Way back home

So time has come to leave Ontario. We had a great week here with just a day or two of rain and too chilly for me. Does sure effect these old bones when the chill starts going through you. I spent one night under the covers just trying to stop the shivers that over took me. I know! I know! I am only in my sixties, but when it happens it happens big time. Once the shivers start the next thing to comes along is the muscles and joints tell me I am doing something wrong and start to pain me an awful lot. Told hubby he want to go talk with his brother once more that I was not joining in. Backed out of a couple of last minute ideas that might have been planned. Just too dang tired to do anymore.

Well we made our flight without any trouble. I did not hear those lovely swear words I so often heard. There was a couple, but not the free flowing I heard on the way here. Such miracles do happen some times.

These are a few pictures I took from the flight home. Wow! The colour is really coming out now

So much reminiscing we did over this past week. We started our week with a drive down to tilsonburg. Didn’t make the whole route we use to drive in our twenties, but did part of it. The day was a little windy, but didn’t deter our adventure. Then ventured a little further after our stop in tilsonburg to port Burwell. There we sat by the lake for a bit and watched the waves crashing in. The breakwater had so many waves crashing over. What a site to see. We also found a museum there of the Ojibway submarine. Had a tour of that. Hubby was more fascinated then me. A little claustrophobic I is sometimes. So just get t myself through it. Did learn a few things though that I never knew before.

We usually head over towards Longpoint along the shoreline road after we have been at port Burwell. Coming back up highway 59. But with the tour it was getting late and time to head back towards our hotel to get some rest before visiting with family that night.

Our next day I had an enjoyable day with some red hat ladies. My chance to drive the car from hell. Well according to hubby. I thought it drove nicely. No problems for me to swear at it. Had a lovely lunch in Ingersol. A place called the elmhurst Inn. Great buffet lunch and great company for a few hours.

The next day we took off in the car again. This time headed towards Goderich area.. didn’t quite make it there, but turned off highway 8 to head towards London.after the cold snap of a day or two before the colours where really starting to come out in the trees. I got to see some of the colour before we headed back..at highway 7 we turned back towards stratford. That evening was another family time. Dinner and lots of chatting about life times past.

Our last free day we took off in the car again. This time headed towards Kitchener. Thought about going to st Jacobs. A nice little town just outside of Waterloo. We where just about there when we noticed that the farmers market was opened that day. Wow has it grown since we where last there. We wandered building to building. Goods of crafty things to meat veggies and bakeries. So much to schooled from. Honestly wanted to buy some summer sausage. The good stuff that is really produced in the area. Not the Schneider’s that we buy in the grocery store. Alas did not get. Thought that my suitcase might have a Oder by the time I got home.

Our last full day here. Spent taking care of some business that had to be done. Saying goodbye to my brother. A sad day it was, but in a way a good day as well. We have many cousins in Ontario. Had an afternoon of visiting with them. Lots of stories going around about the good old days.

At the end of it all I sat out on the front steps of the church. Our farm was across the highway and I was looking at the old farm. So many trees and so much foliage. Could not see the farm anymore. The house was just visible through the trees, but could not see much of anything else. Well I guess fourth some years in another family can do that to a place.

First one is how the farm looked 40 some years ago when dad still owned it. The second picture is how it looks now. So over grown with spruce trees you can’t see the farm from the highway anymore.

Today we fly home.. had a great time and some more memories to stack away.

A few pictures from the sky heading over Ontario. Such beautiful colour. Miss this so much living in BC

So now I close with this note and look forward to my next adventures in the coming weeks. The best way to go is to keep the adventures going.

So talk to you later.

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