Batton down the hatches. We found torpedoes

So took the day to do some Sunday driving. Left early this morning had a bit of breakfast and then on the road.

Well where are we heading to. Just driving around. Making a day of just exploring place we did when we where younger.

We set the gps for back roads and took off in a direction. The direction was Tilsonburg. There was going to be a stop there to see his parents. Well at least that was the plan. Anytime we get back to Ontario we head to the cemeteries and take a look. So today was his parents , aunts and uncles and his grandparents. Pull a few weeds around and just check out the place.

The drive was beautiful. Things we saw that we remembered from so long ago. Our old haunts that we drove to for a day out. Other things we have never seen before as we had never driven that road before. Oh and the colour on the trees. It is fall in Ontario. The colour is not in full bloom yet, but what was changing was bringing up a few colours. I sure do miss the fall in Ontario. BC colours are more in the browns and the golds. Never seem to get any sprinkling of red and yellow in the mix. Sorry no pictures as we where driving with no stops.

The time was now 1:00 and we still had the day ahead of us. Well what can we do now. Well let’s head down this road and see what we can see. When we where younger we use to drive these roads all the time. Go for a swim in the lake, lay on the sand and enjoy a bite to eat and before heading back home. Well no swimming today, but we did head for port Burwell. Would get a batch of perch down by the river and take it home to bbq up. We got to port Burwell and missed a turn. Headed into a sub decision and looked out over the lake. I think the beach is this way. So driving around a bit we finally found the road we needed.

The waves where crashing in. The breakwater had waves busting up against it. Making splash after splash of big waves. Sand was blowing over the surface. Making little sand dunes. We didn’t get out of the car but sat there watching the waves roll in. Bigger and bigger and then crashing against the shore of sand on the beach. We looked over to the east and saw the landscape. Now all covered with windmills. The beautiful shoreline covered with trees, but looming above the trees are these windmills. Rolling around catching the wind. Making energy, but still an eyesore to me and the beauty that was there when I was younger.

We finally leave the serene of the beach and head down the street we should have been on in the first place. Out of the corner of my eye I think I see a submarine. I say nothing and we drive on. Go over the bridge and head down to the water on the other side of the river. This is where we use to get the perch for supper. I lookout over the river and yes! I did see a submarine. While hubby is stopped I get out and take a picture of it. He ask okay how do we get there to look at it closers. So back over the bridge and back down the street we just came from. Sure enough we find a street that goes over there. You know what? They have tours of it. Well me a little claustrophobic but I say okay.

Next tour will be going through at 2:00. So we wait. Another group was suppose to join us, but they don’t show up. So it is just the two of us going through. Private tour. Well good for that. If there where a few people going through would not have much room in there.

We find out the lady who is doing our tour is was a member of parliament in the surrey white rock area a few years back. So she knows the area we live in.

She gives a great tour. Has some hands on stuff we can do. Opening a torpedo tube. Checking out the size of the bunks. Crawling through little doorways. I know for sure hubby would never be a seaman with a sub. Way too tall for that.

The tour was interesting. I didn’t even know that Canada had submarines. A few ships yes but submarines that are state of the art and help to train other countries in being able to find submarines. This was one of the quietest submarines going and to have other ships look for it and not be found.

There was a crew of about 50 or so men on these subs. Boy the quarters where close. You really had to like your fellow person in order to work on one of the ships.

Very small.

Some of the equipment was taken off but some is still there to show the capabilities of the ship and crew. I looked in the crew quarters and then the officers quarters. There isn’t much difference in size. Maybe a foot larger. The washroom is just a back in do your thing and get out. Make sure you do not flush wrong or pressure would have do do everywhere. Ha too much information.

We finally came out of the closed quarters and was standing right beside the ship. Looking up. Five stories high and another couple of stories for the stack where the periscope and deck is.

Our tour was over and we where back on the road. Took a long way around ending up on highway 7 just out of wildwood park. I pointed out cousins live there. He says well want to go knock on the door. Would have but was just time for supper and dint want to intrude at that time. Headed back to our origin. Had a bite to eat and now back in the room to relax for the night. I am watching a movie and hubby went out to chat with his brother for a bit.

So that’s our adventure for the day. Just took off in the car and sometimes you find some interesting things. Other times it is just a drive. Today we hit interesting. And learned something new.

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