One beautiful day

First off weather man was saying rain today. Well that certainly would not do for me driving a car I am not familiar with. Hubby was complaining about the car I rented. So now I am a little iffy about driving it.

Today I made plans to meet up with a few red hat ladies here in Ontario. Have a great lunch and chat about this, that and the other thing. My kind of day. No agenda, just a fun day out with friends and just enjoying the day.

Allot of you know me already. I am not much of a talker. Well not unless I am on Facebook or writing in this blog. In person though I am a very quiet person. If I do not really know these people I am even quieter if you can believe that. If you think about it I am more of a people watcher. I observe and make my own decisions on whether I can let up a bit on my quietness. Most of the time it takes allot for me to start chatting outright with anyone.

Getting out with the girls is something I have never had in my life before. I see Gals out having a great time, but for me never really had that. I lived on a farm and didn’t get much into town. I did go to high school in the city, but never really got into town to join in with my friends. There was dances they talked about or slumber parties, but for me I didn’t have a car of any kind. So no driving unless someone would take me into town. Always on the outside looking in.

Then I met my future hubby. Someone with a car. You see though when he picked me up it was to spend time with him and no girlfriend time. Well I took what I could get to get out and about and not stuck out on the farm.

Well marriage came along later on, but all girlfriends that I knew in school where all off living their own lives that I had lost out on. So my time was just with hubby, work and then later on a child that I loved very much. Still had no girl time with anyone. Made for a very quiet life for me. Also made for me being the quiet person that I am. A people watcher. I would go out to the mall. Do a little shopping and sit on a bench and watch everyone walking and shopping.

Well into the future. I have had eight years now of girl time. There is no way I am going back to just me, myself and I.

So now today. I had spent a few days with hubby while we are in Ontario. Today girl time is for me.

First off I had to drive this rental car that hubby had been complaining about driving around. Figured I would have a terrible time getting to Ingersol to meet up with some of these lovely ladies. He says is your cell phone charged. Yeah it is but what do you want. Me to call you when I get there. He says no just in case you go in the ditch. Well he has allot of faith in me. Doesn’t he.

I get in the car. Move the seat and the mirror. Oh yeah I will have to remember to move those back when I am done. I pullout of the parking lot and start driving. My worries are soon ended. The car drives nice. I am high so I can see over other cars. It may turn off on stops, but I don’t see a problem with that irritating me. It takes me about 35 minutes to get to where I am going. The route I had done many times when I lived in Ontario. Ingersol is on the way to Tilsonburg.

Now not sure where the entrance is and where I am suppose to go in, but I was there early, so parked the car and got out and wandered around. Took a few pictures around the grounds and of the Inn itself. Oh this is the Amherst Inn just off the 401 in Ingersol. Beautiful old place. Has all the old woodwork, a carriage house and a few other buildings. The grounds have fountains and beautiful gardens to wander. Being fall there is not much foliage around, but still does make a statement.

As I wander the grounds I see one of the ladies I am meeting up with. Jan who is organizing the get together. She is just getting out of her car. Well that tells me I am in the right place. As we walk towards the building there is Yvonne standing out on the deck. Wow! She certainly knows how to make a statement with her outfit. A little steampunk, a little pirate I think, but she looks great. We walk into the building and the architecture is just wow! Every room is a little different, but also modern with old fashion mixed in. We are taken to our table where Bertha Rose and Bev are already sitting. A small cozy get together. The five of us enjoy the buffet and talk about red hatting in Ontario and B.C. A few giggles and lots of gossip for me to catch up on. I only find out what is happening in Ontario through Facebook. So it is nice to sit down and chat about the going’s on in person. I am sure they loved hearing about the B.C. adventures as well. We talked about a few funvention coming up and past ones that I never made it to.

All in all it was a great time together. A few pictures where taken and we said our goodbyes. Hoping to meet up again sometime.

I make my way back to my hotel and blab about my outing on Facebook. Check out a few notes that came in while I was away. Always something red hatting to keep up with. I love this adventure and the girl time I get to go to.

Isn’t this a gorgeous place to enjoy an afternoon of fun and friendship.

There may have been more, but the thanksgiving weekend and many other events had gone on over the past couple of weeks in Ontario. Made for not too many showing up. Well if it would have only been one that would have been okay. More intament it would have been. Whether there are 100s or just two. We always have a great time. Girl time is the best no matter how many.

So now back at the hotel and hubby comes back. We go out for a bite to eat. Yes more food. You think I can put more food in me. I don’t think so, but I go with him. The first thing he does is get into the car. Um! Oooopppps! I didn’t put the seat back to his space. He squeezes in and I hear those swear words again. Well not as many, but he did use them and say why I did not put the seat back. Well no one is perfect and that is usually me.

For all his complaining about the car. I didn’t have any problem. You think I am gonna tell him that though. I may end up driving with him in the passenger seat. So my mouth is closed and let him move the seat back. Not saying a word. Thinking back on my outing and keeping my happy thoughts.

Well until next time. Talk to you later

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