How long since I have been on here?

Well I am gonna answer that. It has been awhile. Lately with the pandemic. That virus that everyone keeps talking about. I do not get out much. I spend most of my time in my craft room. Watching the tv and watching the needle go in and out. Crafting away.

Well all that changed today. Well at least for one day. A couple of days ago the phone rang. I got up to answer it. Hello Elizabeth. Yeah I recognized her on call display, she chatted a bit about this that and the other thing. Then she ask me if I wanted to go on an adventure. Didn’t bat an eye. I said yes I am up for adventure. Wasn’t sure what she had in mind. Heading out on a drive. See a little country and end our day with seeing Sylvester Stallone. Well not the real Stallone, but a rendition of him.

So 9 this morning I headed out the door and drove over to her place. Got to her driveway and the road is full of police cars. Seems like there had been some sort of incident happening through the night. Gets allot of police cars there to check it out. Well at least it wasn’t in her complex bu the one next door. I pulled in the driveway and waited for Elizabeth to come out of her parking garage.

A few minutes later she pulls up. I hop in her car and we are on our way. The weather is warm and the the sun is shining beautifully. A wonderful day to head out on the open road. As we start heading inland the clouds start to fill the sky. Not heavy clouds but beautiful whisky clouds. Sometimes a little heavier and blocking the tops of the mountains. Other times clear blue sky. Like I said a prefect day for a road trip.

This is our journey. The map above. Up highway 1 to Ashcroft. Highway 97c to Merritt. Then highway 5 to Hope. And then highway 1 back to our hometown. Just a direction. Nothing special along the way. All except Sly Stone at the end, but for now no particular direction. Head north, then head east, then head south. Tunes playing loudly on the speakers. Booth of us singing along to the songs. Lots of conversation about life and fun and red hatting.

Oh lookie who we got to see along the side of the road. not often I get to see wildlife along the side of the road. Even that close to the car. Other people will talk about their wildlife encounters while driving in BC, but me. I never see much when I am driving. Except for the deer that got my front bumper one year. Dang thing put me in the ditch. Rob was young then and as he hung upside down in his car seat all he could say was mummy truck fall down and go boom. Well glad it did not go boom. Well back to my story.

Through a few pee breaks along the way and lunch at Timmies. The day was getting a little warmer. Then a little cooler. Then back to warmer. Depending on what elevation we where at at the time.

The scenery was beautiful. The company was great and the music played on.

We turned east at Ashcroft. Our first idea was going all the way to Kamloops, but then decided to turn a Ashcroft instead. Someone in the Timmies said the scenery was very nice along that road. So we changed our route a little.

We started to climb. Elevation going up and up and up. We came around a curve and there was a huge lake. Well it looked like a lake but they where filling in piles of dirt there. We stopped to take a look. It was part of a mining operation. A huge mining operation for copper. We came upon the tail raising first. This was where trucks where piling dirt to be crushed. Driving further down the highway we came to where the mining was going on. Layers and layers of dirt had been dug away. This area was huge.

I have never seen anything like it before. Just pictures shown on tv. Big operation.

On down the road we went. The desert area we leave behind and back to the forest. Up elevations and down elevations. A few stops along the way to enjoy the lookouts.

I took over driving at the last Pitt stop. Had a little snack and on the road again. Heading down highway 5 from Merritt. The road is a little busier now. More traffic then what we had on the way up. Four lane road. Up elevations and back down. A bit of construction here and there, but still enjoying our day.

We make it into Hope around 4:30. Drive around the neighbourhoods and check out the wood carvings. The town has quite a few on every street. then elizabeth points ahead. There he is. Bigger then life and made of wood. Sly stone is standing before us. We pull over and get out of the car to take a closer look. Yes had to get a closer look. He was made out of a log. Chainsaw cutting. I just thought wow! To be able to make something like that with a chainsaw

There he is. Yeah what a wow! We wandered around the park a bit and looked at a few of the other carving.

I say if you are into wood carving this is a place to go. Something I am in to. So I recommend Hope as a place to visit.

Oh by the way. I had to check out the cute butt on the statue as well. My how I like butt shots. Well we headed down the road for home after that. We both enjoyed our day. another girlfriend day for me. As I said before. Great company, great scenery, and lots of conversation to catch up with each other. I love having girlfriends who will pick you up when you are down and give you a great day. We traveled from 9 in the morning and got back to Elizabeth’s at 6:45. What a day!

Well I think I will sleep tonight. Talk to you later. Have a great day. Looking forward to my next adventure.

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