Life on the quiet side

I may have been missing in action for the past week or so. It does happen from time to time you know. It is called my comfy couch. Yeah! I know I talk allot about my comfy couch. It is where I rest and recuperate when I do something fun or maybe something stupid and then need the down time afterwards. I really love to get out and about. Meet up with friends and have a good time. Or just get out and about and do a little adventuring. The thing is though I need the down time afterwards. To sorta berate myself for being a little stupid and going out. You know I don’t call it stupid though. I call it my life and I have to live it or I am just going to shrivel up and be the old women that I am.

Alright now you are going to tell me I am not an old women. Well at 60, no I really am not an old women. But having an autoimmune disease does make for me being an old women some times. I get up off my comfy couch and oh can you hear the joints a cracking. They could really do it in tune though and I could have my own band. You have to make sure that your feet are under you before you put your full weight on your joints. Or, you know, you are going be sitting right back down on that comfy couch again and wondering what the heck happened. Or the other thing I may end up is head over tea cup into the coffee table that sits in front of my comfy couch. That would really not be a pretty sight. It has a glass inlay so you can see the ornaments I have inside from my hubbies mother. Some collector plates she so lovingly collected for herself. Not worth anything these days but still do not want to break them with the clumsiness of myself. Let alone all the cuts and bruises I would end up with in the process.

Well being on the mend I did get out a couple of times and had a bit of fun. After that long stretch of a week where I seemed to be out every day. I told you about my outings in my last blog. A whole week of going one place or another. Oh my I had a blast and then I crashed. I would get up the morning and within an hour or so was dead asleep again. My head was doing a little spinning, my eyes where crossed and everything just aches. Not a fun week. It was good hubby was on days shifts or he would have had me up and around doing things as well. You know things that’s are to keep me moving. He keeps telling me that you got to move and keep moving or you are not going to get better. The big thing is to just get over it. Sorry doesn’t work for me. I do need the down time. So I am so glad for him being at work. His retirement is coming sooner or later though. Gonna make for a hard time for me. Well some days he is okay and let’s me rest while he sits in his chair and reads for the day. Then it is let’s go out and feed him. Gotta eat you know and I am not getting up to make anything. Enough about my other half. I do love him but he is a pain in the arse you know.

I made a couple of adventures out in my down time. There was a mystery dinner theatre being held in a bar downtown. The bar is a gay bar and have allot of different shows going on each week. They have had burlesque shows, gay bingo and an awed assortment of other events going on. Something just a little bit different for our little town. I bought a ticket to go and see the murder mystery. This bar holds a murder mystery ever couple of months. All with different themes. This was was about Alice in wonderland. They are having another one in a month that is all steampunk. Sounds kinda interesting to go to as well, but for me I have a few too many events I have paid for already to try to fit in something else.

So I am going with a few other ladies. Some of them have dressed up in their red and purple with the theme of Alice in wonderland.

Wow! Don’t they look great.i love how some of the ladies can get so creative in costumes and keep them to the colours of the red hat society. Oh the last picture is our desert. These cup cakes where Devine and yummy. Every one of them had a eatable decorated piece on the top. Someone is very fancy at that artistic pieces.

The meal the stage had was delish as well. Very filling with a buffet of pork and sausage and the fixens. The night did drag on a little long. We sat there for a bit while all the characters made their introduction. Then we ate our first course. After the first course was finished some people participating asked questions to the characters to learn more clues. On the tables where more clues to look at and have more info. We then had our desert and then another round of questions to the characters. Last but not least the characters had their final say. Each table was then given time to work out who was the killer. Well we all talked a little about it but didn’t come up with much of a conclusion. I think none of the tables got the right answer.. interesting night it was, but my poor butt sitting on a hard chair for three hours took a bit out on me having the best time. Legs where cramping and butt was aching. Still a little on the tired side from my week before. Mind you I had a great time, just my bod did not agree on the good time. Bummer. ( no pun intended)

So another few days with not much to do. Then last night I went out to a play. I thought I was up to the outing, but not so much yet. I was sitting watching a movie at home. Getting into the movie and lost track of time. Ooopppps! I have a play to go to tonight. So I put the over on record to get the end and head out the door. Glad I was not picking up anyone tonight. Just me going. Yep! Me myself and I going to enjoy a play in Abbotsford. Gallery 7 theatre group was putting on “Joseph and the technicoloured dream coat ” I had never seen this before and thought it would be fun to go to. There was so much hype about the broadway musical that, even if it is a local group putting it on, sounding like something to see. So I bought a ticket an moth or two ago to go.

I might be a little late to getting there. Dumbass! Well I did make it before the play started. The parking lot full, but yes did get a parking spot. Walked into the theatre and boy was it full. Gallery seating so you did not have a seat assigned to you. Just sit where you can find a seat. Being by myself I found a seat eventually. Plopped myself down and waited for the show to start. Whew!

I liked the show. A little different then what I am use to watching though. Normal you go to a play and there is dialog. Well no dialog, but lots of singing. Some of the songs I even knew. The hype was not as much as broadway you know though. Donny Osmond was not in this one. Does make a bit of a difference you know. This was the 100th play that gallery 7 has put on. A great milestone for this theatre group who have been around this area for 22 years. Great performance for their 100th show.

You know though. I think I have to start remembering to bring my cushion I use in the car though. The one I use when I sit in the car for my back and my hips and whatever else is bothering me at the time. Would defiantly make the seat so much more comfortable. About the second acted my legs are doing their fun cramping again. NOT FUN! Well live and learn I guess.

So there is the month of March done now. I went out and did some living. I also had a few days of downtime sleeping on my comfy couch or just resting and relaxing with my feet up. April is on its way. The month will bring red hat birthday celebrations as the society turns 21 this year. For me it will be a month of fooling myself. Ha! April fools if I must. A little of the Easter bunny and hopefully some more warmer weather. I thrive a little better when the heat comes up a bit. Not the total warm weather as that just takes it out of me too, but the temperate weather of April and May. Cherry blossom, daffodils and tulips. Warmth enough to feel it in my bones. Sun shining brightly and longer days. I love spring as long as it is not a month of April showers. Summer will come and it will be too hot. That drags me down as well, but I enjoy spring. To me it is new beginnings and feeling so much better as the vitamins of sunshine come back after a long winters nap.

Well until next time. Enjoy your day all.

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