Vacation time in the planning

Ooo-eeee baby. Oooo-eeeee won’t you let me take you one a sea cruise.

Ha got you singing again. It is getting closer. I am heading on a little sea cruise here in a month or so. Yeah it is only a little one. Heading to Alaska for a week. Leave Vancouver and sail up the coast with five stops and ending in anchorage. We then fly back home. Excitement of a few days away. I think I have it all planned out and ready to go.

Hubby wanted to go away for a few days this summer. So I had to plan something. His idea was taking a drive someplace. Um! No way not happening. Mind you I do like road trips. Just not with hubby. You see he has this idea you drive and drive and drive. Gotta be someplace so we just keep driving. Pee breaks what are those. Oh do have to stop for food as he has to eat every few hours. Or we have to carry food along with us and I have to try and make a sandwich while he is driving.

Okay don’t get me wrong. Our last driving trip to Mount Rushmore and back was very enjoyable. Even if it was on a bike. Also I couldn’t really get off the bike when the trip was done either. Well we did see allot of nice country. He programmed his gps to take all back roads so we didn’t go through many cities. Dang round about way to get some places out of that. Three times as long, but yes we did see allot of country.

We are coming up on forty years of marriage this year. Our vacations have been far and in between. Have had some memorable ones in there though. Most though where driving from point A to point B and back again. We lived in Ontario for many years. Every few years or so we would decide to drive to BC. See family there and then drive home. Time limit was not very long before we had to go back to work. So off we go. No stops except to sleep and eat. Pee breaks where hit and miss. When you got gas make a run for it quick or miss your opportunity. We made it to Prince Rupert from Stratford in two and a half days. Spent a couple of days up there. Then caught the ferry down to Vancouver. Went to expo 86 visited other family and then break neck it back home. Mind you there was four of us in the car. Two sleeping and two driving. That was one for the books.

We moved to BC a few years later and a couple of times we did the opposite drive. From where ever we where living at the time in BC to Ontario to visit with family. One time we did around Christmas time. Had family Christmas in Ontario and then drove home to BC. Got caught in Manitoba for two days while the truck had to thaw out. Froze some parts so it would not turn over. It was bloody well freezing there and stuck in a motel room while the wind howled outside. Glad we never moved to Manitoba. I would never take that. Bad enough sometimes in Ontario with winter storms. Anyways finally made it back home, but truck was never turned off again even when we filled with gas. Didn’t want to freeze up again. Since we had to be somewhere else in a couple of days it was a hightail it home across the frozen tundra of Canada.

A few times we would visit family in northern BC. A nice trip of two and half days to get there. Um nope the trip took 17 to 20 hours straight through. Had to get there so we could drive home in a couple of days.

Well don’t get me wrong it is how we traveled. He says that he has mellowed a bit and will stop and tour for me now. Well I will see it and then believe it. I think the arguing will still go on about where we should have turned and why did you not say something. Or I wanted to go someplace and he says why would you want to see that and we keep driving in silence. Family vacations. You got a love them. Or not depending on how you look at it.

We tried camping for a bit when we where younger. Had a camper as I wasn’t sleeping on the ground anymore. Been there tried that. Nope not happening again. Stopped one place and had to set up a tent. The mosquitoes where bigger then my hand. And they where there in full force. Almost carried us away before we just crawled into the van and slept for the night. Let’s see and young child and dog and the two of us. Sandwiches out of the cooler for the night. Camping was not for me anyways. I still had to do everything I did at home. Cook and clean up while everyone else sat around the campfire and waited for me to join them.

So camping went to the wayside very fast. Along with driving anywhere. Well unless someone else was doing the driving.

I have planned vacations in Florida and California to Disney there. We have been to st Lucia to a club med. That was a great place where our son went to camp every day and we had the time to ourselves. We have been to panama and stayed on the Pacific Ocean resort there. Allot of bus riding though in order to see some of the sites we wanted to see. Always trying to plan something when the time is right so there is no driving. Did I mention I don’t like driving places.

Last summer hubby had a month off and wanted to take a vacation somewhere. it was summer and would be hot. First idea was a drive. So I quickly started looking at places we could vacation. Got a few ideas and then started sending them to him via email so he could read them. Ah! A vacation was planned. With no driving by us.

We started out with a bus tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles. All along the coast bus tour. Oh a tour with someone else driving and someone else making the meals and someone else with the plan where and when you go. Saw so much beautiful country and touristy places as well. Next part of our trip was spending it in Disney area. We had a nice hotel and was in walking distance of the gate. First day there and the weather was scorching for us. We walked around disney but just could not take it anymore. So changed our plans on going in later in the days when sun was not so hot. Spent our evenings there and walked and saw all three parks, parades, shows and fireworks. After our time in Disney area we went over to long beach and caught a cruise to Mexico and back. Our first cruise was very enjoyable. Yes we will do it again. Someone was cooking for you, cleaning your room and entertainment at any time. We didn’t go off the ship for tours. It was just too dang hot to go anywhere. So didn’t see any of Mexico except the shore line.

So now I plan another cruise for this year. Alaska here we come. Just because he was thinking that maybe a drive down through the states would be a fun idea. Well in future I will have this coming to me. I can’t put it off forever, but will keep trying as long as I can. Soon though I know it will happen. We will be in the car for a few months as he will be retired and wants to do stuff instead of sitting at home watching the paint dry. That is the story I get when I say I do not want to drive around for months on end seeing the countryside. Go for a few days and then come home again, but not a few months out and about without seeing home. I need my home bodyness. I like being on my comfy couch. I have set for my retirement, which is not the same I can say for someone else in this household. So if I get lucky I can plan a vacation once a year and go. I keep telling him if he wants to go, then go and do these things. I am not stopping him. I just do not want to be away that long so go on your own. Na! He wants company.

Maybe some day he will and prove me wrong. I have been traveling on my own for the past 7 years. It took allot of courage to do this, but I did and am loving it. Well it is with the red hat society network I am doing it with. I go to a funvation and see a little of the town or country of where I am staying, I know there are others around that I know. So I am really not alone in traveling. Red hatters are everywhere and we look out for each other. We travel to same destinations and may not be traveling together, but are around if you need help. If we are going to funvation can meet up at destination airport and travel together to the guest hotel. We can go out on tours together. Most of all for me I know this and feel more comfortable traveling on my own to someplace they are going to be. Now would I travel on my own not letting someone in the area know I am there. Well maybe not as comfortable. I would stay in contact with my family at home, but with no contact close by to where I am I would rather be traveling with someone else. I may be a little braver in my golden years, but still a chicken shit.

So I am planning into the future a bit. Well it is next year, but something to look forward to. Australia is on my books. A funvation there and a little traveling on the side. I won’t be traveling alone. My son thinks he might come with me. All depends on whether he can get the funds together or not. So for now I look on the internet and think about what I want to see and do. Making plans and waiting to start booking things. This is scaring the hell out of me that I am going to travel so far. Hey I want to do this, so hell or high water I am going. I keep planning what I want to do and hopefully will get it all done or at least some of what I see before I have to come home again. Just have to save my pennies so I can afford to do this, then adventure here I come.

So planning into the future. Adventure is in my bucket list. After Australia I do not know. Well there is a funvation in Manitoba and how I will travel to there. After Australia Manitoba is just a puddle jump away. Maybe a drive and make a couple of stops along the way. Things I have not seen before, but have passed along the way. The future is opened to me and the world is a playground. From my comfy couch to the world outside adventure awaits. To many more years and my pocketbook not empty I will enjoy my seasoned years with vigour and vim. Go smell the roses, dip my feet in the oceans and bask in the sun. Seeing new places and meeting new friends. Having an adventure is all for the best. Until it is time for me to lay down and rest.

Talk to you next time. My ramblings for the day

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