Adventure time

Well I was out and about today. My beautiful adventures friend Elizabeth asked if I wanted to go. As always I say yes. I love adventuring with her. She finds some great places to just go explore and open my eyes to new things.

Elizabeth is at the ripe young age of 70 something. Still full of, well let’s see how do I put it, spit and vinegar. She loves to be out and about. Exploring new and old places. Haunts she has been to before and new adventures. She has a bit of mobility problems , but that does not slow her down from going places, it may slow her movements a bit, but certainly does not slow her spirit to explore and see the world around her.

So today we played tourist. I got to her place at nine this morning, only had to wait a few minutes before she was coming out of the garage in her PT cruiser. I grabbed my bag. Hopped out of my car and into hers. Well we where on our way.

Where to you say. Well this time we headed into Vancouver. A place of tall buildings and lots of traffic. I never venture into Vancouver. It is over powering to me. I am just a country bumpkin. All that city life throws me in a kilter sometimes. Elizabeth knows where she is going so I sit back and relax. Listen to her banter along the way and look at the passing scenery.

I can say one thing. For once driving highway 1 the traffic is not as bad as it usually is. Any time I have drove this highway it gets to be bumper to bumper. Never the 100 Klms that it is suppose to be. When I drive over that way I try to find the roads less traveled. I really am not interested in the high speed idiot drivers that are on the freeway. Well Elizabeth is driving and she knows what she is doing.

We come off the highway at 1st street. Follow it over towards science world. Just a few blocks before science world Main Street we have to take a detour. Elizabeth takes it in stride. We will just go this way and that way and get over to Barrard Street that way. I say okay. I have no idea where I am and how to get to where we want to be. I would be lost in no time. I just stare at the tall buildings and look at the different architecture from old to new. Such a contrast as we pass through different areas. From china town area to kits area. Such contrast in the different areas.

Looking ahead the water comes into view. Beach after beach after beach. All along the sky line of the city. Elizabeth says that wreck beach is along there someplace. We could go, to which I say I will keep my one button suit at home. It is a nude beach. I knew about that beach in conversations before. So was not shocked this time when she started talking about it. Many times Elizabeth has shocked me with adventures she has taken over her years of her past. She has filled her life with so many different things she has done. Her adventures fill me with all that I have not done in my life. Make me want to do more. Well to a limit anyways, but it is fun to dream of the what if’s and the whatever’s. I think that is why I love being around her so much, she gives me and adventurous side.

Well not to great a picture, but that is the beaches and the sky scrapers that dot the city. See why it is so overwhelming to me. I am use to the country side and being able to see for miles.

Well we finally make it to our destination. The Vancouver museum. They are opened a couple of days a week right now because of Covid. You also have to buy your tickets online. You have to pick your day and time you want to be there. Traffic being good this morning we made it to the museum with half an hour to spare.

This is the fountain at the entrance of the museum. The water is spraying up through this crab and flowing down from his claws. The Canada geese where going in for a swim on this warm day as we came out of the museum.

Elizabeth had a couple following her. Well maybe not, but they were right behind her heading for the fountain. I can say she had her ducks in a row.

We walked through the museum. Checked out the store at the front. Some of the items in there where very beautiful pieces of art. Done by native artist. Made of silver and cloth, plus the usual Knick knacks that where much cheaper in price. I saw a few things I would love to have in silver. But the price is way out of my range for having. So I just drooled over the glass case and thought of well if maybe when I win a lottery. Yeah right not happening.

As we walked through the museum. We learned about before Europeans came to this land. How the indigenous lived and worked the land. Then in another section the Japanese, Chinese and the Europeans coming to the land. All the development and how the landscape changed to what it is today. How the landscape is still changing and building. It may be a beautiful city but at what cost to have it where it is today.

We walked through another section of the museum. There we saw silver work and carvings and weaving.

Such gorgeous art work.

Our last stop through the museum was a room full of neon signs. These sign came from Grandville Street. Some people loved these signs and others thought they where ugly marks on a great street. They said to take them down and have the street looking much better without the neon signs. These signs are artwork. Taking fine glass tubing and heating it to make intricate designs that light would glow through. I found this so fascinating. This artwork out on the streets. Lighting up Grandville street at night. All taken down and discarded as junk

Only a few remaining now. The museum has more in storage and only a few are up on display. They are so interesting to see

Well our time is up at the museum. We had a couple of stops on the way home. Elizabeth had a friend to visit for a minute or two and then she had some pictures to pick up in Langley. Where we also stopped for an ice cream cone as well. Yummie!

The drive on the freeway was much worse on the way home. We would move along and then back to bumper to bumper. From Langley to Abbotsford took allot longer then it should have had. You would jaunt along for a bit and then come to a standstill. Moving only a few feet at a time. Cars came on from the on-ramp. Putting more cars in the line heading out of Vancouver.

We put on the tunes and tootled along with the traffic. getting back to Abbotsford at 5. Another joyful day out and about. Exploring and adventuring. Learning new things and knowing old things. Listening to Elizabeth’s stories of life past for her. Things she has done and things she will still do. A beautiful lady I love to spend time with. Sometimes she may shock me and that is all in fun. Other times she says something and I already know. To which end no shocking and she goes on with another story of something else. Adventures we will still have and others she will have on her own. I thank the red hat society for bringing us together. Without I would have not known her as she has run in different circles then me. I thank the red hat society for all the sisters I have met. Near and far they are all part of my life now and I love the adventures they all give me.

So I will close for today and look forward to my next adventure. It may be tomorrow it may be next week. Or even in months from now. For the next time a girlfriend says you up for adventure. To which I say sure let’s go!

Will talk to you later. Until my next adventure or just wanting to talk. bye for now. Happy adventuring to you all

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