Back roads and round abouts.

It’s has been awhile since I have been on here. I am usually isolating myself downstairs. Sewing away on my latest masterpiece. Well not really a masterpiece, but something to play around at. Up in the morning. Do my stretches, have my breakie and then head downstairs. Where I spend most of my day. Needle in needle out. Tv playing in the background for noise. Yeah I know you heard all this before. Around lunch hubbie comes down and says lunch time. Since he is working from home my day gets interrupted. Well that is what has been going on since this virus has shown up around this area. Makes for a difference in my day. Something I have to get use to. Change! Not me anymore, but us during the day. All of us are working with change right now. I know I am not the only one, but sometimes it is just hard to be me when there is allot of us during each and every day.

Okay my little rant is over. Well not really a rant, but just some observations that life is not going to be me during the day anymore. It will be us.

Anyways today and a beautiful day and I did get to have a me day. Adventure, oh boy, I am up for adventure. Well some may not think of this as adventure, but for me being in isolation most of the time, this is an adventure.

I had an appointment early in the morning. Something I am not a fan of. Early morning driving to someplace. I am a late riser. So when appointments come and they where made for early in the morning I guess I have to get up and go. Had to be at the maple ridge hospital at 7:30 in the morning. My annual echo cardiogram on my heart. Fun stuff! Had been cancelled once due to covid. They called last week and said we are making appointments again. We have appointments at this time and this time and this time. All early in the morning. UGG! Well I guess I had to pick one.

So this morning. I hop in hubbies car and head down the road. Hubbies car because I do not have mine insured right now. Not having two cars on the road when we are both home. Once he is back going to work my car will be insured again. So far have saved on two months of insurance. Well at least traffic is still light. Road construction is still going on for widening. So still a slow down Heading in to maple ridge. Am I going to make it there in time. Or am I going to be late.

I make it to the hospital. Lots of parking as well. These lots are usually full and you are driving around up and down to find a spot. Yippee! I found a spot easily. Walk into the front entrance. There the questions are asked. You feeling okay, you been out of the country. I look at her. I have a little bit of a problem. I am a deaf person. I wear hearing aids to be able to hear better, but I also watch lips moving to figure out what they are saying. Now with masks on I can not see their lips moving and their voices are muffled behind masks. It made for a difficult to answer when you can not exactly understand what they are saying. Well I finally got through that and was able to go to the ultrasound

They didn’t ask if I had a mask to wear while in the hospital. I don’t have one as yet, but have ordered one and it has not come in as yet,

Ultrasound went well. I am not a fan of laying on those hard benches. My fibro does not go well with hard surfaces and laying at weird angles. The pain starts to raise as the half hour goes on.

Well finally out of the hospital. I have three hours before I get to meet up with a few friends in Abbotsford. The drive would take about an hour to get there. Hmmmm! What to do in that time. This is where the adventure comes in. Well it isn’t much of an adventure, but it was something to break up the time. Or to waist it. Which is what I was planning to do. Like the title of this blog says. Backroads and roundabouts.

I headed for the golden ears bridge. Crossed over the river. Then instead of heading into Langley I made a left. Headed towards the east and kept going. Staying off the main roads and taking the roads less traveled. Who knows where I was or what roads I was on, but I was heading east. I was heading along the Fraser river until the road says no more. Have to make a right and then another left to head back east. Beautiful countryside to travel along. Turn around as the roads does not go anywhere. I end back at the road I was just on. Going in circles. Am I worried. No I am not. I will get there eventually and I am in no rush. You see things on these back road adventure. A flock of Canada geese in one field. A couple of eagles flying over a field looking for a snack. Crops coming up in fields. I eventually came out at a road I know the name of. So I head south and head for the other side of the freeway. I see a trout farm I never knew was there. All the way down to Huntington road. There I turn east and head past the abbotsford airport and around the south area of Abbotsford.

This trip took me two hours. A trip that if I took the freeway would have taken an hour. Did I enjoy myself. Yes I did. I could take my time. I didn’t need to watch traffic. I could look as I drove. It was a good morning.

My next stop. A visit with girlfriends. We are social distancing. Yes we are. We came together at a park just outside of Abbotsford. A visit to sit and chat. Catch up on our lives. A bit of venting I think I did. Things I never really talk about may have come out. My frustrations that I usually never talk about. But did feel good to bring it out. I probably should keep my mouth shut sometimes, but somethings things came out. I think I have been alone too long in my craft room. Other then my rant it was so good to see some of my friends again. I use to go out at least once or twice a week to see these ladies. Now with isolation I am lucky if I see them once a month if that. I still need some hugs, but that will have to wait for a bit yet.

After we left each other I headed back to home. Had to do a couple of pickups for hubbie. A prescription and then a lab workup from his doc. I walked into the medical centre and I was told I need to have a mask on. If not go back outside. So I went back outside. So I talked through the door telling them what I was there for. They brought out a mask for me when all they had to do was give me the paper I needed. But then got the paper he needed. So I can walk into hospital without a mask, but to walk into a medical clinic I have to have a mask. Go figure on different places have different rules. My last stop was to get some food to bring home.

So that is my adventure for the day. It felt good to get out and adventure. To see friends and go places. Things are different now, but you can still adventure on your own. It felt good to get out. It felt good to see friends. It felt good to enjoy the day it may have not been much, but it was something I needed. Now if I can get a hug soon I will be complete for a bit.

I guess that is about it for now. Back to my craft room I go until next time. These are what I have been working on. The first wolf is still in progress, but the bear by the river I finished two weeks ago. So talk to you later. Stay safe until we see each other again. And to all big hugs

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