What a time

Started about a week ago or so.

Oh maybe I should go back further then that. A few months ago hubby decided we should go some place in July. He had vacation time coming up again. Wanted to do something. So to make a long story short and have ourselves a small time away. Definitely nothing like our vacation last year. A month away. That was just too long for me. So I booked a cruise to head to Alaska. One week is all he was getting this time. I went cheap and got a room on the inside. No view no nothin. Well two days ago they upgraded us. Whooo! Hoooo! We have a window to look out at no extra cost to us.

Now the week before we are to head on this cruise. My brother has a bit of a problem and is put in the hospital. Gonna put a damper on my holiday, but life does happen. My brother lives with us. He takes care of himself and does mostly all things for himself yet. There are a few times he will need a helping hand. If his arthritis boils up a bit and he is not able to drive. I take him where he needs to go. He is always active. Goes down to the pool, mows our lawn and takes care of our garden in the back. Just sometimes it takes a bit more for him. Well last week he started sleeping all the time and not eating. So I got him off to the doc and was right away out into the hospital. Was there for five days. Getting fluids put in him and some medicine to cure a pain in his stomach. Well I am happy to say he is home again. Moving a little slower and still doing a bit of sleeping. But he does go outside and piddle a little in the garden again. Hasn’t ventured much further then the back yard though. Once he gets a little stronger he will be back to his old self.

Now this happening last week and sour cruise is this week. Makes for a bit of a stressful time. Will he be home. What has to be done to make him comfortable to be home while we are away. Will he be able to be home on his own while we are away. Or do I just loose my money and not go on the cruise.

I looked around at getting a bit of help for him. Community services was a great help. They set me up with meals on wheels. Frozen foods dinners that he can just pop into the microwave and have a meal. I also have a couple of volunteers coming in twice a day to just check that he is doing okay. Plus my son is staying at our house for the week. I do have a couple of dogs that need looking after as well. So my son is going to look after them and check in on my brother as well. So a bit of a win win. I am still stressed about it though. Along with the fact I have to travel with my hubby. Sometimes we take vacations together my temper starts to flair and I just don’t want to be in the same room with him. Lots of other stories on that, but I am not getting into those.

So now my brother is home and I know he is having the help he needs. I know he really doesn’t like the help, but for this week will keep it going and have him not happy with me. Next week when we are back he can go back to the old routine.

So yesterday I packed my suitcase and got ready to go. Had to grab a bigger suitcase cause just not enough room in the first. I know only going for a week, but just in case I might need something else. Better safe then sorry.

First thing this morning I check in with my brother to see if things are okay. I then get the dogs out for their last walk for a week. My son does not walk them. Play with them a bit but not walk them. That pick up doggie do do is not his thing.

Well we are on our way. Drive into the Vancouver airport. Park our car at the park and fly and then go to airport and pick up shuttle there. Finding the dang shuttle area. Hmmm that was a walk and half up and down the airport arrivals until we found it. Ride shuttle across Vancouver to the port of Vancouver. From the start of the drive he is complaining about other drivers. We get closer to the airport and then he starts thinking we should have left earlier. The traffic is terrible. How do people do this every day. We are going to be late. Never get there. What time does the shuttle leave. Now where are we suppose to turn. I thought you knew where you where going. Gaul. Sometimes I wish, but I know it is never going to happen. He is here to torture me for the rest of my life. I do prefer traveling on my own much better though. Okay where is the shuttle to the port. You are suppose to know these things. Why didn’t you ask more questions. Thank goodness we finally made it to park and fly, but not over yet.

Well we finally are at the port of Vancouver. Here we walk into terminal after the shuttle drops us in the parking lot and says you head over that way and take the escalator up. Then follow the signs. Your luggage will be dropped at your room. May be there at six at the latest. Depending on how much they are moving around.

So now we follow everyone else. As if they know where they are going any better then we do. Up the escalator, down a long hall, into a room where we check in and get our tag for the room. Then back down the escalator on the other side and into another room and another line. Here we are scanned for anything we should not be having. Then we go to another waiting area and sit for a bit. Then we are back in line again and go to security. I think walking in that terminal we at least walked three miles from one room to another and then another place and another place.

Finally we get to board the ship. From nine o’clock this morning until 3:30 this afternoon we where driving to walking to waiting to walking to more waiting just to get on a bloody ship that would take us to Alaska.

Now we are on the ship. Up and down and all around. That room has to be somewhere around this area. There is the casino. We are suppose to be in behind the casino. Wander around the casino trying to find the entrance to the hallways that takes us to our room. Whew! Finally found it. Dang on the other side of the ship from where we thought it would be. In we go. Nice room with a view. We have a passenger on the outside of the window. There is a bee holding on for dear life as we skim through the water on our way north. I wonder how long he is going to stay there. Been a couple of hours now. I don’t think he is going to find his hive anymore.

So now we have been on this ship for three hours. He has taken me up 7 flights of stairs not once but twice, looking for things. The last time I had to stop a few times. He finally got the hint I wasn’t going to make it and he walked over to the elevators.

We have been to the top of the ship and down to the bottom floor of where we could go. We found things he wanted to find. Like where to eat is always the big thing. He tried going a couple of times to the service desk but way too big a line for him to wait. So we will be going back there again. Up and down and all around.

After the safety presentation we stood out on the deck and watched us pull out of port. The sun came out as we where leaving. Much better considering it had been raining since we left this morning. The scenery of Vancouver was pretty to see. Stanley park in the foreground and the city in behind. Will get the pictures up tomorrow when I start adding to this.

We then went to the buffet. Oh no can not eat in the dining room we are going to be eating buffet all week. Well whatever suits his fancy I guess we take. That way no getting dressed for dinner. Just something to quickly eat and then now we sit back in the room while I stare out the window and he does his zzzzz’s

I have no internet package so will be writing and adding to this everyday. So you will get a long read, probably mostly on complaints from the other half. Hey what can I say my back is giving me a little trouble right now so I can say I am thankful for the time back in the room and not walking those stairs anymore.

Well will talk to you tomorrow

Day two of cruising baby.

Well we have been at sea now for over 24 hours. Past Prince Rupert about two hours ago and now are heading west across the top of the Queen Charlotte islands.

Today was a very quiet day. Woke up around 6:30. Still between the mainland and Vancouver island. At least we could see land on both sides yet.

We certainly knew when we were away the land and out at open sea. The ship started to bounce a little. Sometimes allot more then a little. Walking was not as easy. You should see the pool there are big waves sloshing back and forth in the pool. Closed for now and they drained one of them.

Oh that passenger I was talking about yesterday. The bee sitting on the window watching us all night. Well he was still there today. He left us sometime this afternoon while we were out.

There he is our peeping bee.

Today as I said was a quiet day. We walked around the ship a bit. Found a few more places we hadn’t seen yet. Gosh go this way or go that way. Always something to find. A few places we had to find and get some info on a tour we are taking in a couple of days.

First we went up to have some breakfast at the buffet. Busy busy busy it is. Finding a seat was not easy. Can say though lots of food choices. But not much of a place to sit.

After breakfast we went to the theatre and listen to a first time sailor talk. We heard about all the things going on and where to be and what to do. Keep yourself going on doing some fun things.. when that talk was over we stayed in the theatre and listen to a gent who told us about the shopping in the towns and the best place to go. Way too much out of my price range for some of the things they sell. I did lookie loo though. All that I want to do.

Lunch was back at the buffet again. Hubby learned that is was formal night. There is no way in the world he will dress for dinner. So I know there will be no eating in the dining room for us. Buffet again tonight.

All the walking he was giving me I ended up back in the room. Konked out in no time flat and woke up three hours later. I think I missed my afternoon. When I was up and coherent we sat out on the deck for a bit and watched the waves go by. The land was ever changing but not close enough to see much. The sun shone most of the day, but there was a chill in the site.

Around 7:30 we went down to the theatre and watched the show. Then went down a deck and ate the buffet. While we where there allot of people started looking out the window. Must be something out there in the water. So I walked over to see. You know everyone thought there was an animal in the water. Just a patch of seaweed. Bummer!

Well that’s about it for today. Not much but a good needed nap and eating. Laying on a chair and watching the water and plenty of walking.

Tomorrow we have time change of an hour. our port is icy Strait. A small place with a few shops and a zip line that everyone is talking about. Say it is a long way up and then you come down in no time flat. 65 miles an hour. Well we will watch for a bit. There is a walk of two miles if you want to go into the little town of Hoolin. I don’t think so. Have enough trouble walking a small distance now. So will check out the shops, enjoy a bite to eat and sit by the water and enjoy the day. Then back on the ship for another night of sailing.

Talk to you tomorrow

Okay day three.

We stopped in Icy Strait this afternoon. Remote area that use to be a cannery area just outside of Hoonan. The native people here made the point into a touristy spot. With a cemetery, and a museum and a bunch of touristy shops. There was though some very pretty art done there.

Are those gorgeous or what? If I had the money I would have had one.well maybe one of the smaller ones. They are a little cheaper. I seen some nice slippers that might have done for me. Sheep skin on the inside to be nice and soft for walk around in. Next stop will probably have the same thing in one of their stores. So gives me a bit of time to think if I want to buy them.

There is the love boat itself. Island princess docked in Icy Stait. That huge ship coming into a small place like this.

First thing this thing we where sill traveling north.the cloud cover was really low so we did not see much and, but it was close by on both sides. Still have not had any sightings of whales. I keep looking but none to see. Some people have said they have seen a pod, but no luck that we are not in the right place.

So this morning we went down to the theatre and listened to someone talk about the crab fishing in the area. He is on the deadliest catch.. was a interesting story about his time from when he was 15. That is when he started fishing and has been doing it ever since. Talked about some of his adventures out in the storms at sea.

Back at Icy strait while wandering around we stopped to watch the zipliners coming down. It is a 1300 foot drop. They go at 65 mph down at zipline. Just watching them from the top to the bottom in no time flat. I thought about going, but no company wanted to go with me. Sooner or later I am going to get on one. Hopefully before I am all decrepide up.

We went to the theatre again tonight. Watched a production that was setting of New Orleans. Lots of songs that had to do with New Orleans style and dancing. Was a great show from the funeral at the beginning to the mardi gras at the end.

Tomorrow night they say there are two different shows going to be out on. One at seven and the other at nine. Will be an entertaining night.

Well we have pulled away from the dock now. Into the fog bank we go for the night. Tomorrow we pull into Juneau for a long day. We have tickets to go u on the tram to the top of mount Roberts. Hopefully the cloud cover is gone so we can see the view and enjoy an afternoon of not getting rained on.

Well will talk again tomorrow.

day four. Juneau

Today we are in Juneau. The ship pulled in early in the morning. There where five other ships in port as well. Boy it will be a busy day with all these people in town.

We took a walk into town and lookie looed at a few of the shops. They are all starting to look the same now. Allot of jewelry stores and a few other stores.

The rain was starting to fall and was going to get allot more raining down on us. The cloud cover was still high so we headed to the tram that would take us up to the top of Mount Roberts. There was fog on the way up so was not seeing too much. We went to the shop up there and wandered for a bit. Also looked at the trail areas a bit. A little too wet to be walking around on the trails. I don’t think I was too into walking them anyways. It is something I use to do, but now walking them would probably throw my bod into such exhaustion . I am not sure I would do anything but lay down for a week.

When we came back to the tram to go back down. It was still cloudy but the rain had stopped. You could see all the way down. Got a view of the town and down the strait.

Just gorgeous to see. Love views from the top.

We then went back to the ship and I konked out again. Way too much activity for me these days. Was out and napping for a couple of hours.

For the evening we went to two shows at the theatre. First we saw a lady who does dog sledding. She was the First Lady to win a race from anchorage to nome. Took her 16 days out in the wilderness of Alaska to complete this. She came in first one year. What a feat! I can barely look after myself somedays and she survived out in the tundra for many days with just her dogs. The next show that came on wasa comedy manically show. They had audience members take part in the show. Such a fun night of laughter.

That’s about it for today. Early to bed as we have an early morning tomorrow.

Talk to you tomorrow

Day five. Skagway

Really wasn’t sleeping last night. Kept waking up. Had an email from my son telling us about things happening at home. Not too bad, but it put me in a tizzy again so I wasn’t going to sleep. This morning it was still on my mind and will probably be here all day.

First thing up and moving. We are to catch a bus for a tour this morning. So outside sitting on the dock bench waiting for the bus to open it’s doors and lets us in to start and adventure.

We are finally heading out. First we are going to drive through the pass on a bus. Beautiful scenery. But it also is very foreboding. At the summit there is trees but they are very small. They say they are over 100 years old. The land is baron and just everything looks like just brush. The rocks are smooth from glacier that came and gone. Very beautiful and very strange at the same time. I loved the scenery. As we drove on the sun came out and we saw mountain tops.

We crossed the Canadian border and caught the train on the other side. We came back over the pass on the train. Trough tunnels and over bridges. Down thepass we came.

Back in the town of Skagway we went to a gold panning place. We had a very relish BBQ dinner and then did some gold panning. We came out with $32 worth of gold.

After that fun afternoon we walked around Skagway for a bit. We looked through the windows of stores. Mostly the same stuff over again. The tour guide had said. Skagway consist of dozens of jewelry stores and on grocery store. Go figure.

Now we are back in the room. I am zonked but I am not sleeping. Tried but it didn’t happen. So now I write about today and look out the window at the beautiful mountains that are in my sites. A cruise ship just pulled out and we will be leaving soon as well. Two more days at sea and then we head for home. Back to routines and dulldrom.

Well will talk again tomorrow. We have two days at sea with cruising stops at glaciers that we can see from the ship.

Day six. Glacier national park in Alaska

Well today no getting off. You would get very wet and cold. We left Skagway last night and travels all day to get down one tributary and back up another. The weather is clear today so the scenery is beautiful. With the sun out and no rain it s a little warmer, but not by much. We walk along the deck and take in the smoothed off rocks. Right now we are traveling down an inlet that use to be all a glacier. The ice was all the way down to the ocean. This smoothed off all of the mountains that were under the ice. The higher up mountains are still very rugged.

Water falls everywhere.. I just love the scenery here. We spend two hours cruising around this inlet. We come to one glacier right down by the water. It cafed many times while we where there. Cafed means that some of the ice breaks off the front into the water. It makes a thunderous noise when that ice hits the water below.

Look at the height of that glacier compared to the size of the ship we are on. We are on the 14 th floor looking at the sight.

We then traveled back down the inlet and went up another tributary to another glacier. These at one time where all connected, but have been slowly disappearing back towards the mountain making the inlet bigger. At the second glacier we could not get too close as seals were there and it was mating season. Which means that the ship do not go too close disturbing nature.

After slowly moving through the inlet we came back out to the ocean. Tonight we travel to the next glacier. This one flows into the ocean and we will see it tomorrow.

One more day of sailing. But now my mind is not on this vacation anymore. It seems my brother is back in the hospital. I do not know all the details, just know he is in Abbotsford hospital.

Talk to you tomorrow.

day seven. Heading toward Whittier

Today was a ocean day. We headed out to ocean to make our way over to Whittier. The weather was cold and rainy all day. Spent most of our time in the room. Me reading a book and hubby wash snoozing or watching the tv. Same as is done at home. Switching channels back and forth. So you never get the jest of a show he is watching. Frustrating.

What else is frustrating is the fact that I am out at sea and I hear that my brother had been readmitted to the hospital. Sounds like they are doing more tests and giving him fluids. I hope they figure it out. He is not a happy camper when he is in so much pain with his arthritis. Not a good patient. Well I will be home in a couple of days and find out what is going on in person instead of trying to find out through email. I can’t get home and I can not find out all info of what is going on.

So I did not get too much sleep last night wondering if I should have just stayed home and not gone. Would have lost all our money for the trip though. I had feelings before I left that I really did not want to go and now my feelings are increasing. Dang I am frustrated. A couple of frustrating things for the day.

We finally made it over to the Whittier area and went up and inlets to the north. Ice floating down the stream, cold and rain every step of the way. When some of the clouds rise a little the scenery is to die for. Rugged and beautiful all at the same time. The water is smooth as ice so our ride is great. If the water is rough it bothers my head a bit. I don’t get sick or anything, but it feels funny. Like I am moving while I am not moving. I guess that has a bit to do with the vertigo I get every now and then.

We finally come to the Hubble glacier. Wow! I would say it is almost a mile wide. And higher then the ship we are on. I am down a couple of levels looking out from a window. I ain’t going out in the bitting cold. The colours are beautiful blue hues and rock in between. I didn’t see any calfing today so must not be pushing to much. The cruise ship was up really close to it. You where looking up to see the majestic of it.

Back down stream we go. You know being this far north the sun is still shining at 12 in the morning. Then you wake up in the morning and the sun is shining again. Well that is when it is not raining.

So it was kinda a quiet day today. We relaxed and unwind. I read my book and snoozed a bit. Watched the water go by out our window. I did have a room without a window when I booked this. I will tell you at least get a window. You know what it is like outside and you can watch from your room outside instead of having to spend time on the deck to see what is going on.

Well tomorrow we are in Whittier. We one more day in Alaska before we head for home. Tomorrow is a catemoran ride around the inlets looking at the scenery. Then we are driven to our hotel in anchorage. Still have not seen any wildlife. Oh well that is usually my luck. Maybe tomorrow or maybe not.

Will talk to you tomorrow.

Day eight a little extra on a tour

Last night I was just too bushed

Our last day was spent on a catermoran (I know I can’t spell). And watched the world go by. We left Whittier and sailed out to the forge once more to enjoy the glaciers. The boat skimmed through the water. Smooth as ice. What and I saying there was ice everywhere. On our travel out to the ice fields we saw humpback whales dancing in the water. We saw eagles sitting in trees. Sea lions basking in the sun and otters playing as they know how. The glaciers loomed before us large and beautiful. We where up close and personal with them today. Our small boat looking up at that wall of ice. Many carvings had happened during our time at one. On so huge and thunderous. The boat had to move back, but a giant wave made the boat rock.

Our last stop was in Whittier once more where we boarded a bus to take us to our hotel in anchorage. The road to anchorage started off with a two and half mile tunnel to go through. Dark and foreboading it felt to be under so much rock. It took us at least ten. Minutes to cross to the other side of the tunnel. We came back out to sunshine and clear skies. The rest of our drive was very scenic with the inlet on one side that grew larger and wider as we carried on. Mud flats everywhere as the tide was out. The driver says that when the tide comes in from the ocean there is a wave pushes its way inland. That would have been something to see.

We made it to our hotel and I was fast asleep in no time. My head hitting the pillow. Our vacation was relaxing and enjoyable. We had no hiccups along the way. Beautiful weather and beautiful scenery.

I sit in the airport in anchorage today and reflect on my week. There was some ups and some down on the home front. I think about my brother.  My best friend and I hope for the best.

Well that is it for our cruise to Alaska. Until my next adventure

Talk to you again

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