In the middle of crisis. I have got to rant

As I sit at home and isolate myself from the world. I am disappointed. I am concerned. I wonder what will happen. I worry about my family and friends. My emotions are not in check. Most of all I worry about myself.

This list could go on and on. two to three months ago we first heard about this covid 19. Just a small blip on the screen in another country. Oh guezz so sorry for them. It grew and grew and took over the whole country. People started in other countries to take notice, but never thought any further then that. It would never happen to us. Ha! Fat chance of that. Three months later and guess where we are. Look at Italy who are in shutdown all together.

Today in British Columbia, Canada there are 450 cases of Covid and it is rising every day. it is spreading here. Now that the base country that it started from is on recovery that is good news but for us it is just the beginning.

Will this be a vicious cycle here. We will be getting over it in a few months and coming out of the tail end, but the virus will still be out there and can revamp itself to attack again. a country will be getting over it and all of a sudden it pops up again because someone brought it back in. It will not be eradicated. It will still be out there. Like so many other things that attack so many people every year. Do we still keep our distance from each other. Oh this is going to be on my mind for a long time.

We are a world of lovers and huggers. Well most of us are. There are others who do like to keep their distance. They have their circles that they will gather with though. So to speak we all have our groups that we will hang with and do things with. No one is alone. Right now though there is allot of alone. There is allot of fear And uncertainty going on. Trying to keep their distance. All except a few fools out there who think this is not going to happen to them. Wrong! It has no preference. It will get anyone no mater who they are. Young or old. Sick or healthy.

I have a vacation coming up here real soon. Parts of it have been cancelled already but just waiting to see whether the rest will go through or not. I have ask the travel agent to cancel the rest as of today. I am not taking any chances that I will get to Australia, even if I could, with all the flights being cancelled around the world. So I will console myself and cancel the rest of my trip. I was so excited about this. I was going to another country. Take in their culture and meet a few. New red hat ladies that I have only conversation with on Facebook. Now that is kaput. Gone with the wind so to say. Some thing I will not be doing in the future. I will not be traveling anymore.

You see I have autoimmune problems. You have heard about them before through my blog. I know allot of people have some sort of autoimmune and everyone is different. For me my bod is slowly getting worse. I do okay if I pace myself, but if I do too much or am stressed the features multiple themselves and start causing me some problems. If I wait for next year to go on a big trip I may just bugger myself for good. This last few weeks of staying home have been a bit of hell on me.

Well the first couple of weeks where not too bad. I puttered around the house and did my crafting. Watched tv and did more crafting. Keeping my distance from going out to see anyone. If I catch this covid it may be fatal to me. I have had pneumonia before. I was young, but it did compromise my lungs. I have a bit of a heart condition as well. So you see I am not chancing anything if I can. I would so love to go out and see all of my friends and red hat sisters, but I just can’t now. I am greedy and want to keep my life as healthy as I can.

Now this week hubbie is home here as well. He is working sorta from home. In between taking phone calls from work he is working on the floor putting it down. well the first day he said to me That I am not going to sit on my ass and let him do all the work of putting back together all the things he pulled apart. So I helped him. I carried planking. I helped him on the floor put down underlay. I carried more planking and pretty well stood for the whole day helping him out. I knew I had done too much, but he said just a little more and we will get this part done. By the end of the night I was hooped. I was cramping in ever part of my body. My back was killing me and I had a spot in my shoulder blade with pain that was so much different then what I had ever experienced before. I can take pain that I had before but this is so much different then what I felt other places. I was lathering in Voltarine. I was taking really hot showers. I was sitting with heating pads on me and the pain is just not going away. I am Leary of painkillers. I take when I really need. Too many other side effects of those things.

Next morning I wake up in so much pain. I can barely move. Hubbies says why did you not tell me you could not do that. for one thing he should have already known. He had seen me at this stage once before. When I finally gave up work. I could not take standing at work and doing all the things they where asking me to do. So I gave up a good paycheque to sit on my duff at home. Stay out of pain and craft my life away. Enjoy the awed red hat adventure and keep myself going. Now he calls for my help every now and then but does not have me back there repairing beside him. I get the stare once in awhile, but since he decided to pull everything apart without my help. Just started on it one day without a consult from me I think he can put it back together without my help. What a mess our house is right now. Well when and if he gets it finished it will look pretty good, but for now. It is a bugger of a mess.

So yesterday we had to go out to get some more flooring. I have not been away from the house that much and had to go along with him. We drove to maple ridge where we bought the first batch of planks. As we drove along the highway I was amazed at how many vehicle where out and about. Parking lots where full. The highway had traffic on it. It is like the world is still turning. Yes I know some people still have to go to work. But I believe others are just out and about for the sake of just being out and about. You listen on the news. Stay home. Social distance. Then when you do go out you see so many people out and about. What the heck? Do these people not understand that something out there will kill someone. I know I am preaching now, but most of my friends are int the category of myself. Older generation or have some sort of health problems. I do not want to loose any of my friends to something that could have been prevented. I don’t think that you yourself would want to loose anyone to this as well. Either young or old. So please do your part and stop being fools saying it will not happen to you. It could happen to anyone.

I know I said we went out. Was a dumb, dumb thing to do. There was another customer in the store so we waited until they left and then we went in. Got our boxes of flooring and then headed back home. No other stop. We will have to go out again at the end of the week to get our few supplies of groceries.

Ah groceries! This takes me to another rant. We only buy our groceries once a week. Lately have been going into the grocery store and there is nothing on the shelves. It is not the grocery stores fault that nothing is there. They bring in supplies every morning and stock the shelves. The thing is people come to the store and instead of just buying what they need they start hoarding things that are needed by others. I have no idea why they would need so much toilet paper. For us we are down to a couple of rolls yet. So hopefully by Friday when we go out again there will be some on the shelf. Oh then there is meat and soup. Another thing that seems to be empty. I found a couple of cuts that where not too expensive, but the hamburger that I use allot of is not there. I wonder if these people had to go out and buy big freezers for all the food they are hoarding

Well at least now that have made it so you can only buy two of an item now. Happy day for that. So soon there should be something on the shelf for us to be able to put food on our table. I say shame on you for being such a idiot. Thinking that maybe you can make a buck on something or you are just hoarders and think that you need it for yourself to survive. Again shame on you.

At least I have not heard about the looters yet. There might be as being that stores are all closing now as they are not accentual services. but there are still businesses out there that are still staying open. Why is that? People are not suppose to be out and about shopping. If this keeps going and people do not do what they are asked to do. More rules will come in effect to make it even harder on people who are already doing what they are suppose to be doing. Come on everyone get a grip and do what you are ask. We are not a five year old with a temper tantrum here are we?

So last week. I was on Internet an awful lot. Every few minutes another event had been canceled or postponed. My calendar went from being a social butterfly to a person in a cocoon. I don’t mind being in a cocoon. I can get things done at home that are on my todo list, but I miss the socialness. I miss going out and having a coffee with someone. Mind you my drink of choice is Pepsi. But I still like to go out and chat. I miss chatting with everyone. I know I am being greedy, but come on people. The more we follow what we are suppose to do the sooner we will be out and about again have the life we want to have. I can have my social life back.

I guess I have ranted enough here. I know no one really reads this, but I will put it up anyways. I may get a few nasty comments on it or a few you go girl. who knows. Again I am thinking of myself and how this is going to effect me. But you know everyone is in the same boat and if we all pull together the sooner we get back to our normal life.

I will say that there are 10s of 1000s of people who have survived this illness, but there is also 10s of 1000s of who have not made it through. think about that won’t you. If you loose a loved one to this because you are an idiot and decided to visit. How are you gonna feel now.

I know most of you don’t know me and would care less what happens to me, but my family and friends do. So please. I will say what is being prompted around everywhere now. WASH YOUR HAND! KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! AND IF YOUR SMART JUST STAY HOME!

Talk to ya later

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