A crafting I will go

I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning and just couldn’t go back to sleep. So now I sit on the couch with the pups snoring loudly around me. Well I think I should get on with my day, but do I really want to get up off the couch. Yeah I guess I will have to. The pooches do have to get out sometime to pee or I am gonna be cleaning up puddle off the floor.

Well it is going to be one of those days. A dull dreary day with a chill in the air. A fine day to get my butt in gear and go down to my craft room. As if I don’t do enough crafting around here. Well you know it does keep me out of the fridge. I mean I do have to go to the fridge once in a while or supper wouldn’t get made. Hubby certainly would not be happy with that prospect. But if I didn’t craft I would probably be at the fridge every five minutes looking for something to eat. I am a boredom eater. Nothing to do and I head for the fridge. I could be a two ton Tessie in no time flat if I didn’t craft.

So I keep myself busy with multiple crafting projects going on around the house. Right now downstairs in my craft room. A new quilt is underway.

Have the first two pieces done on it. Have to make a few more then decide on putting together. Kinda interesting don’t you think. Yeah red and purple. Who would have thought that. Something for an event coming up in the near future. This one I was asked to make and actually to boot I am being paid for it. I usually just give these away after I am finished. If I didn’t I would have a room full of crafted items and no place to put them.

Now you go to my back room where I watch tv.

These little creatures are multiplying back there. My Canadian beavers. I have been crocheting on these for a couple of weeks. I have five of them done and quite a few more to go. These I make for when we have visiting ladies coming to Vancouver area. I bring along one of my beavers for a welcome to Canada gift. We have had ladies from United States, Australia and the UK who have been in our beautiful city. Either heading on a cruise to Alaska or travel the rocky mountaineer to Banff for vacation. While they are in our beautiful city a few of us meetup with them someplace and have a dinner of welcome. Always fun to meetup with red hat sisters. Have met a few of the hubbies traveling with them as well. I might just take a few along with me to Australia next year and give out as gifties when I am at a red hat convention there as well. Now there is a though. Oh oh just made more fun time crocheting for me again.

Now my third spot of sitting is my comfy couch in the living room. Here is where I do most of my piddling around.

These are the last three project I have finished. So soft a cuddly. Love to crochet on these during the winter months most. As they get larger they keep me warm while I am crocheting away on them. There is a methods to my madness so to say. All three of these have been boxed up and sent off to their new homes. To be given away at events coming up.

I have another one under the needle as I speak here. Sitting on my coffee table staring at me as I am not working on it right now, but typing away on my iPad. I think I should get myself I gear and get on with my day.

Over the years I have done many different venues to keep my self busy. Love working with my hands and playing around at stuff to see if I can do it. I have done allot of different things. When I was younger I use to do allot of needleworks. As years have gone by though my eyes don’t focus as well on being above to do the fine needlework. I loved how thread going in and out of the material brought out some lovely pictures though.

These I made many years ago just for the fun of it. The top one adorned my parents wall in their kitchen for many years. Loved seeing it there when I went back to visit.

I try my hand at doing these again once in a while. Just for old times sake. And they end up going back down stairs to a box for a maybe next time project. Just too puddly now to play with. I do pull them out again and again but can only work on them for a bit.

Isn’t she pretty. Did her for Emma sue for her red hat convention in Las Vegas. The theme was roaring twenties. Boy did that take allot of eye coordinations and focussing.

I have tried painting, but the only thing I was ever good at was painting the walls in my house. And that didn’t turn out so great either. More paint on everything else then on the walls. Pictures I have painted have never looked right. So maybe just brush strokes I was never good at. But colouring and making pictures with pencil crayon and pastels I could do a good thing with. But paint I could never make anything right.

Now my sewing is a big thing in my life. Have tried making clothes, but that has always been a no no for me. I love the way the clothes look in a pattern. I start working on it and then try it on and for some reason it just doesn’t look right. Another thing for the back of the closet. I may wear it once at an event, but just don’t feel comfortable with it.

Quilting has taken over for clothes. Much better avenue for me. I like creating and putting colours together. I have lots of ideas for pictures I would like to make, but have so much other things on the go right now that if I start anything else I may be just too overwhelmed.. but in the near future I am going to start playing at my ideas. Who knows what I will do with them afterwards but I do want to do them. So many ideas and not enough time to do them. Who would have ever thought that being retired I would have so much to do.

Here are a few of my past projects. A few quilts, an apron and I have made many a place mat. Never a dull moment under my feet or fingers on my craft table.

Shawls are another thing I have made plenty of. I have a closet full of those. Have given away dozens of them. I wear one once in awhile, but I guess I don’t like something that hangs over my arm and keeps falling down and getting in the way. They are nice when you have a off the shoulder dress and need a little more warmth to go with you.

Love the colours of these. Yes of course they are purple and red.

The other day I was asked to make a centre piece for an event coming up, oh oh here comes the glue gun out. So I headed to the dollar store and picked up some items. She had given me a pattern for this, but in the mayhem of my life the past couple of months this pattern had disappeared. I think I might have picked it up with some papers I had a shredded it. So I had to work from memory. I could have just ask for the pattern again, but thought I would just wing it and see what happens. If it didn’t turn out I could always ask. There is always a second choice if you don’t do it right. So a couple of hours latter and many burnt fingers. I finished it. That is after I gave up with the glue gun and went to the gator glue instead. I am not a fan of burnt fingers. It turned out pretty good. Well what cha think?

Now here is something you may not know about my crafting adventures. I got into woodworking for a bit. From carving to scroll sawing to wood turning and even into the heavy tools. They did scare the hebegebiea out of me a few times, but I kept at it. I would scroll saw out patterns and then put glass in behind and paint the glass. It looked like stained glass. I have one that sits in my front window. When the sun shines in it is so pretty.

That picture is kinda dull as it is a kinda rainy day today.

A few other things I have done. I could go on and on about working with my hands. I love to craft. I think I said that a few times already. I have done since I was young. It is my venues for escape. I will sit in my craft room for hours, and hours and just keep going and going like the energizer bunny. So many ideas and just so little to time to do. Then depression will set in and I have to get back to reality. Supper has to be out on the table or the laundry has to get done or something else has come up in life that takes presidence on what is more important. You know life gets in the way. Sometimes life can just go away and let me craft.

You all have your venues to escape life. I let mine go once to get on with life. Had to be out in the world working and making a living. Had to take care of my family and have their needs met. I just had to. Crafting went to the back of my mind. I had for many years suppressed the need to craft. What good did it do. I craft and then what do I do with it. It would just sit in the back of a closet after I finished it. Then there was the family that need me to get them here or get them there. Or take care of them. I had a need, but it wasn’t getting done. Just in the background. In my thoughts and could not do. You know how hard that was. I couldn’t do my craftyness. Not even a little. I was lost in a way. I needed this venue, but was told it didn’t do any good for anything.

But you know it did do good. It did good for me. It made me feel me. So no matter whether my crafts sit is a closet afterwards or are displayed beautifully on someone’s wall as a gift. I will keep on with my craftyness. Not to make others happy but to make myself happy. And yes also to keep me out of the fridge.

Well my adventure today is going to a Christmas craft sale. Checking out what everyone else is making so I can say. Hey I can do that! Go home and find another project to do.

Well talk to you later. Have a beautiful crafty day.

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