Well where do I begin

My craft room. Yep gonna talk about my craft room. It the place I go to create and enjoy myself. I can sit down stairs for hours and put things together to make other things. To create and reenergize. To have time to myself to just blare the music away and make things out of other items. It is my space. I love this space except for the fact that it is not in the main part of the house. Eventually I start bringing these things up to the main part of the house. My dining room table starts to accumulate stuff and I start working up there. Then I need something and have to go downstairs and pick it up and go back to the diningroom table where I am working. So my diningroom table accumulates more stuff. Eventually I have to clean it off, but why? We never eat there anyways. Always take our plates and go to the living room and sit in front of the tv and eat.

Then there is the accumulation of stuff that is in my craft room. I go down there and it is a mess. For the past couple of years I have been getting allot of donations from ladies of stuff. Stuff that was in their craft room and they had cleaned out and had to get rid of. Started to accumulate in my craft room. I get a bag here and a bag there. Instead of putting a bag in its place I just took the bag and deposited it down in my craft room and left it. Then I would get other bags and then the same thing would happen. Another box or another bag would come in and I would just deposited it downstairs without looking at what was in this bag or box.

So last week I was asked to make an item. I said sure. I know just the material to do that. I went down stairs to get this material and had a good look around in the so many months I not been down there. Holly crap!!! Is there a floor under there? I have bags on the floor. I have bags on my table. There are boxes everywhere. All this stuff. My craft room of disorganization. What the heck!

So I wade through a couple of piles to get to the place I had this material. I know it is there. Where the heck is it? It should be right here. What the heck happened to that tub that had that material in.

After a bit I find the tub I am looking for. I know the material is in there. I start digging and digging. I come up with some other material. Oh yeah I bought that a couple of years ago to make this. I come up with another piece. I forgot all about that piece. I was going to make this with that. It is like going down memory lane. Something I was going to make and then went to the wayside. The convention I was going to go to or the event I was going to go to. The outfit I was going to make with that piece. Or the outfit I was going to make for that event. Memory lane and procrastination

Then it hits me. I am looking for a piece of material and you know it is at the bottom of the tub. I was going to make something with that. Never got done. Now I am using the material for this item that a friend ask for. No worries! I wasn’t really going to make it anyways. I guess not as it went to the bottom of a tub to never be seen again.

I had so many ideas over the years of things to make. Just never really got around to half the ideas I thought I was going to do. I just accumulated the craft items they sit and pile up. Higher and higher every month. Just like the items I have made.

I thought at one time I could make things and sell them at craft fairs. I made lots of interesting things. I loved making them. I set up tables at craft fairs in hopes that maybe someone else may like the items I make. May have the same sort of taste I have. Never happened. I sold a couple of items, but I spent more money renting a tables and driving around to craft sales. All the energy to do that. Lugging in my boxes of items. And then lugging them back out to the car afterwards. Not to sell anything. So now these items are also sitting in my craft room collecting dust.

I was disenhearted for a while. So instead of crafting I just started accumulating and not doing as much in crafting as I had no place to get rid of my creations afterwards.

I do still craft, but I try to do things that I am able to get rid of afterwards. So if someone ask me to make them something. I say sure and happily go about doing it. This lead me to the fact that I had to go down to the craft room to find a piece of material to make an item for a friend.

I have found a few venues for my crafting. It is only blankets and afghans I am making, but I have found places to get rid of them after I have them made. I am donating them to good causes. It puts a space in the pile of stuff I have, but I still have more stuff. So I can keep crafting. I love crafting and will keep doing as long as my hands will let me craft.

Well the other day after looking for that piece of material I decided it was time I put the piles in some sort of order. So down I went into the midst of everything. Cleared off a shelf and started organizing from there. Lugging tubs around. Picking out material and putting it in a neat pile some place else. Grabbing yarn from this bag and throwing it in a tub to the right thickness. I sorted all fat quarters and put them on a shelf close to the same colour together. I found lots of piles of big sheens and rolled them up and put on a shelf. I was having so much memory lane of I was going to make this or I was going to make that. Why did I not make this? So on and so on I went. I made good progress.

The next day I was down there again. Same thing over again. Empty a tub. Think about why did I have this or why do I have that. Oh I was going to make something out of that. Where the heck did this come from. Oh so pretty I do have to use that for something.

Then there is all the quilting material. I think I could make at least a 100 blankets and still have material left over. I would go to hamels or fabricland and look at the fat quarters. I like that colour. Oh it isn’t going to hurt to buy that colour. I know I should not buy it, but I do. Gosh I am hopeless. Another bag coming home to roost. I think everything is multiplying on its own.

Well four days later. I think I have kicked my craft room in the butt.

The first picture is my fat quarters. Second picture is all other material I have. Quilting material on the top and many, many shades of purple on the bottom. Did I say many. Yep you betcha. Many, many shades of purple. Silky fabric, knit fabric, stretchy fabric, patterned fabric, sparkly fabric and the list goes on. Yards and yards of it. The last picture is fleece, valour and Chenille, I also had flanelette, but that is in a tub for donating. I am not sure what to use the chenille with but I love the feel of it and I might, you know, might have a project for that. So will keep it. I think that would make nice backings for blankets. A nice soft feeling next to you while you are under a nice warm blankie.

Now I didn’t take pictures of the rest of the the room. A wall of Barbies are still there. I sold a couple, but have not had any buyers for the rest yet. They are list out, but no one is buying right now. Then there is a rack of red hat clothes and Halloween costumes in another corner. That rack I have cleaned out a bit. Sold a few of these items off. The last wall has a wall unit that is full of allot of my other craft supplies. Beading, flower making, jewelry making, creweling, needles, thread, rug hooking,and needlepoint. So much stuff. Did I tell you I like crafting.

So that is my story for the past few days. I organized and made the room pretty again. I am bushed now. That was allot of work for me. Nap time has been in my future for the past week between my red hatting and cleaning my craft room.

So now the energy has to come back so I can get down stairs and start making some of these blankets and get them donated off to where I said I would donate them.

Tonight I rest. Tomorrow I rest as I have to go out tomorrow afternoon for a couple of health test. Then a few days of red hatting. Then maybe, just maybe I can get down to my craft room again and create. For now I will crochet on the couch and put my feet up.

To all a happy crafting. Talk to you later.

3 thoughts on “Well where do I begin

    1. I am a member of the red hat society. It’s head office is in Southern California. There are members world wide. It is a playtime for women of a certain age, but you can join from age 21. We wear red hats and purple clothing if you have Reduated to the age of 50. Any women under 50 wear pink hats and lavender clothing. This organization has brought women together to just have a good time. Some call it having a play date or brownies for old ladies. There is no anterior motive then just to have a good time. I have met so many wonderful ladies around the world.we chat regularly on internet through social media. I also know that if I travel alone I can contact someone in the area I am traveling to and visit if I wish to. In the coming year I will be going to Australia for a red hat convention. 200 ladies will be in one place to have a good time. For membership the cost is $30 a year

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