Swear words

How many times can one person swear in a day. In an hour or even in a minute. You know when things seem to be going bad with one person and the other one thinks all is going okay.

Heck I stopped counting after a while and started to try and tune it out. Well at least I tried, but it wasn’t working.

Some people age and think that everything should be going right and if it doesn’t then you just start getting more perturbed about things. Others age and start going with the flow. Think everything is going to be good. Now when these two opposites live together sometimes these two will collide in their opinion about how things are going.

Yesterday seemed to be one of those days. It was an early morning out of bed to get to a flight. Our flight was at 6 in morning. Me getting up early is not my strong point. But hey I did it. First fuck came when he carried my suitcase out to the car. Just a little heavy, but that was because there was things I did need to take with me. Not for traveling but to have in the place we where going too. I wouldn’t normally travel with these things but they had to go. They are not coming home with me, just going with me. Henceforth the bigger suitcase then usual. Hey it was under the 50 pound limit. Give me credit for that.

I was up at 3:30 and we where out the door on time to make it to the airport. We start driving to the airport and the road has construction on it. Not bad just a little mess to get around cones and such. Construction not working yet this early in morning on a Saturday. The glaring lights are there to impede seeing so good though. More swear words as this is slowing him down. Hell we still have plenty of time. Oh did I just say hell. I think I swore!

Into airport parking lot. Now normally Abbotsford airport is a quiet little airport. Always lots of parking. Now what happened. It is the holiday weekend. The parking lot is full. Really full. Even the over flow parking is getting full. We drive around and around and around. I say go to the over flow parking and get a spot. No, might be able to get one a little closer. Nope not happening. So finally to the over flow parking way at the back. So far from the terminal. We start huffing it with our luggage. Being as it is a gravel parking lot you can’t roll the luggage to the paved parking lot. So carrying luggage. Yes my heavy luggage across a gravel parking lot. Come on keep up we have to get to the terminal and get to the desk to get our luggage tags. Carrying luggage and trying to keep up with the other person. Well at least he is carrying my bag and yes I hear the swear words. Under his breath but yes he is doing it.

Finally at a place where we can roll our luggage. Keep walking. Along way to the terminal. He says I bet when we come home our car will be in the middle of an empty parking lot. Well at least we will be able to find it when we get back. I get the look.

Now inside the terminal. I put our reservation number into the kios. Wording comes up that says can not process it here. Have to go to the desk. So walk over to the desk where they give us our luggage tags and put our luggage on the conveyer belt to the plane. I get the look as my luggage is lifted to the conveyor belt. Hey it is underweight have no problem with that.

Down the hall we go to security. We where that close to missing this plane. So someone keeps saying.. They are still taking you through security so I don’t think we where going to miss our plane. Hmm should not have said anything. More swear words. Oh now here comes the clincher. My carryon bag goes through the scanner and they ask what is in my bag. I say I am taking my brothers ashes back to Ontario. So now I am getting the look again from the other half. Why did I not say anything before about what was in the bag. You are suppose to tell these people. I did but he didn’t hear me. I have to pull things out of bag so they can scan again. The bags go through and he is getting antsy. We are going to miss this flight. Come on let’s get this done. More swearing and we are going to miss this plane. Finally through security and boarding the plane. There is still a line up so don’t think they would stop them from getting on the plane. So we are not missing this flight. In our seats and the looks are coming to me. We almost missed this. Should have gotten up earlier.

For me this all comes with the flow. I have never had much trouble with being to a plane on time. Even if I start off a little late. But when you are traveling with someone who always wants to be someplace early. Just to know that they are there. Then you sit in the airport or wherever you are and wait and wait and wait until it is time to be going or board an airplane. You walk around the same building so many times you know what is in every place. Your dang tired from sitting that your butt is already sore from sitting. Knowing darn well you have to go in and sit down someplace.

The flight was uneventful. Nice he let me sit in the window seat. That usually doesn’t happen. I looked out the window. Watched the land go by below. Just like a little play ground of tinker toys. The cars moving down the roads. The houses with their lights on. Then-came the mountain tops. Snow covered mountains. Water ways in between. Roads weaving through the valleys. Higher and more snow. Then the mountains give way to open land. The sun is coming up and bright as can be shining over the prairie and foothills of Alberta. We are landing on our first leg of out journey. Okay what gate are we to-be at. I am not sure. Have to stop when we get off the plane so I can look at our other ticket. Good same terminal. He keeps saying I do not want to go through security. I say we do not need to. Just take a turn here before security and our gate is right up there. Instead of taking what I said he asked someone who is standing there where we go. Wow! First time he has asked for directions. Something must be wrong. He didn’t swear at him. Just smiled and headed on our way.

So now we sit at the gate for two hours waiting for our next flight. Not much going on. Early in the morning. People watch is what I do. I look at what people are wearing. I make up stories in my head about where they are going and what they are doing. A couple of dogs go by that are going on flights. Happy until they have to go in their pens.

Finally our flight is called for boarding. Last leg of our trip. The flight was quiet. I put on the west jet app and watch a movie. Peek out the window every now and then but is just thick cloud cover. I love watching out the window. The clouds look like cotton. Very thick cotton. Almost like batting for quilting. Looks so soft and warm to cuddle up in. Only if you did it would be dang cold and oh so wet. I can only imagine the snow that is falling from those clouds to the ground.. I am certainly glad that we are not landing anywhere there. Winter has come too early to Winterpeg this year. I wave happy waves to all below and hope for the best in their early winter.

Last pile of swear words came when someone got in the way of him picking up our luggage on the other end. He brought my bag over but had to go back to get his.

Another pile of swear words went on the fact that I got a car and we could not figure out how to get the back door opened. Finally threw the luggage in the back seat and got in the car to drive. Couldn’t get the seat to work. It goes up it goes down. Why did I get such a car.But I can’t get it to go forward. We sat there for a bit while he waited for the car beside us to move. Just so he could get out and look. No she decided to have a smoke and then have something to eat. So he drives over to other side of parking lot with words under his breath. and gets out to take a look. While he is doing that I go to the back of the car. I take a good look around once again and low and behold I find the way to open the back door. The latch is under the taillight. More swear words as I found it instead of him. The car is smarter then he is.

Driving to our hotel. He drives the speed limit and everyone is passing him right left and centre. Does not anyone know how to drive around here. That is not the speed limit. Aw guess what? More swear words.

Well we made it to our motel. Why did you get this. Why not that. The tv does not work right. Can’t get the remote to do what he wants. I went to bed at 7 and slept all the way through until he threw a pillow at me at 8 in morning.

Today the swear words are gone. I know they will be back, but for now they are gone.

With a little less leeway on the swear words and a little more going with the flow. Life would be so much better. I do have my moments where I am fretting, but I certainly do not need to use certain words every two minutes.

Okay yesterday bothered me, but today I laugh at it. He is what he is. He will be this way again when things aren’t going his way. Just irks me at the time. Today has hit us as being a great day. Only once was there a swear word.

So I leave you today with the last of the swear words. I know they will not be the last, but for now will flow off my head.

we are two peas in a pod. Sometimes at odds and other times we agree. It would be so much nicer if his odd sayings did not irk me so much to make me worry and fret. Did I do right or did I do wrong. In the end I have done right, but it makes me wonder at the time. The swear is part of his being and will always be part of his being. As being laid back is part of my being. Mind you sometimes I do fret and worry and may give a swear word or two. Only thing is they are under my breath where no one can hear. Just a tad sometimes to where they come to be heard. I say my ooppps and go on my way.

Age has allot to do with this. Getting older the set is in motion. One road or the other. Is there any in between. If all was so easy then life would be a bore. I guess you have to have the swear with the easy going to make the world go around, but more get together then at odds would be better. I know never going to happen, but would be nice. I don’t think the swear is needed while the other thinks it is. Life goes on. There is the age of grumpy old whatever or easy going, smooth sailing life.

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