Well! I am at it again

Retirement. They say you are going to slow down. They say you will have days with nothing to do. They say you will be bored in not time.

Okay I got say it. Fat chance! I am so much more busy then what I was when I was working. If I am not crocheting, or quilting, or sewing. or any of the other so called crafts I have in my craft room downstairs on the go. I could work on these for ages and I think I will not make a gap in the amount of craft supplies and projects I have in that room.

There are tubs and tubs of material. Mind you allot of it is purple. I had plans of some outfits I could make for this and that and the other thing. Now sitting on the wayside and the event is long ago over. I still have plans to make it because you know I can wear it someplace. Oh and the patterns I have collected to make. I know I am not that good a seamstress. Something I never was any good at. Making clothing was not a fortue for me. Yes I could make clothes, but they never looked right on me when I was finished them. Seam off here or the zipper not in right. Something always didn’t look right when I was finished.

I made a long dress with a train. It was a wedding dress pattern, I made it. It was coming along nicely. Then I had to put a liner in the bottom. Give it a little more bustle and such. First time in. I put it in wrong way around. The train was there but it twisted to the front. Strange. Took it back out and tried again. For some reason it twisted the other way. Well after the third time and not working right I just did what I could and then brought the train up so it hooked up the back so I didn’t trip over it. Or someone else did not trip and step on it. Well with it hooked on the back. Made it so heavy with the material I used that the train should have not been there at all. Well I wore it once and that was it. Decided it wasn’t worth and took it apart. It sits in pieces now to fix sometime. Yeah! Yeah! I will get around to it sometime. Procrastination on that one.

Now in another part of this room downstairs I have a few tubs of quilting material. I toodle off to quilt stores and collect allot of Batic fabric. I do love the shades of this material. I have so many ideas of what I want to do with this material. I think though I will make ten quilts of this Batic and still not make a dent in those tubs. But I still go out and collect more. I was out just the other day. Went to a antique show and then decided I had a little time before I had to be home. So! I went to hamels and wandered around. No! I am not going to buy anything. Um! I came out of there with $200 worth of fat quarters and other things. Did I say I was not going to buy anything? I am hopeless!

So now besides having a room full of things I really want to do. I also have red hatting. Suppose to be a fun thing you know. Well yes it is. It is just sometimes I do overdo it a bit. I say I am only going to go out to a few things a month and that is it. Then something else comes up and you know I can not stay home. I really want to go. Go see my girlfriends and sit and chat. Go enjoy myself and feel like myself and let myself go. There is only so many places I feel like myself. That is out red hatting.

I do enjoy being home on my comfy couch and relaxing and hoping the aches and pains will go away. I also believe that being out and about with my red hat girlfriends I do feel so much better and I don’t notice the aches and pains as much. My thing is being out too much does bring on some aches and pains when I am back home a day or two later. Well! Be home with the aches and pains or go out and excentuate the pain some more. I think I will go out and live with what I do later. A no win win for me, but I am going to keep doing what I am doing. To heck with the pain.

So for two weeks I was home. I did quite a bit of crocheting in that time. I made a quilt for another event giftie and yes I actually did some house work. Something I always procrastinate on. It does have to be done sometime.

Two weeks are up and I have an event to go to. Whooo! Hoo! Out I go. I meet some of the ladies in Abbotsford and we travel to Tsawwassen for a birthday party. Well a party with 250 ladies at. It was put on by Carla. She does such a great job on her events. Was an afternoon tea. Ladies dressed up so fancy and oh the bling that was in the room. Danty sandwiches and so many deserts. The queens made their grand entrance and then she had some special guest show up as well.

Oh this is a quilt that I donated for a giftie. A beautiful lady won it. Jean. I have know her for seven years now. We met at the first convention I went to. Congrats to jean

Now for me saying I am not busy and always on the go. I headed to another event a couple of days later. The northwest queens council had their annual dinner. It is a gathering of queens and vice queens in Washington state and B.C. that gather to have a luncheon and share what is going on in the area to go to. It is great that we can cross border and go have fun with our neighbours to the south. It is also vice versa and they come to join us when we are doing events as well.

We celebrated the birthday of the red hat society. 21 years the society has been bringing us all together.

Now am I staying home for the rest of the week. Well no! I went out again the next day. I headed to Chilliwack and joined in with the Chilliwack groups to have a little more fun. Another birthday get together. 50 ladies gathered to have a nice luncheon and sit and chat. All the more giggles for me.

Hmmm one lonely picture of that event. I took a few, but my pictures went poof! Gone, nada, no more. I guess my camera didn’t want to agree with me. Or the memory card didn’t like me that day. Dang!

After the event in Chilliwack I stopped at the tulip festival. On my gosh is that gorgeous! Rows and rows of tulips to walk through. This year though instead of them being up close to the barns they where way back a bit to walk to. Well we could have taken the wagon back but we walked the distance and chatted while we walked. Oh! I should say I was meeting a lady there. She is a new red hatter and was planning on joining our group to play. So we had a nice chat while we walked around the fields. She is looking forward to joining us for some fun. Welcome to our group Twiligha.

Now for the rest of the week I should stay home and enjoy my comfy couch for a day. Well! That didn’t happen. I ended up my week going out again. This time on my own. I headed back to Chilliwack and went to the old country barn sale at heritage park. Lots of vintage and antiques and such to look at. I was good. I didn’t buy anything, just wandered. I loved some of the things I saw. It also gave me some more ideas for some crafting. Yeah right! As if I need anything else to start projecting on.

Then I was a bad little girl. I figured I had a little more time before I had to be home. So! Well! Just make a turn up here and I will be in hamels. No! No you don’t need to go there. Oooops! I turned and am heading back that way. Well just a little stop in. I can wander there for a bit and just take a lookie loo. Well I did take a lookie loo and then I picked up this and picked up that. Oh such pretty colours. I better leave before I buy out the store. I got out of there but yes I did buy some things. You see those pieces where pretty colours. I will make something out of them. Just when I am not sure though.

This week coming up. Should be a little more quiets. Um no! Not happening. I have a council meeting. Then the next day in cinco du mayo. Then a few more days another place to go. Fun! Fun

I also made a comment in my last blog. I was getting to thinking and if I can get my act together another event may be in the works. Just thinking now, but maybe I could do? Yes I am just thinking but the wheels are turning. Mistake, but it is happening. Yes just thinking.

Did I say retirement was going to be a quiet time. Well at one time I thought I would be sitting on my laurels, but not at the moment. I am having the time of my life. Just got to find the time to get the rest I need. Maybe later.

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