Cancer. Who needs it

You grow older and you think retirement. Oh what a wonderful thing to come to you. After so many years of working and making a life for you and your family. You get there and start making new plans. Then bam! What happens. Illness! Cancer or some other type of illness that brings everything to a halt. Your beautiful plans are ruined. You have to fight to survive. Life gets more tough instead of better.

No I don’t have cancer, but so many of my near and dear family and friends do. I turn around and another person I know has been diagnosed. It is so sad to see them have to go through this. One person said yesterday it is like a dream and you are standing on the outside just watching what will happen next.

It could happen to anyone. Yes it could happen to me. I wake up every morning and hope and pray that it will not hit me, but one day in the future I may go do my pancakes on my boobs and the result may come back different then what I usually get. You see my mother has had this and my grandmother also. Both have passed now as a result of this invasion on their bodies. My mother fought many years with it until she finally could not take anymore. My grandmother passed early in her life having not recognized the facts too soon to get the help she needed. Or so I was told by my father. I never met my grandmother so will have to go with what has been mentioned in the family. Hey you never know. I may be one of the lucky ones and it does not hit at all. I have two sisters I hope and pray do not have to go through this either. Breast cancer.

There are so many cancers in the world. As the picture shows at the top of this page. I put this picture up on Facebook the other day. And so many ladies piped in to say what colour they where. Some have had more then one colour take control of their bodies. They survive one bout of cancer just to have another a year or two later pop in there and give them another run for their money. They even go into remission with a second bout just to have another show up someplace else. These people are warriors, fighting on in this battle to live the life they where hoping to live.

I think to myself can I even do something like that. I am such a weak and small minded person who just backs down from things so I do not need to confront with it. How in heavens name could I fight that long to keep myself going. I know you just do it day to day, but there is a point where you just don’t want to do it anymore. This scares the crap out of me as another dear friend leaves this world to go to the great beyond. These people who are so giving and kind. Have taken me under their wing and been my friend. Then they are gone and there is another hole in my heart where they use to be.

These people are so much a part of my life. Some are close and I chat with every couple of days. I am there for them. I may not show it as I am a quiet background type of person, but I am there for them in my own quiet way. Then some are further away. May only chat through the Internet, but they rally me on and even if they are not close they feel close to me. So when they tell me that they are fighting a battle my heart still goes out to them. I will fight on their battle from afar and hope and pray for the best result to happen.

So now I will battle on in my own fights. Besides fighting everyday with my autoimmune disease that gives me different options everyday to work against. It is not as harsh as cancer, but someday it may be. I have lumps I have checked and have had removed. All showing no signs of cancer. The latest is a lump on the side of my thyroid. Eating is a chore every now and then. Well the swallowing part that is. I have had an ultrasound on this. Then came the biopsy and trip to the doc. They say that it shows no sign of cancer but that they will keep and eye on it. In six months another ultrasound and then another trip to see doc to see if it has grown. Okay so my question. Why do they not take it out now before it even does developer into something that might become intrusive? I would think preventative medicine instead of waiting and watching and then having to treat something that developed that could eventually kill you in the most awful way. I guess I will play the waiting game and worry my life away until they figure it out.

So we all rally on in our own ways. Mine is quiet and in the background. Others are out in the forefront fighting for a cure. Some of my crafting of blankets and stuffies I make go to the cancer centre to cuddle and keep warm. I know it is not enough, but I do what I can and pray that someday there will be no cancer that wins the battle with anyone.

Time to get on with my day. I know there is some crafting in me today, but had to chat a little first today. Up off the couch I go to pick up my needle a finish a project. Well at least I hope it will be finished today.

Talk to you again another day.

One thought on “Cancer. Who needs it

  1. I am surprised of how many people in my reasonably small community have cancer. My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 1/2 months ago and had surgery 6 weeks ago. I have the same thoughts as you about whether I am strong enough to face that battle, but then I remember this quote”“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”
    Praying you don’t ever have that battle to fight.


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