You never know. At the most unknown moment I will get one

Okay, okay., but yes I will get you

I was at an event the other day and every time I got up to do something someone was trying to get me back. My backside that is. Literally! Trying to get my backside.

You see I have a tendency to be able to get someone’s back side when I am taking pictures. Mind you I can get some very nice picture. No, no not of backsides but actually of some very pretty faces.

These are known as my famous bum shots. I was looking through my pictures today and what did I see. Quite a few bum shots.

Here is one of my best. Well at least I think so. Others may be shocked right now. This was a thunder down under gent that I just happened to catch at the right time. See I can get anyone in a bum shot. Oooo-L.A.-L.A.! I say.

Well this is not the pictures I was looking for when I was looking through my pictures for something, but these are the ones that started popping out at me. I think I do take many that are bum shots. I don’t think I will change. I am at the back of people not out in front walking with them. So I see something I want to take a shot of, your butt may just be in there as well.

I haven’t seen my latest bum shot get back yet, but eventually it will show up on Facebook. Tag! I got you! I know they where trying. I walk away and someone would say grab your phone she is up again.

These are all in fun. It started a few years ago. I was taking a picture and when I put it up on Facebook I realized that I had put up someone’s bottom for everyone to see. Not a vulgar picture, just of their bottom and not of their beautiful face. I apologized up and down for doing that. She said no problem, but am gonna get you back for that. Hence came the picture that is at the beginning of this story. And so the tagging began.

We tried to up each other with these pictures. How many we could post up. Getting them at the most unknown moment and then posting so they saw they where caught, but didn’t know when. Ha, ha tag your it. this is happening with a few ladies I know now. So you never know who is going to get that illusion shot of you or you of them.

Bums are not the only thing that seemed to get caught in the pictures.

A few feet got in on the action. Ooo I love those shoes!

I have had a few of myself posted on Facebook as are a few.

There you go. Don’t I have a cute tush! Well sometimes it is much better then my face pictures. my best side. I thinks. My bottom that is.

Ain’t I got the prettiest face. Well that is all in the eye of the beholder. I goof when it comes to having my picture taken. They tell me to smile pretty and I make a face.

You see I am a behind the camera type of person. I have never been one for having my picture taken without doing something silly. I walk around with my camera in my hand, but sometimes I put it down on the table and someone will pick it up and get a picture of me. Sometimes they turn out pretty good. Still in the eye of the beholder though.

Not bad pictures, but there are more beautiful ladies out there then me. I have taken so many pictures over the past few years of some of these ladies I hang with through the red hat society. They are just gorgeous inside and out. Check out my Facebook page and you can see many beautiful ladies I have met through the years. along with those famous bum shots.

Okay I wrote this blog for today. I am saying tag you are it! As I just posted your bottoms. All beautiful tushes they are.

I guess now it is time to cover my bottom and go out and have some fun.

Until next time. Talk to you later.

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