Whoa! This was a doozy

I was bored. I didn’t feel like sewing or knitting. So I think to myself. What can I do to keep myself occupied today. Or for the next few days. My complaint. This Covid thing has got to go take a hike sooner or later so I can go out and play. Frustrating, but yes enlightening that I can keep myself busy and not go crazy. You think though I am crazy for working on crafts. Believe me I am cleaning out my stash, but I am making more stash of crafts finished. To pile up where my other stash was.

This is my latest one. Another one to add to the pile of finished crafts that will sit in my craft room and collect dust. Needle in needle out. The tv blaring in the background for company. So instead of crafts being done. I decided that I had to do something else.

So went back to the office and looked through some boxes. I came across puzzles. Something I hadn’t done in a while. Not any puzzle though this one was still in the wrapper. Plastic all sealed up. I looked at the box and well alright! Something to do a little different.

I took the box to the dining room. That is where there is a table big enough to do it. I cut the plastic off the box and with anticipation I pulled back the wrapper and opened the box. There it was. 2000 pieces staring back at me.

That’s right. 2000 pieces. Now what am I thinking. So many pieces I now have to put together. I waded my fingers through the pieces and started picking out the edge pieces. Sorting them out in colours and shapes. Leaving all the other pieces in the box. Work out the outside and see how big this is. As I work through the pieces it gets larger and larger. Whoa this is gonna be a big one. Almost takes up the whole table by the time I get all the outside pieces together.

I may have bit off more then I could chew. I wade my fingers through the pile in the box again. Start pulling out pieces of the same colour. start piling them around the table. Face up. Shapes together. Colours together. So many pieces. They do not all fit on the table. I grab another table and start putting the pieces on there. Set the table up beside the the dining table. Hmm I guess we won’t be eating at the table for a bit. Oh well just the two of us. The counter is just as good.

Still not enough room for all the pieces. So I leave some of the pieces in the box. Can’t get another table in the room to set out pieces. Colours are all sorted. I start with the easy stuff. Pieces that will have shapes and colours that are easy to figure out. The water at the bottom comes together. The building comes together. This all is not happening in one days though. I sit down with it in the morning and next thing I know it is around lunch, time to go walk the dogs. It certainly is a time passer. Regardless to say I don’t get much else done. Once in a while hubby will come and stare at it as well. Pieces go in and then pieces have to come back out as they look like they go, but don’t go together.

There is more frustration. The colours are starting to blend together. You put in a couple of pieces. He puts a couple of pieces in. He asked do they look like they go together. Um! No! Not those. so out they come again. If you move them over a little to that spot they might be a better fit. Low and behold they go together. Others are put together in pieces on the side. Not in the puzzle. You know they have to go there someplace in that area. But they just don’t seem to fit. Well eventually they get turned around and they fit perfectly.

Two weeks have gone by. The building is together. The water is together, but am having a time trying to put the trees on each side together. I sit down and stare at it for a bit. Give up after two or three pieces. He sits down and stares at it from time to time. Another couple of pieces are you proud of me. I put in a piece. Okay. Next day. Stare at it again. Another couple of pieces in. Boy is this taking time. You stare and stare. Eventually something does fit. Other times pieces have to come out and moved to someplace else.

I finally sat down and got the one side of the trees done. Okay now to the other side. Pieces in. This doesn’t look right pieces out. Allot of pieces out and moved around and put back together. This side of the trees is still not going together. So I pull apart the edge and start working from the inside out. Oh this one goes here not there. This edge piece should be over there not here. No wonder it didn’t go together. All of a sudden everything falls into place.

Done. We finished it. A time to do and it was frustration and time consuming. But yes it was fun to be able to do it. It has sat on the table for a couple of days. Our accomplishment of putting together a 2000 piece puzzle.

Alas I come up stairs today and there it sit. Half in the box and half still on the table.

The side that was the toughest to do is still together. I wonder why he only took half apart. He says that was the hardest side so leaving for a bit.The hard work of crossed eyes staring at pieces. Wonder whether it goes or not.

Tonight I will pull the rest apart. Put it back in the box to send to someone else to play with. cross their eyes and say why did I do this. I will go back in the office to the same box and and pull out another puzzle. I have about ten puzzles in that box. Some I have done before and a couple that still do not have the seal taken off.

Another couple of weeks of staring at pieces and wondering whether it will go or not. If nothing else it keeps me occupied and have a break from crafting.

I was on Facebook today and saw a man in the okanagan. he has taken a couple of years and has put together a 12000 piece puzzle. I thought 2000 was a step, but to do 12000 is a feet of crossed eyes. For now I did do 2000, but will stick with my 500 to 1000. Makes for more room on the table.

So that’s my story for occupieing my time. I still say covid can go for a hike so I can go play some more.. I looked at the calendar and there is a notation on there. Flight to Australia. Such a sad thing to see. No I am not going. All is cancelled and I miss out on the time of my life. Meeting red hat ladies in Australia and enjoying time with my son. I don’t know if a trip like that will come around again for me, but I can only hope.

For now though I spend my time at home. Take the dogs for a walk. Buy my groceries and take the awed drive and craft my life away. Needle in needle out. And have now added puzzle auntrapanour to my home stay.

Well that’s it for now. Talk to you later so you can enjoy my boring life

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