Be proud of me. Well maybe

Yes I said be proud of me. You see this country mouse drove into the big city. Two days in a row. Are you amazed by that. Well I am of myself. I hate driving in the city. Too much, just too much of everything.

I thought when I was younger the city would be a great place to be. You know always something to do. I could go to plays. Maybe go out every night and have some fun. Well eventually I moved to city life. Not big city, but into a small place. After I was married. No more being out in the country where I could not get to do anything but sit around and watch the grass grow. Well that is what I thought anyways. I didn’t drive so I was stuck on the farm unless someone would drive me into town to do something.

Anyways fast forward a few years. I lived in small towns and cities through the years. You know there isn’t much to do if you are living here and there. I have learned that. You can still live in a small town or bigger city and still sit on your back porch and watch the grass grow. It is all in what you make of your circumstance. Wherever I live I do still sit on my back porch and watch the grass grow.

So I have change my circumstance just a tad. I am doing a little less porch sitting and trying to get out a little more and do things. Have some different experience then one blade at a time. The thing is it all cost money to do. That’s the bummer part.

So brave little me decided to buy tickets to a show in Vancouver. Luzia, a circus du soleil show was playing in Vancouver. I really love these shows so I decided that I would go. Well I got two tickets to go for an afternoon show. Thought that my son would enjoy this as much as me. When we where in Vegas a couple of years ago we went to three of their shows. Amazing those shows where. He was happy to join me.

So now the day has come t go to this show. Just got back the day before from Ontario. Flight had come in at midnight so was pretty tired the next day. No matter being tired I was going to a show. 1:30 show not too bad so could sleep in a little late before I had to head in to pick up my son. He lives in the next town to us and is on the way to Vancouver.

So we made plans that we would go to Coquitlam centre and take the sky train in from there. The weather is not really cooperating today. Torrential rains making bigger and bigger puddles on the highways to drive through. Being a Sunday morning the traffic, thank goodness, is not too bad. We get closer to the skytrain and I make a quick decision that traffic not being too bad and that I do not want to get out of the car in the outing rain that I will drive the rest of the way. I have a rough idea of where the show is. When I get there though finding it will be another thing.

I take the route through Burnaby and along hasting street past the PNE fairgrounds. I then take a left and head over to 1st Street. I know the show is over near the science world. 1st Street goes right to science world. Um. Construction and road blocked. Turn right and then left again. That light must be 1st. Yep! It is! Bump! Bump! Oops side roads they have speed bumps. Watching ahead never noticed and was moving a little faster then I should. My poor bug just bumped over one of them before I slowed a bit.

Well I am now on 1st and heading closer into Vancouver. Okay I know that I should turn right so get in the right lane. Oooppps! That lane turns right, but not at the street I want. So we will just go around the block. Ha! I did plan that as I say to my son. He just looks at me like I am a crazy old women.

Okay I am back on the route I should be. There is the tent just ahead. Now my big problem. Where the heck is parking and how do I how do I get to it? I have got to be in this lane, but traffic is a little thicker then I am use to. I need to get in that lane. Come on please let me in. Yes! I am in. Ahead there is parking and I drive in. Sign says bicycle area. What the heck did I do now? Oh road turns and bicycle area is straight ahead. Yay I did not do something wrong. Turn to the left and into a parking lot.

I get out in the pouring rain and get a parking pass. Here is another thing for this country bumpkin. It cost $35 for a few hours of parking. No debit but will take credit. Well good I hadn’t cleaned out my wallet from our trip yet or I wouldn’t have had my credit card. What the heck? Well if I want to stay here I am paying it I guess.

Walk back to the car and we sit for half an hour. Am not getting out in that rain to stand in line with other silly people who are getting wet. We have our seats so not rush. You know now it is good that I came in the car. At least we did not need to wait out in the rain or walk from skytrain to the tent in the pouring rain. Well something done right. Good planning on my part for deciding to drive in.

The gates finally open and we finally relent to get out of the car and go in. Walk through puddles that will go up to your ankles in water. Inside the tent it is damp, but at least dry. Washrooms are outside and someone has to go. I wait for him inside. He can find me later. When he comes in we check out the sale areas. Wow some really interesting things. I love the masses they have, but the price um! No thanks. Rob gets something to eat and I grab some cotton candy and a drink.

The doors soon open and all are trickling into their seats. Up the stairs just to go back down again. After a bit of looking we find our seat. Good spot, but the seats are pretty small and close together. We all seem to be sitting on top of each other. We sit there and munch of cotton candy getting sticky fingers and turning blue. So many years since I have eaten that stuff. Tasted good but not really the same for this old broad.

Loved the show though. Was themed in Mexico ideals.

After the show we slowly made our way out of the tent and back to my bug. Still pouring rain, but was happy to have seen this show. I wait a little while for some of the parking lot traffic to subside. Gave me a chance to have the windows clear up as well.

Head out of the parking lot and need to get onto that street ahead. Only thing is I need to be in the left lane o make a left hand turn up a bit further. Light turns green to go, but traffic is blocking the entrance for me to get out. So I go a bit to the left and then swing around the car that is blocking. Get into the left lane and think I have to turn just up there. So start moving over another lane and then see it is for a turn before the one I need. So quickly get back into the lane I was suppose to be in. Rob is looking at me, but doesn’t say anything except whoa! I say what? I wasn’t out of my lane yet. I think I might be scaring him with my driving.

So I do get to the turn I am suppose to be at. Make my turn and head for highway 1. Slow moving but we are heading on our way home.

I am so glad my son is easy going like me. I think this trip is easy going and I did it without too much trouble. I got no complaints about how or what I did from my son. We both laughed about our adventure into Vancouver with me driving. Had a great time with him as my co pilot for the day.

Now the next day I had to drive in this yucky traffic again. New West here I come. Doc appointment that had been scheduled four months ago. Can’t miss it.

I took off a little early as the weather is still a torrential day of rain. The puddle are getting bigger and I bet fish are now swimming in them. Trucks drive through them and send up waves of water. I head for Coquitlam first as I have something to pick up in Coquitlam Center.

After my walk around there I get back in my bug and head over to Columbia ave. Traffic is really busy today. Voting day in our country. Everyone is out and about. You know how many rear Enders I had gone by today so far. Then there is the construction areas. Down to one lane and back up to two and then back down to one.

Finally make it to my parking lot. Hopefully there is a spot there or I have to go over to the hospital and park. Walk through the rain is not on my bucket list for the day. Lucky there are spots. So only a short walk. Happy days. I didn’t wear my rain coat. Silly me!

Now the fun part. There for appointment at 1:30. Do not get into see doc for two hours of waiting in those lovely so nice non comfy chairs.

Then the drive home. Rush hour traffic and voting day. Way too many people out on the road. Left home at 10 in morning, get home at 4:30 in afternoon. Tired and cranky and now hubby says no food in the house and I haven’t made lunches for him for the week.

Well out we go again.

So two days of driving around the big city I once thought would be a great place to live and now I loath to no end to go into. I am tired, but you know I would do it again to go see a show like that. This old broad has grown so much in the past few years from scared shitless to even getting behind the wheel of a car to now adventuring all over the place. Having the time of my life and laughing about it afterwards.

To more adventures to come.

Talk to you next time

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