Finally! Took a month or so to do it though

You know that adventure I talked about a month or so ago. Heading to the hot springs pool in Harrison and going for a soak. Then we find out the pool is closed for maintenance and there is a huff and we head back for home.

Well I can happily say that we finally made it to the hot springs pool and bonus they where opened this time. There was no huff of any kind and we enjoyed our day.

First we planned to go last week. Then for some reason instead of going the tv was turned on and was watching some stupid show on tv. So I sat that day and worked on some things on my computer. I got allot done. Near the end of the day I was asked why I did not remind him that we had made plans to go to Harrison. So now with plans made the day before I guess I am suppose to be the reminder too that we were suppose to go someplace.

So this week the suggestion was made again. Since we still have our suits packed in a bag to go let’s go tomorrow. Or do we just unpack the suits and put them back in the drawer where they where before we started all this. Okay plans are made. Going tomorrow.

I get up this morning earlier then usual. Remember I said I am not a morning person. Well I actually did get up without any trouble. A little wobbly on the feet, but hey I am up. Had my breakie and then walked the dogs. Hmm you know that wobbly part. I got back from walking the dogs and had to sit down for a bit with my feet up. Did I mention I am not a morning person.

Well time goes on and I get up and we load into the car for a drive to Harrison. It is about 45 minutes away, but to me is well worth it. Well except for the price for the amount of time we spend in there. A beautiful drive today. Nice warm sunshine beaming through the windows. The windows opened and a nice breeze blowing through the car. Tunes playing at a moderate sound. The scenery is just breathtaking as we make our way along highway 7. Not a cloud in the sky.

Oh my. Been in the car too long. I start to do my usual wiggle. I really do not know how I am going to survive a plane ride next year to far off places. Dang I am going to try though.

We get to Harrison around 11:15. Pay $26 to get into the pool. Yes it is opened this time. Hal-la-lu-ya! Aw! Nice warm soak in the hot springs pool. The water caresses around my feet as I step in. Oh! The warmth, such a beautiful feeling as I move deeper into the water and find a seat along the side of the pool. After a bit my limb are moving without a problem. I do a few therapeutic moves to loosen my arms and legs sitting neck deep in the water. Just enjoying the moment and the warmth.

After 30 minutes I have to raise out of the water to cool a bit. Hey I am not done yet though. Just a bit of cooling. They say you should be only in for 15 minutes. Oh, oh! I broke the rules. After cooling a little I am back neck deep in the water. Taking in all the heat I can. I take a few walking laps of the pool to keep my legs moving. It feels so good to move without stumbling. These hotsprings are suppose to be good for you. Well yeah I agree.

We stay for another 30 minutes. Then bummer it is time to get out. I am a wrinkly prune now. Do we have to go. Yes it is time. My legs are starting to shake a little and my blood pressure has risen a little. It is time to go cool off and go.

As I leave the pool I feel my legs not want to take my weight. I take a seat by the side of the pool and cool a little. Watch others in the pool enjoying the heat. It is quiet in here today. Only about five or six in the pool. As we are about to leave a few families come in. The pool is getting a little more active now. So yes it is time to leave.

I bring my key back to the office and get my deposit back and then wait outside for hubbie to come out. We make our way to the car on wobbly legs and then head ourselves for home. As we make it back into town we look for something to eat. I never really eat much , but I had a whole hamburger and fixens. I am a glutton after all that heat.

We make it back to the house. Walk in on wobbly legs to where I find my comfy couch. That is it, I am out for the rest of the afternoon.

So I enjoyed the day. Beautiful sunshine, nice warm pool and a great nap on top. I am feeling my aches and pains again, but for a little bit I was pain free and moving like the youth I use to be. If I can, again I will. Head for the hotsprings and enjoy my day. Just one little wish though is the gas prices come down and the pool a little cheaper and I would enjoy so much more. Just a couple more years and a senior discount will be for me. But will enjoy while I can now.

Well not much of an adventure today, though I did have a good time. Rain comes back in tomorrow and pain may be worse. I will take it one day at a time and enjoy what I can. Well until my next adventure. Talk to ya later.

2 thoughts on “Finally! Took a month or so to do it though

  1. Brenda, you need to make a trip to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and go into their pool. Salt water springs and it holds you up – no weight and you don’t get all hot!! Beautiful


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