Wow what a week

You know! I sit on my comfy couch for days on end. I play on my iPad, I pick up my crocheting and I glance at the tv once in awhile and see what hubby is watching that is not much good to watch.

Then one week comes along and I all of a sudden am up off the comfy couch and out and about doing things. From having a lazy hazy few days to out and about. Giggling and having a great time with a few like minded ladies.

In a way it would be nice if these outings did not come all at once, but hey I will take what I can get. I need to keep moving. I need to be out and about. Don’t get me wrong I like my comfy couch, but if I am there day in and day out it is going to get pretty stale and boring. I have lots of things to do at home that keep me busy and always doing something, but I do need the out time. You know the time when you interacted with other people. And it is so much better when you are interacting with people you are comfortable being around.

So Tuesday up early and out the door. Not too many people can get me up early to go do a breakfast some place. Hey I did it on Tuesday. Well it wasn’t that early. Didn’t need to be there until 10 am. So that was not too bad. I have been to things that start at 8 am. I am just so out of it and really just want to crawl back into my nice warm bed with my pooches snuggle up beside me.. so 10 is not too bad.

Tuesday I was up and walked my pooches. Then I slipped into my purple and red garb and headed out the door. Head out to have a good time. I get to my meeting place just north of the border to wait for a few other ladies who are going to pick me up. No not off the ground. I didn’t fall down. I was getting a ride with them across the border into Washington state. Yes we are having breakfast at the casino just across the border in Lynden.

The best is riding with others. Especially when you are not sure of where you are going. Also you get to giggle and laugh on the way there as well. More fun is had that way.

We get to the casino and head on in. A few other ladies had already arrived and where getting themselves some free play with a new card. Hey I stood in line and got my free play of $10 too. Not gonna pass up that deal. I know I will loose it anyways. Never had much luck at the machines. I like to play though and have no big expectations of anything happening except loosing my shirt if I got too into it. That would not be a pretty site you know. EW!!!

We walked into the restaurant and there was two tables set up for us. We where Hooting! A hoot? You say. What the heck is a hoot. It is where we all decide on a place and just show up. Well, you do give the place we are going a bit of warning that we will be coming so they are prepared a bit. You just never know how many may show up though. Had a rough idea so there was staff there to serve all of us.

Some of the ladies actually dressed in the theme of hoot. You know as owls. There was necklaces, shirts, hats and decorations of owls at the tables. Breakfast was the special. Only $2.99 for two eggs, bacon, ham or sausage, hash browns and toast. Oh my was that filling.

After breakfast was over we all scattered to different parts of the casino. There was winners and there was losers at the machines. Everyone was smiling as they had their run at the machines. Me well I came home with an extra dollar. US dollar at that so my big winning was $1.25 maybe. Whoa! I just don’t know what I am going to do with my big winnings.

We all hopped back in the car and headed back across the border. At the crossing we had a new person asking us some questions. When Bev said why we where down in Washington he had to ask what the red hat society was. Boy he was really new. We cross the border all the time to go down and play with our Washington sisters. So Bev explained and he kinda got the idea as he has seen a few ladies going across before us that day. Most of the other border crossing people usually tell us to have a great time and smile us on our way.

Wednesday rolls around. Another day up early and in the car again. This time I have a doc appointment. Well this one is not too bad. I only have to go to Abbotsford for that. Eye exam with the specialist there. Thing is I have to be driven by someone cause they are going to dilate my eyes and check out the back of my brain. No not really but that is what it feels like. I was a little later then I thought I would be. The road we where suppose to turn on was blocked off as they where working on the railway tracks. So a long detour to get to the office that was just on the other side of the railway tracks. I made it on time though. You go into the office. They give me the eye exam to see whether I can still read the cards. Oh and the dang puff they put in each eye. Not a fan of that. Then they put drops in that sting like nothing else. Well for some that may not sting, but for me having sjogrens ,where my eyes are very dry, it dang well stings. Then you go back to the waiting room and wait, and wait, and wait. You finally get into the examining room again and then you wait, and wait, and wait. All the time you really can not see anything. Finally he comes in. Puts a light up to my eye and looks into my brains. There is no way I going to see for a long time. They dialate and then shine lights in your eyes. Not a fan at all.

Well the story is I have cataracts now. Not bad but I do have them. Do not need to go back and see him unless things start getting worse. Okay? When do I know they are getting worse. I can’t see that great now. My eyes keep changing. My optometrist will keep and eye on them I guess and tell me. No pun intended on that.

So I leave the office. Step outside and oh the blinging light! So bright. I make my way to the car and hubby drives me home. I have on my sun specks, but do not seem to do much good. Finally home sweet home where I keep the house dark. Hubby goes to bed to sleep so he can do a night shift that night. I get comfy on my couch and close my eyes and hope the dialation soon goes away so I can get on with a little crocheting before I go out tonight

Yep! I am going out again on Wednesday night. Like I say you sit around for days on end and then all of a sudden you are so busy going out and having a good time.

The show I went to that night was called Kinky Boots. It was at the Abbotsford entertainment centre. I love when shows are here. You do not need to venture all the way into Vancouver to see something you want to see. I went with Bev. We decided to dawn our red and purple and have a great time. I picked her up at a designated place where she left her car and drove to the entertainment centre. We where a little early so sat in the car and chatted a bit about this and that and the other thing. I saw the line was going so we headed for the building.. doors where opened, but to get to the seating was not opened yet. So we stood by the wall and people watched for a bit until they opened the curtains to let us go inside.

All the way down the stairs to the floor. Great seat close to the front. As we sat there waiting two ladies from my red hat group came in and where looking for their seats. Me not knowing they where coming and them not knowing that I was coming we got our seats two down from each other. Good minds must think alike on where to buy tickets. Also Bev saw a friend that she travel with sitting close by as well. So she went over to chat for a bit with her.

The show starts. It is about a shoe manufacturer who figures out that his fathers factory is not going to make it. So he meet up with gay gent that he convinces to designs kinky, kinky boots for men. I thought they where gorgeous boots anyways. In the end all works out and the factory is saved and everyone gets the kinky boots. Lots of music and lots of dancing. Really entertaining. I loved it. I sure hope that the entertainment centre brings more shows like this to here. I would always go.

Thursday rolls around and I have another outing. The circle of queens is having their inaugural dinner. This group has just started up. A fun get together. The concept is not meeting, just having fun and getting to know each other. It was a great success. Paulette gathered us together. There was queens and vice queens there. Twenty or so ladies came out from Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission and a lady crossed the straight to join us from Vancouver island. So BC queens and vice queens of the red hat society who would like to join in the fun. Contact Paulette and she would love to tell you about her concept. Come join the fun and get to know some more ladies in our beautiful province.

Queens and vice queen from around BC gathered to have some eats. Yes I said eat. That is mostly what we do when we go out. Find some eats. Well we all love to eat you know. We are just starting out this group so just some tweaking and allot of ideas where thrown around today. As time goes on it will come together. Well at least 20 of us gathered for this first get together. Was a great success and we all got to know each other on a social level. Putting faces to ladies you see on Facebook or hear about from someone else. More get together are to follow in the future. Had a great time. along with blowing some bubbles. Something I haven’t done in ages.

So now this morning I am bushed. Or maybe it is just the change in the weather. The barometer rises or falls I feel it. My legs were just aching this morning. My head felt so stuff with cotton. I did get out of bed, but after an hour or so I was back laying down taking a nap. Should have just stayed in bed but that is not where I wanted to sleep. For some reason the bed was not where I wanted to be. Dang fibromyalgia. It can throw someone in such a tailspin somedays. So I was on my iPad passing the time this morning and then I am fast asleep on my comfy couch. Stayed there for at least a couple of hours before my eyes opened and I tried to get on with my day. My legs still ache and my head is still full of cotton. I did manage to get a few things done though today. Well the laundry that has been siting in the dryer for a couple of days is finally up stairs. Not put away yet, but it did make it upstairs. Then hubby wanted to head over to the mall and get a couple of things. So my aching cottony bod had to go out and walk around the mall for a bit. Then walk around the grocery store as well. Go figure.

So now tonight I sit on my comfy couch and hope that I do not have to get up for anything. Well I will have to go to bed soon. So I guess I will have to get up eventually.

Tomorrow I am going down town in the morning to drop off some of the crocheting I have been doing. My sorta charity work. I get yarn donated to me from ladies and in turn I crochet into blankies to give to organizations for people who need items. This pile of blankies is going to Siam’s closet. I have given them already about ten blankies and now I have another eight to give them. This is an organization run by the soroptimist. They are collecting dished, pots , pans, cutlery, blankets, sheets and the list goes on. These items are given to people who are starting over or just getting out of the system and starting their lives. So tomorrow I do a drop off and clean out my room again so I can make another pile.

Tomorrow I have one more evening out. I am going to a murder mystery dinner. Well at least I do not need to go too far to do this. I have never been to this venue before so will be another experience for me. I am going with a few other ladies. This will be another fun night. Will post of the mystery in a couple of days.

So after tomorrow I am back on my comfy couch for a week. Aw! Rest after a busy week. I just hope that the weather does not change too much or I am going to be in a tailspin for the week instead of relaxing. I love going out and I love being home, but I wish my bod would agree with me and not turn into a pile of pain sometimes. It is something I have to live with or should I say it lives with me. Will never go away. So I work my way through it and keep myself going.

Well, until next time. Talk to ya later.

One thought on “Wow what a week

  1. Love reading about your comings and goings!! I laugh, I feel sorry for your pain, but admire your gumption!, No quitter, that’s for sure!!


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