Out for nice walk

I was up early this morning couldn’t sleep anymore. Yesterday the floor and trim was done in the bedroom. Hubbie did a beautiful job on the floor. He says looks like shit on the trim but hey it is done and it is only us that have to see it. Who else would be in our bedroom unless we decide to sell the house. That will be in many years from now.

So now that the bedroom is done. Hal lay lu ya! One project of his tearing apart is done. We had to move the furniture back into the bedroom. I love my bedroom suite but it is heavy sucker of a thing. Solid pine wood. I ask to have the drawers taken out to make it a little lighter to carry. I get told it is not that heavy let’s just get it done. So I help carry the two dressers, mirror, bed pieces and the mattress back into the room. Yay! We are not sleeping on the floor in the dining room anymore. We get all the furniture back into the bedroom and then he decides he does not like the layout. So moving furniture again and putting in different place. Finally all set up and then the bed has to be made again. More moving around. Oh my aching muscles and bones.

I was in bed this morning. Well we are now sleeping in our bedroom again. So nice for that mess to be cleaned up. But next morning I was not sleeping anymore for the aches and pains. So I finally got up. After breakfast and a couple hours on my computer. Hubbie is up and thinking about taking a walk with the dogs. Nope not me. I had to put my head down as I was not feeling the best. A bit of vertigo was starting to show its face to me. I get ditzy once in while. My eyes cross and I just can’t keep awake. Have to put my head down. I really wish there was a warning for this. Sometime or rather I am going to be out someplace and this is going to happen. And I am not home to lay down.

Anyways I wake up three hours later good to go. Hubbie has been banging and pulling things up and pulling things out. Again another mess. Into the hallway he goes with making another mess. at least he is putting it back together with a new floor. I never heard a thing. I was out and sawing my logs so peacefully. I woke to see a floor half done. Hmm there will be a beauty at the end of the mess soon.

Well we head out for our walk. The dogs are so happy to get out of the house. To walk and not getting soaked by the rain. I am happy I am not walking in the rain today as well. The sun is shining but there is still a little nip in the air.

You know with this isolation we are on right now. The streets seem like the 1960s again. People are out in their yards. Gardening being done. Children playing in the yard. Fathers working and cleaning their cars. Sons helping out with the mechanical work. House repairs being done. Everyone is saying hi as you walk by. It is a totally different atmosphere walking around now. family units together enjoying the day.

I certainly enjoyed that hour out getting some fresh air. With self isolation the distance was kept by all.

Yesterday we had to go into maple ridge and pick up another couple of boxes of flooring for the hallway.. will be nice when this is done. Anyways on our drive the roads are quiet. You usually make this drive and there is car after car after car. Crazy drivers who just have to get up behind you and really want to get past you so they can speed up to the next car. This drive was a little different. Yes there was cars on the road, but not as many. It was a pleasant drive. There still was the ones that wanted to go like bats out of hell, but the highway was not as busy. You didn’t need to worry about so many cars around you. Highway seven is not too bad to drive, but some of the drivers on it do make it a challenge to drive at the best of time. In no time at all we got our flooring and headed for home

As we came back into Mission I ask if he could make one more stop for me. I had my hankering for eatmore chocolate bars. It seems to be the onLy chocolate I can eat any more. Doesn’t stick in my dry mouth and chews up nicely to go down without sticking in my throat. So he pulled into the 7 11 and I got out. Walked into the store and to the candy aisle. Oh I also had to get some garbage babes as I ran out of those last garbage day. Being the person that I am I forgot to pick them up on my grocery run. Should start making a list, but then I would probably forget the list. A usual me.

So as I wandered the 7 11 back to the cashier I noticed on a shelf. The gold of all golds in this pandemic. There is a package of toilet paper on the shelf. I grab it and hold it to my boosem. I squeeze it tight and scoot to the cashier. Hoping to get there before anyone else sees what I have. To gold. I have tp gold. I am so happy I found it. We were down to one roll left. Had wandered grocery stores battling empty shelves of tp and low and behold I find it in a convenience store. To gold. Oh how for something a few months ago was everywhere is no place to be found. Tp gold. My butt will be happy and rich with softness.

I head out of the store and back to the car. Holding my prize possession close to me. I asked for a bag so no one saw what I bought. I got back in the car with a smile on my face. I have tp gold. Hubbie asked if I got him a treat. Um no I forgot and I am not going back into the store. I guess if he wants a treat he will have to go back in, but he wondered what I was smiling about. Lookie lookie I got tp gold. He just smirked at me and drove home. Then he ask did you get your eatmore or the garbage bags. Yep I got those but I didn’t remember his treat. I got so excited about tp gold I didn’t get him a treat.

I place-my tp gold above my throne in its place of honour. Beside my lonely one roll of tp gold. They look so happy together. I am home now. To be home for a few days again. A crafting I will go in my craft room. So happy I have this place to go and have my juices running with so many project underway. Hubbie is working from home now so my crafting time is precious. We will be home and in isolation to keep a way from others. I am lonely not to see my red hat sisters every couple of days, but get my fix through Facebook. I am not stir crazy yet of being in the house all the time. So that is one good thing. I am usually a hermit anyways. As long as I have my stash and a tv or music in the background I am a happy camper as the days go by.

So this is my adventure for the past few days. We are together in the house no killing each other yet. Him working on his destruction and construction and me in my craft room or on my iPad. My only grunge is I have to keep food in the fridge. Which means cooking. The thing I hate to do. I have never been domesticated in this way. I may have liked it at one time, but now is it a chore I really didn’t want do. I just do not understand why he can not warm something up in microwave. It is in the fridge it just has to be warmed up. But he tells me to come out and warm it up for him. Then there is the fact that one day he says there is not food in the fridge. Then the next he says there is too much in the fridge and we have to get it eaten up before it goes bad. Then I get told to to make something when there is still things in the fridge to eat up. Some people are just not happy about some things.

As I say my big adventure for the week. A drive to maple ridge. A trip for groceries and a purchase of TP gold. Well! Back to my crafting. Talk to you later.

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