What an adventure yesterday.

I know, I know! I am gonna talk red hatting again.

Time to enjoy some laughter and fun with my red hat sisters again. The thing was it was a very long day and dang am I tired today. The thing is after the long day I did not sleep much last night. How can that be I was so tired when I got home last night. I did have a great time and I met new ladies I had not met before. Well except on Facebook, but that is not the same. A few more ladies got to know this person of so few words. They always say the same thing. I am so quiet yet I blab away so much on the internet.

First thing I will have to do today though when I get my butt in gear is go give my baby a bath. I think I parked it in the wrong place yesterday. I got splotched big time. Ew! Yuk! Next time I park in that area not gonna think about the tree I thought would give it shade for the day while I was off gallivanting. I guess it didn’t like being left alone in a strange parking lot and had a chat with a couple of diuretic birds.

This adventure was to take place on the island. Three of us planned to go over and invade the Vancouver island ladies fun. We made our plans on getting over there. A ride on the ferry was in order. First idea we could go over from Tswassen to duke point. Take a drive up through Naniamo and head to the tea. Well the times where not quite right for that so then we decided on horseshoe bay to Naniamo and then a little drive to where the tea was. Then we all started thinking maybe to just park on our side and ride over. Grab a taxi and go to the tea. From duke point it was a bit of a jaunt to where the tea was. So Horseshoe bay to Naniamo is what was decided,

Here is where it gets to me being a sleepy head. I am really not a morning person, but I will go with the flow when we have to get somewhere. It meant me getting up early so I could meet these other two ladies to head over to the island. I certainly didn’t think that them driving to Mission from Chilliwack to pick me up and then head back over to expressway to get to the ferry. So I drive over to Abbotsford where they can pick me up on the way through. So much easier and the spot is great for just coming off the highway a bit to pick me up and we can head on our way easy peasy. It is also a great spot if we are heading down to the states as the border is just a couple of clicks from this parking area as well. So a good meeting place for allot of us. Whether we are going one way or the other for a gathering.

Anyways my bug was lonely yesterday and took it out on a couple of birds sitting in a tree above my car, now it needs a bath today.

So I am out of bed early yesterday morning. Yawn! Yawn! Yawn! I did make it though. Had a bit a breakie and then off to my parking spot. Bev and Joan showed up a few minutes later and we where on the road to the ferry.

Sunday morning and the highway was an easy jaunt to Horseshoe Bay. Traffic was light, which is very rarely in Vancouver. We made it with time to spare. Tried the first parking lot and too bad it was full. So round and about we went and got ourselves parked in the underground parking a little further away walk. Not a bad walk but little further away. Bought our tickets to get on the ferry and then walked around a few stores in the area to clear a little time before we had to board.

You know you are wearing red and purple and you meet all sorts of lovely people along your walk. Have a little chat and get a few pictures taken. A couple of gents had a very nice chat with us. Told us about and area in the UK where in the 70s allot of people would dress flamboyantly like we where. Brought back some happy memories for him. He said he loved having his picture taken with this lovely heram dressed up so elegantly.

On the ferry on the hour and half sailing allot of people commented on our fun and asked where we where heading. A few other red hatters chatted with us as well. Just people on the ferry traveling to the island.

We got off on the other side and Pauline was waiting for us to give us a ride to the bistro. So nice of her to come and pick us up. Our time was running a little tight. Ferry got in at 12:45 and the tea was starting at 1:00 or a little before. We where just a tad late. Not too late but walked in when Marian was making an introductory game.

We found ourselves some seats and sat down to listen.

First we had a package being past around. It was wrapped in so many layers. A saying on each level would make it so it would go to another lady to open the next wrapping. The person who took off the last wrapping was the one who won the prize. Beautiful glass bowl.

Then we enjoyed three layers of delectable food. Sandwiches, cookies, scones, and creamy desert. Two ladies at our table where also served gluten free trays that looked so delish as well.

We where all stuffed with so much food. Wow! I loved the spread they that the Piccadilly bistro put on.

Everyone got a prize as well. A table at the back of the room was full of gifties to pick a choose from. Marion picked a number from the bag and if your number was picked you could go up and pick a bag that you thought you wanted.

Mine was a mug and candle set. I can enjoy a little hot chocolate in my new sparkle mug. Look at some of the other great gifties given out as well.

Well the traveling Canadian mug made an appearance at the tea as well. Paulette is hosting the mug at the moment and is soon ready to pass her on to the next red hatter on the list.

This mug has been hosted by these four ladies in BC over the past year between being past around to ladies in other provinces. That mug is certainly getting around. It is one of the best traveled red hatter going. Has saw so much of Canada from Nova Scotia to BC and many provinces in between. Paulette will be sending it off to the next hatter here shortly to enjoy some more adventure. I have had the mug already but just thinking that maybe I could get it again and take it to Australia with me when I go to a convention there. Make it a very well traveled mug indeed. Oh just a thought. Could put my name back on the list again.

So now our time comes to say good bye. Until we meet again at another event. I have met so many red hatters that I have never met before. Well except for on Facebook. So close and yet so far away.

Pauline gave us a ride back over to the ferry and we were on our way home. Missed the 3:15 ferry by just a little bit. It was pulling out as we drove in. That was okay had time to lookie loo at some of the shops in the area. sat for a bit a watched the water.

On the ferry coming home. Saw a few cruise ships leaving port of Vancouver. Other ship traffic on the straight and the view of the mountains across the water. We where all tired but happy to have made the trip across. The drive home was just as easy as the drive to the ferry. Not much traffic. By the time we walked to the car all the traffic was off the ferry so we missed that. A bit of a walk after a long day of enjoyment.

So back to my car that sat alone all day in a parking lot. Defaced and has to be cleaned today. My poor, poor bug. I got home around 8:45 last night. Was a long day. I was tired but happy I went over to the island. Have not been there in so many years. At one time I lived there and would never go to the mainland. Strange how life changes.

So last night while I could not sleep. Something came to me that I had not realized while I was at the tea. How I put two and two together but so late to make the connection. I sat down at a table and there was a new queen sitting beside me. Her name was BrendaLea. I had chatted with her before. It never came to me until the middle of the night when I was not able to sleep. She was a new red hatter a month or so ago and was chatting with me on my Canadian red hat page, she was asking if there was any red hatters is the area she lived in. I did a little research and got back to her with some phone numbers of some ladies in the area. She contacted one of the ladies (shirley) and they became friends. Leading to the fact that they became a new chapter with BrendaLea being the queen. Why I never put two and two together at the tea is beyond me and Shirley had come over to me to say she was so happy to finally meet me in person. Then she sat down beside BrendaLea and where chatting. My brain fog sleep deprived head is slow on the draw of thinking of such things. So I wrote a little text this morning to say how slow I am to figuring things out.

I was up early this morning and now I bring you my adventure of the day. Not the big adventure some would expect but it was an adventure for me. Meeting new friends is alway an adventure. Makes the world go round and more fun in it as well.

Talk to you next time hatter hugs!

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