Week five. Not nuts yet. Well maybe

The title says it all. I have been at home for about five weeks now. No out and about for little adventures. No visiting with lady friends I know. And defiantly no shopping. Well lately I hadn’t been much of a shopper anymore, but there is the awed time that I would wander a mall just to piddle around a bit. It hasn’t killed me, but I keep wondering why hubby and I haven’t killed each other yet. Since he is home all the time right now. We get along, but there are times that I either drive him nuts or the opposite. More or less he drives me more nuts then I him.

So the only adventure we have been on is together. The grocery store or the lumber store as hubbie is doing some renovations on the house. I think I had mentioned this before. The bedroom floor was taken up and a new laminate floor was put down. The walls where painted and new curtain rods up on the window with new curtains. Then the hall had to have a new floor cause it did not match great with the bedroom floor. So up it came as well. a new laminate floor down there as well. Next the fireplace came out of the living room. I made the mistake a few years ago at saying I didn’t like the look of it. So all I figured is he would just fix the decore on the front. Um! No. The whole fire place came out and the wall came down. A new wall is up in its place and a new fireplace is going in next week. As soon as the rest of the wall is done the tv will be moved over to there and then a move around of furniture. Next walls will be painted in the livingroom and dining room. Then the floor will be torn out of there and another laminate floor in there. I sure hope to heck he is finished then. I am not a fan of torn up house. The dust and dirt and the mess. Well at least he had a project to do while he is home isolating with me. If not he probably would have been pestering me for the last five weeks. He is working from home, but it feels like eons he has been here. I am really going to hate when he retires. I hope he finds projects to do that are not going to cost an arm and a leg to do. So far he says his entertainment is going to be bugging me all the time. I am going to find a lock for my craft room if this is going to happen.

Last week a friend made a comment on messenger about a huge bear that had just gone through her property. I said send him this way. He and hubbie can get together and have a chat. Another lady ask me what I was doing. I said I was doing some great gardening. The 8 by 4 hole is just about dug now. I am just kidding. I say these things to lighten the load around here. Some day someone is going to take me seriously and have the cops up here to check on us. Yes we have not killed each other yet.

Mind you, I think it is because I have a place to go to get away from being with him 24 hours a day. Thank goodness for the down stairs and-my craft room. yeah, yeah I am talking about that craft room again. My haven from the day to day duties that I have to do. This room keeps me sane. I can go down there. Close the door and turn the boob tube on for noise and craft away til my heart is content. Eventually I have to stop. Mind you my heart is not content as eventually I have to come back up stairs and work on supper. If I had my choice I would be down there 24 7. I loose track of time down there. Needle in needle out. I never get tired of it. I listen in the background the tv blaring away or when the window is opened in the summer the water feature bubbling away. Needle in needle out. Or the other of yarn going on the needles. My hands are always busy. With one project or another.

This box here is just about full. I added another one last night to it. So now it is over full. My donation box. I get scraps of balls of yarn from different ladies and just knit or crochet away. Once the box is full I take it to the donation centre I have selected and drop off my blankies. Always get a hug for my efforts. I know it isn’t enough but I do what I can. There is always a need for something. Hats, gloves, mittens scarves and blankies. I make them all. And love doing it. As long as I get the yarn to do it. Donated to me is the best. Then I don’t need to pay for it. Win win situation for me.

Here is something else I am working on right now. It is allot further ahead then this now. The river is finished and I have a bear by the river. I am now taking black yarn and outlying all the pieces. To make it look more like a stained glass type of picture. A nice wall hanging when it is finished. Have no idea what I am going to do with it when it is done, but is sure fun to play away at it.

I had a bunch of red and purple yarn from someone. So thought I would get another one done for a red hat event. Another giftie for someone. That is when we get back to having our fun again. When ever that will be is up in the air yet. There was so many events that were scheduled for this and next month. All cancelled or postponed until later dates. Certainly makes for a quiet month. Before it was this event or that event or let’s go play someplace and have a good time. Now it is self isolate and hope for the best so we can do at a later date.

So last week I was out cleaning up the garden. No I was not digging a bigger hole. Just getting rid of the weeds that are starting to grow through the garden. These are the times I really wish my brother was still here. He did a marvellous job of keeping the outdoors done up beautifully. Well at least until last year when he started not to feel good. Things went a little down hill last year so I have allot of catching up to do this year. Anyways it was a warm day so out come the shorts. My beautiful lily white legs where getting some sun for the day. After being out in the garden for awhile I came in and hubby said we have to get some groceries. Oh boy an adventure, we where going out and away from the house to get groceries. Yeah my joke. I am not a fan of wandering around the grocery store and picking up groceries to eat. What I like to buy he will not eat and then he add stuff to the cart that we really don’t need. Well no matter. I hop in the car and off we go. Adventure at the grocery store. As we pull out of the driveway I look down at my beautiful lily white legs. What the heck. My legs are covered in hair. Not just little stubby bits of hair, but strands that are at least an inch and half long. My gosh I don’t think I have shaved in a long time. These are not little stubs of hair but I look like the Sasquatch. My legs are not uniform in having hair everywhere but there are patches of long hair. I may have to get the weed waker out to get ride of those batches of hair. Anyone looking for the missing Sasquatch I think I found his mate. Only thing is I am not missing, but I think I should go hide out with those legs. They match the beard and moustache I have growing around my mouth and chin. I squealed a little and hubby looked over at me wondering what was my problem. He had to laugh and said he will keep his distance in the grocery store from me. Not get near this unkept person he is with. Yeah the weed waker is coming out when I get back home. Or maybe just have to stay isolated and not worry about it. Let what may be and put back on my track pants until the hair starts growing out the bottom of my pant leg. won’t that be a site. Hubby really will not want to be seen with me. Hmmm! A method to my madness.

So now I actually had an adventure today. A couple of days ago an email came out. How would a few queens like to get together and sit and chat. There is a parking lot where a store had closed that is great for an isolating visit. We could all park and keep our distance and chat for a bit. I am on it like a bat out of hell. I am in. Yes count me in I will be there with bells on. A chance to get out and visit with ladies I have not seen in, oh how long?

So this morning I am up and about. Get the dogs walked and sit on the couch for a bit and Check out the social media sites. All of a sudden I realize I have a chance to get out and about. Visit with someone other then my hubbie. A drive over to Abbotsford to visit. Yes! I head out the door and get into my car. Just about started it and was heading out. Then remembered. My car is not insured. Since I am not going anywhere what was the use of licensing it. It came dues about the time we had to start self isolating. I just about made the mistake of heading down the road in my car that is not licensed to be on the road. Oh boy would that have been a really big mistake on my part. I only made it to the end of the driveway, but if I was in one of my ditzy moods I might have taken off and drove to Abbotsford. Luckily that didn’t happen. Back into the driveway and into hubbies car and off I go. Hopefully he didn’t look out the window at the time to see me driving my car. I don’t think I would have heard the end of that in a long time.

Off to Abbotsford I head. I am going to get together and chat with someone other then my dogs or my hubby. What an experience. It has been five weeks. Have I said that before? Yeah I think I have. Five weeks of nothing but buying groceries and lumber store. I am excited at this new experience. I get to the parking lot and low and behold a smile comes on my face They are there and I have other people to talk to. I park the car find a place to sit and it is just like old times again. We all catch up on what is happening in their lives. I am back in my element. Being out and about and chatting about new things going on in other peoples lives. Mind you there is no hugs or air kisses, but it is start. Still have to keep our distance, but my gosh it felt so good just to sit and chat about anything and everything.

This brought a lightness to my heart. I know I am a loner. I am an introvert and I like to be on my own. I can keep myself company if I have to. I have my own company of me, myself and I. So if me doesn’t agree with myself I am in great trouble. Now though I am finding out I need this as well. I need the company of other people in my life. I need someplace I can let go and be myself and just laugh. Just talk and no one judges. Well a few do, but that just goes over my head and out the window. If someone wants to be that way well so be it. I am me and I know I am a goof. I am me and I know I need both is my life. For so long I have been me myself and I, but now I have grown and do also need others to make myself complete. I am still a loner and don’t reach out to others, but I am learning. It is a process, but if someone really needs me I will be there. I don’t jump at the others needing, but yes I am there.

There is a little sadness in my heart that my trip to Australia had to be cancelled. All for the best though to be safe. I will keep myself close and keep my adventure close for now. There is a lightness in my heart though that I can adventure around this area and catch up with friends. That I was able to get out today to chat with a few. Small groups for now and distance is kept. In time it will be more again and the fun will begin again. If only for now on Facebook and Instagram, but as time goes on the friends will be in person again.

So for now I will close. I have a smile on my face and a song in my heart. The curve it is flattening. Which will make it closer to our time of isolation is done. Just not too soon or we will be at it again.I was able to get out and visit. If just for a bit. Hopefully only a few more weeks of this and we can be out and about much more. We battle away to keep us all safe. So the introvert will stay for a little bit yet, but as time goes by we better watch out for we will be free to do our own thing again. Fun is on the horizon but not for a bit. Everyone stay safe so I can see you again. I guess that is it for my babbling away.

Talk to ya later.

One thought on “Week five. Not nuts yet. Well maybe

  1. Maybe I can send my Hubby over to play with yours and we can hang out! Mine has been on vacation for a week and a half and it’s been suffocating, no really, I will miss it when he goes back, sort of 🙂 Be safe and well.


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