Am I nuts. Well I never know

My mind started running with ideas last night. You know you sit in the middle of the night and no to sleeping and then these ideas start popping into my mind. Well what if I could do this. Or how about this idea. Do I think that anyone would like it. Oh gosh just driving myself nuts.

Well I was actually having a hot flash and not sleeping, but sometimes that is just the same thing. Sit up in bed and flop all the covers off for a bit. I was having such a good sleep for a change and then that hit. So not a happy camper on having my restful night disturbed by a whole lot of warm. Mind you I like being warm but dang not that warm. I don’t get them that often, but when I do, it hits me three fold and hot I get.

Anyways sitting there in bed and not sleeping I started to think about what and whatever and what not. I started to think about what could be done and would I be able to do it

I dropped on a plan. Put it together in my mind and finally more relaxed went back to sleep. All thoughts gone and in sweet slumber again.

Up this morning, seemed to be happy with the sleep I got and started out with my day. All of a sudden poof back into my brain comes these thoughts from last night non slumber time. So after the dogs were walked and breakfast was done. I put these thoughts down on paper. I think is this really feasible or am I just nuts. Could I do this. You know I think I could. With allot of help from some friends. Also a few who said if I did this again they where going to cut off my head.

So this morning I started messaging with a couple of friends to get their opion on these thoughts. They told me I am not nuts. Even though I think I still am.

I know I am going round and round with this writing and you all are wondering what I am getting around to saying

Well first off about my head being cut off. You see a couple of years ago I volunteered to do an event for our red hat groups council. I requested help from my chapterettes to help me out. We all did a great job on putting the event together for 120 ladies. It was an Alice in wonderland type of event. It was so much fun and was a big success. Everything came together. Took a year and half to plan. There was a few hiccups along the way, but all in all everything turned out great. When it was all over and everything was cleaned up I was told that if I decided to plan another event that the queen of hearts was going to cut off my head.

This being my first event I was so nervous that things would not work out. That I would be a total flop and the biggest dinglgoofus for even volunteering in the first place. But I had these ideas and just wanted to go with them. Then these ladies had more ideas that brought this event all together.

Now three years latter I am thinking again. Something for 2020. Not sure if it will be spring or fall. So I will put in here to all of the red hat ladies in the area. If you are planning anything in 2020 I would really like to know about your dates. Just so I am not overlapping with anyone at the same time. I know Bev in Chilliwack is planning for September. Bonnie are you doing something in October for a project runway? Anything going on in the spring for Birthday celebrations. Anyone from Maple Ridge, Langley, Surrey Richmond or Vancouver making any plans. The only time I am not able to do mine is in the summer as I will be away playing at a huge convention in Australia plus a little extra touring around. So please let me know. Or maybe we could work together and make a two day event with your theme one day and mine the next. Just a thought, but I know that would have to be a bigger venue.

So now to figure out a date. Please help me out with your dates so I am able to look into venues. I contacted a company that will do rental things for me for the theme I want to do. I have also contacted a few places to ask about price of a venue and dates that might be available. Then I go from there. Yes please with the help of my friends. Pretty please I hope! I will hold my head in place.

There is still the point that this may not happen.ladies last year where in planning stages for things and then find out others are doing something so they shelf theirs just to find out later that the others have shelved theirs as well. So no event at all. Conversation and communication is a good thing. Put out your save a date so others know that something is at least coming up. I have a BC event Facebook page going that you can put your save a date events on there. Please share your events on there so everyone knows what is coming up and can plan. I love traveling around the Fraser valley and Vancouver and going to events.

Last but not least. Am I nuts! Right now yeah I think I am, but please hear me out and leave my poor neck alone. I love my head where it is and not sharing up at me in a basket.

So ladies. An event is starting to take shape. So far in my head, but will bloom to further later on in the year with a date and the theme I have in mind. Hmmmm! Oh my aching head! NO! NO! Do not cut it off! I think I am not nuts! Well for the moment anyways.

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