One of those days

A circle of a day. Some days are good, some days are fantastic and then there are some days you wondered why you even got out of bed. Hey you do though and you get on with your day.

One of those happened yesterday. Woke up at 5:30 in the morning. That ghastly hour that a few months ago would never dream of being up at. I am a sleeperiner. Hmm sleeperiner is that a word. Well I guess so I am using it today. Very rarely do I see myself getting up early in the morning and getting on with my day. Well for the past few months that has not been happening. I seem to be up at the crack of dawn, maybe even before the crack of dawn. Still bloody dark out side. Why the heck am I up and moving around?

My mind seems to be working overtime. I am one who never seems to go to sleep when I hit my pillow. I lay there staring at the ceiling and my mind goes on and on about things that happened through the day. Things that are going to happen tomorrow. Or even why is this or that doing this or that. I have lovely conversations with myself through my process of going to sleep at night. Then finally looking at the clock once more at about 2 or 3 in the morning and then finally not remembering anything until 10 the next morning when I wake up. Well a little bit of blissful sleep.

Now everything has changed. I go to bed at my regular time. I do do my regular chatting with myself, but it doesn’t seem to last as long. I am out like a light within a half hour. Not checking the clock every few minutes and then the crack of dawn is here and I am up and moving for the day. What changed? Hell if I know, but something did.

Anyways on with my day. My back is killing me. Mr Arther-itis is telling me that the weather is gonna be another bad one. Lower back had been bothering me for a few days since I got back from my latest trip. Long flight and allot of sitting and allot of moving around put my back on edge. That and the barometer ups and downs. Yeah I can be classed as a walking barometer.

Besides my lower back bothering me there is the radiating fingers that move from my lower back and up into my shoulders. Yeah this day would have been a day that I would have just loved to stay in my bed and hide under the covers. Well, not happening. I just have to get up. I lay there much longer my back will just start not working for me at all. So I get up and get on with my day.

I really do not feel like doing much at all, but I have a free day. Those days where you can do what you want and not have to do things for others in the family. A me day so to say. Even if I do not feel like doing anything. I could just sit and veg one my comfy couch. Well not happening though. I know I have quite a few tv show recorded I want to catch up on. Yeah I could do that, but there is a few crafts that need to be caught up on as well.

Now should I or shouldn’t I go down to my craft room and see if I can make headway on a craft that has been sitting idle for a couple of months while I was taking care of other things the past few months. I know I should be working on it. Does have to get finished as I was asked to make something for someone else. so another project in my near future. I will have to start on it sooner or later. They don’t need to be finished until sometime next year. But yes they have to be played with a bit.

So I convinced myself to go down to my craft room and play for awhile. 10 in the morning. My usual time to get out of bed and I was up three hours already and playing in my craft room. About this time I was so engulfed in what I was doing. I was so enjoying myself, but things where starting to go sideways on me. The bobbin on my sewing machine had already been filled three times. Well maybe four. You just get into a rhythm and boom you had been sewing for a couple of inches with no thread. Then the spool ran out of thread and I had to go looking for another spool. Thank goodness there was another one of that colour or I would be going on a shopping trip for more. Last but not least after five hours down there and two more turns at filling that bobbin. I moved some of my project on the table and boom! My box of pins hit the floor. Okay I think that is the last straw to my day.

I talked about the swear words my hubby had given me on our travels. Well a few choice words decided to make an appearance with me. I am not one for these choice words, but bobbin and pins just got me in their cross hairs. I think it was time to give up the playing and go back up stairs to my comfy couch. Oh one more choice word came to me as I decided to stand up and leave. Hunched over the sewing machine having a great time. Forgot to take a break and stretch a bit every now and then. Whoa did my back tell me about that. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

So on my way through to going upstairs. I grabbed a few peaces of folded laundry that had been sitting downstairs and took it up with me. Hobbled on up the stairs. Dropped the pile on the bed and promptly flopped on the bed myself and gave up the ghost for an hour or so.

Well that was my me day. Did allot of progress on my crafting. My back told me I shouldn’t have done it. My bobbin was out to get me and my pins were the last straw to the pile.

While I crafted I also kept looking up from my work thinking that my brother would come out of his room down the hall and chat for a bit. Something he would do from time to time. I would be so engulfed in what I was doing and next thing I know I would look up and he would be standing there watching. Scared the heebie jeebies out of me so many time. He would just laugh and walk away again. Maybe that was what was wrong with my craft day. I didn’t have that little notion in the mix of my crafting day. Threw everything off. But hey! I did get allot done between my little mishaps.

I know not an exciting day to write about, but it was my day. A full day of me time. Can get to my craft room and just piss the day away. Now back to reality with cooking, cleaning and running everyone else’s errands. Doing things for others while myself get lost in the shuffle. So thankful for these days. They are far and in-between that I am able to do them. Soon though I will make more time for me time. Just have to shuffle a little more of other stuff for a bit though. Hope my bod keeps up the good fight so I can keep up the play in my life. Harder and harder every month to know less and less will be done. So until then I keep going. Hoping for the best.

I guess that is it for now. A beautiful red hatting day coming today. So talk to you later. You all have a beautiful me time day

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