Giggles and more giggles.

I was going to make the title giggles and shits, but thought better of it. Today was one of those days. You laugh so much you are libel to just do something else that would be not for the public eye. Those days that you need your depends. I just love being out with my red hat sisters.

Today was just an ordinary day. Up early in the morning and going about what I have to do for the day so I can head out later to join up with some ladies. Have a bite to eat and talk a little. Well me talking. You know just a little, but I did put my two cents in every now and then. I know shocked you with that. Little quiet me.

I usually go out with a smaller group, but today was a bigger group. Some I have not met before and some I have met in passing at other events I have gone to. Rode over to the restaurant with another beautiful lady I hang out with allot. my vice queen to boot. We both seemed in a great mood today. So today is going to be a great day.

Well until we hit traffic from construction. Slowed us down a little. Knew that the place opened at a certain time and that ladies would be arriving early to get seats.

Well when we did finally get there everyone was still outside the room we where suppose to be in. I guess setting up and no way they where going to let us in early. So everyone sat around enjoying a drink and chatting away.

The doors opened and we all headed for the door. Tables set up pretty. Cards for everyone at their setting. Decorations for Christmas. Hugs going out to everyone. gifts for everyone. Being as it is Christmas everyone gets a present. We found ourselves a seat over by the corner to watch everyone. My usual pastime. More of a watcher then a talker. Well you should know this by now. My usual place.

Others started to take their seats. Everyone chatting with everyone. Waves across the room as you see someone you know. Two ladies I knew sat across from us and on my other side was a lady that I had never met before. We all introduced ourselves and chatted away. As the day went on through dinner and beyond the noise level rose as everyone having a great time. 45 queens and vice queens in this room chatting and talking. Old friends and new catching up on our lives. Passing around gossip on upcoming get togethers. Noise level raising more. Ladies from British Columbia and Washington state.

Then a glass is clinched and there is silences. Introductions are made to welcome us all. Upcoming events are announced for us to enjoy. Then the noise level raises again to gossip more on what is happening around the area. Drinks are ordered and food after that. Last call for draws and then we enjoy our dinner.

This is the routine of our get togethers. You make of it what you want. You can come and sit in the corner not saying a word or you can come with the point of having fun. Your day may be down, but when you are done. You heart it is light with the drone of the crowd. Of the laughter you do and the giggles you burst with. You never thought you had in you til you sit down with these girls. I call them girls, but in reality they are many ages. From beautiful pinkies under 50 to redhatters of any age. We all come together for one purpose in mind. To have fun and to laugh in our own mature way.

As I sat with these ladies stories come round and around. Of their family and their lives and sounding boards for ideas. Vacations of past and vacations coming up. The weather is awful, but last week was worse. Crafting we are doing or projects of want. Then the stories start coming and the giggles they raise. Another pipes in on something the same. More giggles arise. Oh how good this does feel. An outlet of laughter and we raise on it again.

How I love these ladies and the joy they give me. My smile is back after a rotten couple of days.

As I head for my home to get on with my day. I reflect on the joy that was brought to me today. I thank you so much for the light heart and the joy. Also the giggles that should require the depends. I would not change a thing for a day in my life. My sisters, my friends and some have the love of my heart. My life has expanded so much in this short time of being with these ladies. The change is there from quietness to outrageous. My heart has expanded three times maybe four.

I can be goofy or quiet. No matter my mood they except me for who I am and I will take what I can. I know I am greedy in keeping this going. I love the togetherness that this brings to me. Sometimes disagreements, but never last long.

I thank you my sisters. I love and I cherish for giving me a reason to use the depends.

So that’s about it for now. Talk to you later

2 thoughts on “Giggles and more giggles.

  1. Thrilled that you had such a fabulous day! You deserve it! Gosh I wish I lived closer, you sure get to go to a lot of outings!!


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