Why do I do? Because I know it won’t last forever

I was out and about this morning visiting with some Red Hat sisters. We gathered at the seven oaks mall in Abbotsford today. At the last council meeting we picked a spot to go and then put out an announcement and asked all to come and socialize for the morning over coffee. Our council tried this in February and had a great success of it. We had about 20 ladies come out to just sit and chat for a couple of hours. So we tried again this month. Another venue to show we are around and having fun.

Well we gathered again this morning. Had about 20 ladies show to sit and chat. Had a few different ladies as well. Ladies I have never met before. This is a very nice way to get to know more of the ladies who are in the area. We chat about anything and everything. Not all is about red hatting. We have lives that no one knows about. All we do know is that we are red hatters, but there is life behind that hat that we wear. We have families and children and grandchildren. There are ladies that do traveling. There are others who are stay at home. Some that have full lives in volunteering and others who live quiet lives at home. Then there are some who are still in the work force. We are all gathering to get to know one another. We learn from each other and some of us live through what other ladies are doing.

These are pictures of our first and second gathering.

As we sat in the mall food court chatting away we had many a person come by and chat with us for a bit. Even had a couple of ladies who are interested in joining. That is what it is all about. Being seen and having a great time.

So that is my little bit of fun for the day. We where chatting away. Then I was asked a question. Why do I do it and why do I do so much.

Well the first question is easy to answer. I want to have some fun in my life. I have spent so many years being a daughter, then a wife and a mother. The care giver to so many and not to myself. I want to be me, just me. I want to live, I want to laugh and I know it was in there someplace, I just had to find it. I am a quiet person. Usually keep to myself. Over many years of caring for others a shell of self doubt had built up around me. Well it has cracked wide open. Sometimes this shell wants to come back, but now I know I can fight back and get out and live.

Okay the second question is a little more for my self being. You see about 10 years ago I was told that eventually I may not be able to be mobile anymore. This I am fighting with all the energy I have. I have been diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Plus a few other autoimmune diseases that have cropped up over the years. Fibro is painfull, but yes I can live with it. Some days I wonder though. Sjogrens is also a pain in that it causes problems with my moisture glands in my body. I can live with that and take every day one day at a time. Now the osteoarthritis is another story. This is attacking my joints. I know, I know joints can be replaced and all is better, but! It is in my back as well. Lower back at that. Mostly in the small of my back. This eventually will end up that I may not be walking anymore. Docs may be able to operate to fuse things together, but do I want someone playing around with my back? Screwing up and I am not moving at all earlier then I want.

So now the second question. Why do I do so much and all the time. I must be crazy and hurting myself with keeping on doing everything and going to go broke with all that I do. Well you see if things are going to happen they will happen. I just want to live as much as I can while I can. So I don’t have a bucket list, I have a washtub list of so many things that I want to do. Things I did not do when I was younger because I was afraid to do. The time is now and I am going for it. I do crash every now and then. Sleep for days and then I am up and moving again. This isn’t going to stop me. I hurt and I know I hurt, but you know being out with these ladies seems to make the pain subside a bit.

I did a crazy thing a couple of years ago. I was with my sister in law in Ontario. We went to a convention together in Ottawa and then took a bit of a tour of Ontario just to spend some time together. We went into Niagara Falls for a day. Went into a wind tunnel and we went flying. Oh my was that so much fun. It took allot out of me, but I did get to fly.

Oh talk about flying the two pictures before. The wind tunnel pictures. We went up in a biplane as well during this time together. Flew over Ottawa and saw everything from the air. Oh that was so much fun as well. For Ivy being afraid of flying she was gong ho to go up. I think I created a fun monster during that trip. We where going to go zip lining as well during that trip but to go up there had to have closed in shoes walking in the rocks. Well I only had sandals along so no going in for us. Oh well I will be up on a zip line sometime, but just have not done it yet.

So I will keep on going as long as I can keep on going. I do not want to lay down and not do anything. I will regret it afterwards. I have traveled so many places I never thought I would go. I have met so many beautiful ladies in my travels. Have had so much fun and am going to keep having as much fun as I can. God forbid my back does not damage on me in the short future. I have more living to do and by gum I am going to keep on living.

Next year I have plans to travel across the world and attend a funvation in Australia. I am so looking forward to that. Well all except the flight to Australia. That is going to be one long painful sitting experience. I know I can stand and walk a little, but my legs and back are still going to tell me about it. It may be my last hurrah, but I am going to do it. I am traveling on my own, but meeting up with ladies on the way so not on my own for long. I want to discover a little of the country before I come home again and say well I did it. Like I said I got to keep on going. So my plans are being made and I am on my way.

You never know with my pushing to keep doing I may even make it out of this world. UM! No that ain’t gonna happen, but I will keep on flyin as best as I can

Well talk to ya next time. More adventures are in my future.

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