Today a sad day, but also enlightening.

Well the day has come to say goodbye to my brother. I traveled back to Ontario on his request so he could join together with Mom and Dad again. Family and friends gathered to say goodbye. The minister had gotten so much right on Bob in his sermon at the memorial. Brought back so many memories of the past few years.

On a happier note we have gotten together with family we have not seen in a donkeys age. We chatted and laughed about memories of Bob and other childhood memories.Learned things we never knew from childhoods past.

I sat on the front steps of the church. A place I had sat so many times when I was young. Looked across the highway at the farm house I grew up in. How much has changed over the past 41 years since my father sold the farm. Doing this after I had married. Me being the youngest and the last to leave the fold. The house is still there, but much larger then when we lived there. From where I sat you could see the barn and the garage, but now was so overgrown with trees and foliage that only part of the house is to be seen. So sad to see the changes, but so happy to have those memories. Of times past and fond memories of childhood in a simpler time.

so now I chat about my brother. The farm will have to wait till another blog

For the past ten years Bob has lived with us when an illness had made it so he was not able to work full time anymore. He kept himself busy by doing our gardening, mowing our lawn and walking and chatting with the neighbours. Now something we realize is now it is up to us to do it again. You never know how much someone actually does until you go outside and see oh! Yeah! It is something that has to be done now. I don’t know manual labour outside again. Too funny that it is not getting done anymore.

Over the past couple of months we have had so many memories sent to us. Knowing how much he was loved through the years. By his family, by his co workers and by his friends.

I have compiled together all of the comments that have came in and would love to share with everyone.

This came from the lodge (Strathcona Park Lodge on Vancouver island near campbell river)

Many Lodgies will remember Bob who passed away peacefully on September 4th. You couldn’t slip much past him as he quietly observed the comings and goings of staff and listened in on what was going on around him which I think he found endlessly entertaining. I appreciated his quiet observation, reliability, willingness to get his hands dirty, and how he tended the hydro system. He was always on hand with the radio turned on to help any new manager cover MOC. He signed every card as ‘just Bob’ always humble.

From the Mielke family:

MIELKE, Robert (Bob)

Bob, age 77, passed away peacefully on Wed. Sept. 4, 2019 in Mission BC.

Born Oct. 3, 1942 in Stratford, Ont., son of the late Walter & Edna (Lease) Mielke. Bob lived and worked on the family farm at Seebach’s Hill for many years, moving to BC when the farm was sold. He worked in landscaping and later as a handy man at Strathcona Park Lodge, Vancouver Island until his retirement. He then moved to Mission BC. A great hobby for him was making wooden signs and these have graced many homes over the years. His love of gardening continued in retirement, growing flowers and pumpkins in the yard.

Bob leaves behind his siblings Ron Mielke (Susan), Joyce Kelly, Linda Mielke (Alex McQuilken), and Brenda Lowe (Bill). Also nieces and nephews, Max Mielke (Julie), Saria Mielke, David Kelly (Sharon) and their daughters Shayla and Sara, Julie Philip, Kennedy Tinsley and her boys Nigel, London, Logan and Ethan, and Rob Lowe. He also leaves behind many Mielke and Lease cousins. Predeceased by a brother-in-law, John Kelly.

There will be no funeral at Bob’s request. Cremation has taken place and there will be a private family burial at a later date, First St. John’s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Seebach’s Hill.

We thank family and friends for messages of encouragement, love and reminiscences sent to Bob as his health declined. It was nice for him to remember and talk about fun times from the past.

Rebecca: This is a lovely tribute. Rest in Peace, Bob. Thank you for taking pie as payment for the things you did for us at our cabin.

Lou: Sorry to hear of this & thoughts to his family and friends ♥️

He once gave Nick and I a ride to start one of our kayak adventures, and remember enjoying his lovely calm energy.

I think of him every time I walk past one of the signs he made at the lodge.

Michelle: Mike and I have often thought of Bob over the past 10 years and how much a part of the fabric of SPL he was during our time there. When remembering him, I instantly think of his smiling face and easy going way about him. Love and thoughts to family and friends.

Linda: And he always enjoyed a slice of pie

Christine: Linda that’s for sure

Allison: A lovely individual indeed, an institution at SPL, rest in peace Bob xo

Dave: I will remember chatting at meal times, living next to you in Maintenance, and how he knew it all. Thank you Bob!

Jamie: My life is always a been busier since Bob retired. He was a great help to Strathcona.

Sara: I remember his calm, kind presence in the midst of so much frenetic energy and frivolity at the lodge ❤️

Erin: I have fond memories of Bob too – and he was always helping to fix up whatever needed fixing when we lived above the maintenance shop. Condolences to his family and friends ❤️

Liza: I’m sorry to hear of Bob’s passing. He was always a pleasure to be around. Rest In Peace, Bob.

Heather: Very nice tribute to Bob.

Kristy: Bob never missed a thing! So many instructors etc would ramble on outside the Whale Room or anywhere else, not noticing that Bob listened to all the gossip. ❤️

Brenda: Kristy Pedersen he knew all the neighbours around here in Mission as well. Allot better then we do. They are asking about him now as they have not seen him around in so many days. He could tell us what was going on with the neighbours

Dylan: Sorry to hear this – what a gentle and help and helpful guy.

Joyce: So good to hear these comments about Bob. We visited him at the lodge and were so pleased to see him happy and in his glory as he toured us around explaining his work. Mind you the truck ride up to the water source was a bit scary. Bob just laughed at me as I looked over that close edge while we bounced over the rocks! Thanks for sharing memories. Bob’s sister Joyce from Ont.

Ruth: Joyce Kelly very nice for you to share this with all. Thank you Ruth

Sharon: Joyce Kelly Sorry to hear news of your brother passing.

Brenda: Sorry to hear if your loss happy to hear he enjoyed his retirement yrs

Rodgers and Brenda Diegel

Suzanne: Bob was someone you could depend on for all those things mentioned. sorry to hear of his passing.

Seb: Bob, you are still with us in many stories we still tell to our students.

Cindy: I had some great chats with Bob on our winter drives to town. I as well learned a lot from him. Thanks Just Bob.

Lyse: Just Bob♥️

Martin: Bob was such a kind and generous man. I have many great memories.

Kristie: Oh so sorry to hear Bob has gone 😞 He was lovely and generous 🙂 And had a quietly wonderful cheeky sense of humour – I am pretty sure I still have my “get a Round to it” disc somewhere!!

Kristi: And it was pie only for his birthdays right??

Gai: You are right. It was also payment if he did something for you out side of work. He loved his pies.

Gai: We talked today about what we remembered about Bob and the list was very long. He was a great guy to have at the lodge for so many years, he just knew it all. RIP Bob. ❤

Cindy: This is sad news to hear. Nick and I have great memories of Bob, and had continued to keep in touch with him since both he and we left the lodge. We ordered a sign from him for our home, and were excited to hang it at our recently purchased fishing camp, and be able to send him a picture of it hanging. We are very proud to have known him and his wisdom and wit! We will remember him fondly.

Nan: Bob was a generous, kind man, and he was always willing to help. He knew everything that was going on around the lodge (maybe even more than Myrna). He will be missed.

Simon: Rest in Bob. I loved chatting with him in the whale room, checking out his artwork, and the cherished his generosity. Prayers and blessings to his family.

Simon:Rest In Peace!

Sarah: Oh I have lots of Bob memories

Amanda: Bob has a very special place in mine and Stu’s lodge memories. Nothing a good pie couldn’t get you help with.

Sorry to hear of his passing.

Todd: Was lucky enough to be Bob’s assistant on the hydro and other projects at times. Loved spending time with him – great human being. Rest well Bob.

Marion: Brenda we are very sorry to hear of the death of your brother Bob our thoughts and prayers are with you

Christine: I remember him fondly, he was always himself, steady and peaceful, with a twinkle in his eyes, making you feel like there was never a reason to really worry about anything, he had a really kind heart. I imagine him just the same now out there… Sending Love to all his loved ones 🙏✨💞

Julie: What a great photo of Bob. Definitely the way I remember him. He was an integral part of the Strathcona Family. This picture brings back so many fond memories. Rest and Play in peace Bob.

Bruce: As a former neighbour along with being a close family friend from Seebach’s Hill, I have known Bob all of my life. We spend a lot of time together in our younger days. Will always have fond memories of those times together. RIP Bob!

Lorianne: Bob had time for everyone. He wore a quiet smile while he was patiently pulling my old Volvo out of the ditch not far from The Annex. I have thought of you often over the years.

From Joyce’s page

Pat: Hi Joyce…so sorry for your loss….our hearts are with you at this time.

Kim: Sorry for your loss

Jeff: My condolences Joyce and family.

Marilyn: Hugs Joyce, 😢🙏

Shirley: Our sympathy to you. Eddie and Shirley 🙏🏻

Hilda; our deepest sympathies in the passing of your brother Joyce and also to the rest of the Meilke family.

Shelley: Sorry to hear that Joyce

Judy: Sincere sympathy Joyce Kelly

Shirley: So sorry Joyce for the loss of your brother. Condolences to you and all your family.

Kathie: Joyce, very sorry for your loss. My sincere sympathy to you and the family.

Lorianne: Sending prayers and hugs from all the Spence’s. ❤️🙏🏻🎶🙏🏻❤️

Peggy: Sorry to hear of your loss Joyce. Sounds like he lived a very rewarding life.. xoxo

Millie: So sorry to read of Bob’s passing. I remember your big brother from the reunions and the times we visited.

Melinda: Sorry to hear this Joyce 💜

Darlene: Sorry for your loss Joyce Kelly

Wynne : Sorry for your loss Joyce Kelly

Dawn: A big hug to you and your family

Gwen: Im sorry for your loss, Joyce! He & I have the same birthday, not year though lol. What a Very kind write up. Then mention him being humble, just like you! ❤️

Gloria. So sorry to hear of your brother’s passing! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Larry, Gloria & family

Trish: Joyce, we are so sorry to read this.

Sending hugs your way

Nancy: Sorry for your loss Joyce. Take care!

Glenna. So sorry for your loss. May memories console you at this time.

Laura: So sorry! ❤️

Carol: Thinking of you, it is hard to lose a sibling. Hugs

Lorianne: So sorry to hear that your Brother passed, Joyce. My sympathies ❤️

Bertha: sorry to hear of your loss our prayers are with you

Mary: Deepest sympathy Joyce. Siblings are special

Sandy: Sorry for your loss Joyce. Sending our love and sympathy…

Wayne: We are sorry for your loss, Jane & Wayne

Leonard: Quiet , always with a smile, quick witted. That’s how I will remember my cousin.

Alice: Very sorry for your loss Joyce!!

Susan: My condolences Joyce ❤️

Diane: So sorry for your loss Joyce. Our deepest Sympathy

Leona: My condolences.

Lynn: hugs

Debbie: Sorry for your loss Joyce

Barry: Sorry for your loss 🙏 Prayers heading your way.

Janet: So sorry to hear this Joyce. Sending hugs and love.

Bonnie: So sorry for your loss 💔

Brenda: So sorry for the loss of your brother, Joyce.

Jodi: So sorry for your loss…

Debbie: So sorry for your loss Joyce.

Pete:Sorry for your loss Joyce 😦

Muriel: Very sorry for your loss, Joyce.

Marion:Very sorry for your loss Joyce Kelly and family.

We were once very close when we lived on the farm. When we moved away your parents were the first to visit. It was the only place I got to have a vacation at – besides my cousins. We always had good times. Bob was always quiet.

From my page

Eleanor: Rest well Bob.

Elizabeth: May the Angels hold you gently in their arms, God Bless.

Wendy: 🙏🏻

Kennedy: Thinking of you all. Xox.

Lisa: Love and Hugs ❤

Marilyn: Ain’t that the truth, I like the “Quietly observed” I feel I do that too

Karen: So sorry for your loss.

Linda: Nice Brenda.

Donna: Very nice.💜

Joyce: Awe, that is nice

The two Roberts in my life. One has grown into a handsome young man (my son) and the other has joined the angels (my brother). Plate was created by Christine Husson many years ago at strathcona park lodge.

Marilyn: 💖💞

Beth: A nice remembrance, Brenda….

Marilyn: My deepest sympathies Brenda, there was some longevity in your parents, he was supposed to go on like they did, makes me want to cry

Elizabeth: That is so sweet the most important thing is to enjoy your memories of day to day special times with your brother. It is what gets us all through the tough times.

Wannita: My deepest sympathy to you & the family, I love the barn mailbox

Julie: Thats such a sweet idea Brenda …

Bev: 💙💙💙

Jill: My deepest sympathy, Brenda Lowe and Family. ❤

Anne: So sorry for your loss. But what a beautiful momento.

Gunny: Sorry about your brother, Brenda!

Muriel: Very sorry to hear of your loss. Rest In Peace, Bob!

Gina: Oh Brenda my Deepest Condolences 😓🙏

Carol: So sorry for your loss Brenda. Memories will keep him close in your heart.

Alin: My condolences, Brenda Lowe, on the loss of your brother. 🙏💞

Bonnie: Brenda my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family at this time.😢

Shirley: So sorry for the loss of your Brother 🙏

Jamie: grateful for the years Bob spent as part of our daily lives. Rest in peace ‘just Bob’ and condolences to you and your family Brenda Lowe

Cheryl: Sorry to hear about your brother.

Tracy: Sorry to hear about Bob. Our sympathies.

Angela: What a beautiful memorial!

Leigh Ann: So sorry Brenda for your lost

Elaine: Our deepest sympathies on your loss!

Marion: So sorry to here that Bob has passed away. You will really miss him. Rest In Peace Bob

Our Deepest Sympathies to all the family.

Lorianne: Sincere sympathies Brenda

Donna: I’m sorry for your loss Brenda. ❤️🙏

Jane: Brenda, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Lock away in your heart good memories and smile when you think of your brother, he would not want you to be sad.

Eleanor: Rest well Bob. you will be remembered.

Bruce: Our deepest sympathy to the Mielke family. My understanding is he is coming home to Seebach’s Hill for burial. Please let me know if there will be a service. Bob will greatly missed!

Joanne: So very sorry to hear of your brother’s passing. I’m so glad both of you got to spend time together! ❤️

Marilyn: Dear Brenda! So sorry for your loss! I know you will really miss him. I didn’t know about his passing until just reading this -this morning! Sending you big hugs and will keep you all in my prayers!! What a beautiful keep sake!!

Beth: My condolences to the Mielke family in the loss of Bob. He is resting in peace…🙏

Myrna: Thoughts and prayers are with the Mielke Family!!!

Patricia: Sending deepest sympathy & red & purple hugs!

Waunetta: so sorry for your loss, may god comfort your heart, I send my sincere condolences

Linda: Our condolences to you and your family.

Shiela: I am sorry for your loss, Brenda! 💞

Betty: MY deepest sympathy, one cannot understand until the passing of a sibling, I miss the giggles of understanding that we had since to beginning of time, my heart goes out to you

Jennifer: Always in your heart Sweetie.

Shelley: Sorry for your loss Brenda.

Lynnette: So sorry Brenda. You’re in my prayers sweetie.

Heather: My condolences to you and your family.

Brenda: You are in my thoughts & prayers – I am so sorry for your loss

Debbie: Prayers and Hugs, Brenda

Pat: My sincerest condolences to you on the passing of your brother.

Bev: Sorry for you’re Loss Brenda. My Deepest Condolences to you and and All

Your family. God Bless 🙏🙏🙏

Linda: So sorry to hear the news. Take care.

Donna: Sorry for your loss. Hope you can take some comfort from your memories.

Lisa: Love and Hugs from across The Pacific ❤

Bev: So sorry for your loss! Condolences to you and your family! 🙏🙏🙏

Heather: So sorry Brenda. I know how much he meant to you. Condolences to you and your family.

Joe: Sorry for your loss, Brenda.

Susie: So sorry for your loss ❤️

Joy: So sorry for your loss but love the plate as a lasting memory of good times💕

Yvonne: So very sorry for your loss Brenda!

Carol: Blessings to you and your family. 🙏

Eleanor: Sorry to hear keeping you in my thoughts & prayers.

Brenda: My condolences

Randy: Sorry to hear that Brenda I know how close the two of you were.

Linda: Sincere condolences

Jan My condolences Brenda tough to loose a brother

Paulette: So sorry Brenda and family ,our condolences .

Nancy: That is a beautiful plate Brenda. Cousin Nancy Brickman

Paula: So sorry for your loss hon, sending hugs

Sandy: I’m sorry for your loss, Brenda. 😞

Christine: Sending lots of Love to you and your family, he was a gentle soul 💟

Linda: Condolences brenda to you and your family

Maureen: We are so sorry for your loss.

Donna: Condolences to you & the family Brenda.

Shiela: So sorry for your loss ❤

Margaret: So sorry to hear of your family loss Brenda🙁

For those who know my brother Bob. He has been moved to hospice two days ago. He is resting comfortably and being well taken care of in the next few months. His wish was to come home one more time and enjoy the flowers blooming in our back yard. He was out once to his garden and took care of his pumpkin patch, but as the days wore on he became too tired to enjoy anymore and made his decision to move on. I will miss going down to see him everyday and having our chats on the back porch with early morning sunshine coming up. But will visit him every morning in his new home. As the doctor said he had his last kick of the can and did make it home one more time. Love him to bits!

Shiela: Sorry to hear this Brenda prayers to u both 🤗

Joan: Well done, Brenda, for the love and care you have given your brother! 💖

Dianna: Sorry this is happening to your brother, glad he is in a place he is safe and under great care, wishing you and him to continue-making happy🙏🙏 memories-from there

Lorianne: So sorry Brenda

Wuanitta: Im so sorry about your brother, sending prayers for him & all the family

Carol: Blessings to all the family.

Muriel: Sorry to hear this, Brenda. Prayers for Bob!

Kathy: Sincere Condolences!

Cindy: Sorry to hear this Brenda. I wish him peace on this leg of his journey, he will have great care in hospice.

Bruce: Marjorie and Keith updated on Bob’s condition a few weeks ago. He certainly has had his share of bad health in recent years. Please tell Bob that we are thinking of him.

Marilyn: Bob sounds like a strong man! Prayers for him and for you at this time. He will have excellent care and be in good hands at the hospice! 🙏

Tammy: Big hugs, dear friend.

Beth: Sorry to hear this Brenda…❤️

Bev: Take care my friend. You did your best with love and compassion to care for Bob.

Paulette: Brenda my heart breaks . for you and family ,hugs .

Joanne: Thinking of you, God Bless.

Yvonne: So sorry to hear of this Brenda! Sending you big hugs!

Bev. So sorry Brenda to hear this about your beloved Brother💙 sending prayers 🙏 and thoughts your way Sweetie 💙💜🌹

Judy: So sorry Brenda. Big hugs

Marilyn: So sorry to hear Brenda,

Katie: Sorry to hear aunt Brenda Lowe sending you and uncle Bill hugs

Fran: Sorry to hear this Brenda. good to know he is in hospice care. Sending you all hugs.

Letrice: prayers and hugs during these difficult times

Barbara: Sending thoughts and prayers to you Brenda Lowe in this most difficult time. You have been an amazing caregiver to your brother.

Bonnie: Hugs

Shelley Hugs and prayers ❤️🙏❤️🙏

Cathy: So sorry Brenda, sending thoughts and prayers for you and your brother.

Diane: Supportive hugs. I am so sorry to hear this news. Thinking about you at this difficult time.

Bonnie Oh Brenda I am so sorry your brother is in hospice but I am glad he at least got to go home one more time prayers for you, your brother and family

Barbara Ann: I am very sorry to hear this Brenda…Barb & Peter Lieske

Elizabeth: Angel blessing to Bob and the family till they open the gate and welcome him to heaven.

Debbie: Hugs, Brenda, your family is in my prayers.

Anita: Oh I’m so sorry to hear that about Bob .I see mom Tomorrow I will tell her

Gina: 🙏❣️

Linda: Life is so fast. Sending you hugs

Linda: (((Hugs)))

Jan: Thinking of you

Lisa: Love and Hugs ❤

Angela: ❤️❤️❤️

Susie: So very sorry for your loss.

Joe: Sorry to hear this about Bob, Brenda 😦

Nancy: Please give Bob a big hug from me Brenda. Tell him that I am thinking about him. He was always such a quiet fellow when we used to visit you all on the farm in Seebach’s Hill. Those were the good old days. You take care of yourself to Brenda. You have been a wonderful Sister to your Brother Bob. Love to you both. Your cousin Nancy from NL.

Henrietta: Prayers and hugs

Kaye: So sorry Brenda. But you and he will have good memories from his visit home. Hugs!

Bev: Thinking of you and sending hugs!

Rosemary: Sorry to hear sending hugs and prayers your way.

Julie: I’m glad Bob got to come home one more time, and hope that the Hospice will be comfortable for him. Sending hugs to you guys …

Cheryl: thinking of you during this time

Lynette: Will be thinking of you and the family. Hugs sweetie.

Shona: Thinking of you

Jill: Brenda Lowe, you are in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs! ❤ ❤ ❤

Marilyn: Brenda say it ain’t so😢

Brenda: Thinking of you during this difficult time

Elaine: Sorry to hear! You can sit out on the porch and take a mental picture that you can share each day with him in his new home.

This I had done on our front step after he passed. A barn mailbox Bob had made and his three pumpkins he had grown this year.

This plate was made by a friend at the lodge. It is a picture of the two Roberts in my life. My son and my brother.

I am so touched by all the care that everyone had for my brother. He was a quiet man but knew what was going on just by sitting back and drinking his coffee and watching the going on around him.

He knew so much more of what the neighbours where doing then we did. The last few days neighbours we had never talked to before asked about him and how he was doing.

I thank you all for your well wishes over the past couple of months. He is resting easily now and is at peace with no pain anymore. Thank you all from myself and Just Bob and he would call himself in his letters he wrote home. Fond memories and a loving brother.

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