and then Hollie mollie you can’t breath!

So now my problem. I put on the under shirt so my bosoms do not show so much. Then I have to get the corset on. This is a task in itself. For one I can lace it at the back and then wrap it around and sting it up at the front. It works for when you are doing it yourself. Now the one I was putting on this morning did not have tie at the front. There is a couple of decorated ribbon at the front that looked like they would tie. So this one has to be tied at the back. So I laced it up at the back loosely. Then I stepped into it and started pulling it up. I shimmied it on one side. Then shimmied it on the other side. It came up to my hips okay. The ribbon was still together at the back loosely. Okay so far so good. Now came the gut I have that protrudes to no end on my front end. I pulled a little higher and then had to stuff flab in one side. Move it up and then stuff more flab in other side. The flab finally moved through. I had it up where it was suppose to be. Now next question. Can I get my arms in where they need to be. Down just a little again and squeeze my arms in through the arm holes. Up it comes again. Reach both hands back behind me to find the ribbon and pull it tight. Hmm not quite tight enough. Will have to pull on the ribbon again. Oooppps too tight. Pull on the ribbons a bit and loosen a little. Enough so I can at least breathe with the flab being sucked in.

So now the hard part is done. Pull on the skirt and over skirt and stuff it in so that it is under the corset. I am certainly glad I don’t have to get into these every day. It is a workout in itself. Hmm maybe I could loose some weight just working at putting these things on every day. Ummm! No ain’t happening.

So next put on is my boots. The ones I wear for pirate events. I pushed and stepped and I pushed, but I could not get one boot on. I got one on after a bit of work, but the other one would not go on. I think my osteoarthritis is making my ankles a little bigger. Bummer! Well let’s see what other boots I can find. Well I got this on. Ready to go now.

Oh to the days of wearing tight jeans and a tea shirt. Well I do wear the tea shirts yet, but the tight jeans have now been replaced with yoga pants instead. My comfort is mine.

So the picture above and why I am in this simply strange outfit that I had to primp and proper my self out for. A few days ago I sent out a message to this beautiful group of ladies. Asked them all if they wanted to go out for lunch. Since Elizabeth’s event for talk like a Pirate day was cancelled that we could still do a Pirate day. So five of us got together to have a great meal. Sit and chat and just catch up on all of our lives. Of course we dressed like pirates to make the day complete.

It feels so good to get out and see these ladies. In this time when we are to be apart. Where we cannot gather in big groups. This little group is the best. They fill my heart with joy to be able to get out with them and chat about this and that. To listen to them talk about their quiet lives and things that where before and not now. We all are the same. Missing the would have what would be happening this time of year. To just get together and enjoy life as we can. The time flashed past so fast and we soon had to say goodbye again. Until next time when one of us asked. How about lunch?

So now I am home again. I am at my front door and the normal urge will hit. Why does it happen when I am trying to unlock the door. I cross my legs and get the key in the lock. Material flying as I run for the room I need. Again I ask how do they do it? With all of this material do they throw it over their heads to keep it out of the way? I know that it is a pot that they use. But the heck how did they do all of this? I would be so discombobulates over all that had to be done. Every single day every single hour. The things I think of when I am alone.

After I do my business I had to get out of that corset. I loosen the ribbon at the back and give a big sigh. I can breathe again. I take in a big breathe of air and then shimmy the corset to the floor. Letting the flab out and to jiggle again. to all be put away until next time. Back in the yoga pants and teashirt. My comfort zone is complete again.

Well until next time and my adventures continue. When someone asked would you like to do lunch? I am on it and out the door.

Thank you ladies for the wonderful day. Love ya all to bits and pieces. You keep my life whole.

Talk to you on my next adventure or just when my thoughts come to get me again. Bye for now.

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