What the heck is happening?

Me in high school
Nothing like a good wench . Me these days

Oh heck! Don’t really know what I am writing about. First thing this morning I thought about something I could put down here and now poof! It is gone now.

I don’t know! I had these big ideas and then this morning went out with a girlfriend for breakfast and sit and chat for a bit. Now poof whatever I was going to write about is gone. I will say it, getting old is not for the old at heart. everything seems to go poof!

Must be the fact that there is not enough room in your brain anymore. As you get older you bring in so much information. Eventually it has to explode and just poof it is gone.

When you are younger you have this most gorgeous head of hair. Full of body and flows the way you want it. Now you comb that beautiful hair and you end up with so much in the brush. You try to comb it into a rulely way and it just forces all over the place. It is coming out by the handful sometimes, but on your chin you can gather so much hair. Around the lip as well. It is corse as anything too. You can pluck and pluck and it just gets thicker and thicker. I guess all the info is going with your hair, but why the heck does it have to show up in facial hair.

Then there is those eyebrows. Such an nice arch to them. Round out your face so nicely. Now look in the mirror and it looks like one unibrow now. Goes all the way across from one eye to the other. One huge caterpillar. Wavy and bushy all over the place.

I use to have this smooth skin. I wasn’t a looker. More of the nerdy type, but I was me and was comfortable with what I looked like. Now I look in that same mirror and I see more skin then I use to have. The extra little bumps under my eyes and wow! How many chins can one person have. could I just look and it goes poof it is gone. No some things just seem to hang around. All the wrong things seem to hang around.

This same mirror gives me more to look at then I give it credit for. I hold up my arms and what do I see. They flap in the wind. I could get a tattoo of a flag on my outer arm and when the wind blows I have a flag that waves in the wind.

I am always feeling cold these days. I cuddle under blankets whenever I can. Turn up the heater and blast the warm air away. I think I found a solution to being cold though. I just have to run around allot. Burns calories and with the rubbing of my thighs together. There is allot of burning combustion in those thighs rubbing together. Warmth in no time.

You think this picture sums that all up. I don’t think I will burn my fanny off, but I am sure I could be warm. That is if I wanted to run around and burn calories. Some days I just don’t even want to get up off my comfy couch.

Okay I made fun of myself enough right now. Before things go poof again I will say at 61 I am happy with how things have turned out.mind you with everything there is always things that I would love to change. I know they will not change. They will grow and evolve. I will gather more laughlines. My body will change even more. The double chin may gather friends. The brow will come closer together and make good friends with each other. The weight will come and go. I would like more for it to go, but that all depends on how I am feeling and how much energy I have.

I know that over the years I have made mistakes and I have had some great things. I have more years ahead of me to enjoy. So I will not look to the past on how I lived my life. For now where I am and what I am doing I am more happier then when I was growing to this stage.

I will leave you now as things have gone poof. I really don’t know why I wrote this. See I said it would go poof. Believe me I am happy, but there are those days when the ideas come on that put me in doubt. We all have these days.

So now poof I am gone! Talk to you later

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