I actually left my comfy couch

Look at these lovely ladies. These ladies are my circle. Beautiful ladies I get up off my comfy couch to go see. To laugh and giggle and have a great time. They get me and I get them. We still learn different things about each other. New ladies have joined the group and others leave. We have been going strong now for eight years, close to nine. We where brought together in the love of friendship. There have been allot of ups in this group and a few downs, but we stick to our guns and carry on.

Today we celebrated St Paddy’s day. We left behind our red and purple colours and took to wearing of the green for a day. We had a wonderful lunch of Irish Stew, salad and peas. For desert decorated cookies and cupcakes. Oh delish it was. Then we played a few games and sat and chatted about anything and everything going on in our lives. It is always wonderful to get together with these ladies. It takes me awhile to open up to new people, but these ladies except me for what I am. I can goof around or I can sit back and watch. No judgment is made.

We have experienced so much adventure together. Everyone has their own ideas of things to do. We get to experience so much. We have been out on lake cruises. We have seen how glass figurines have been made. We have gone to a shooting range and shoot guns or shot arrows into the air with a bow. We have been to many a play together. Some of us have traveled together to Vegas for a convention. Have gone to larger parties and gathered with more ladies to have fun. We have dressed very elaborate or down to earth. Have celebrated all sorts of different events. We have done paint nights. We have wandered gardens or had picnics. The most we have done though is eat. Every where we go we gather to eat. A way to gather around the table like family and chat. So to say this is my extended family. I don’t know what I would do with out them. They make my life complete.

There are other ladies who I met that make my circle larger. More extended family who I can visit and chat with. More ladies I have met along the way in this journey of rediscovery. Ladies who say they are there for me if something is amiss. More beautiful ladies in other towns close by or even across the country. I can get on the internet and chat anytime day or night. Or drive a few miles and be on their doorstep if I need a shoulder. Or the other way if I need someone to come to me. I know I am not alone when things are not right.

I could put so many pictures on here a these beautiful ladies. I probably will in many other blogs I will write. Their smiles, their energy always make me a better person.

So now that I have mushed enough. I will go back a few years. Years of moving every year. Years of no one to talk to except my hubby and son. Years that I felt alone and isolated from the world. There was not much for me. A shell that built up around me. I never really talked to anyone as I never had anything to say. My life so I figured was just me, myself and I. I didn’t know how to change it. I tried in different towns to volunteer and get to know people, but just knew that we would be on the move again. So what was the point. So I raised my son. Made sure all our moves went smoothly. Homes where set up and ready for everyone.

When we finally settled and no more moves. I spread my wings a little and went back to work. I worked for 14 years until I was not able to anymore. Work was not enough to fill that void though. I still need something, but what could it be. I was never sure I was going to find the thing in life. Then one day a small little ad. Just two lines in the ads of the paper. Would you like to join a group. Come out and have some fun. Give me a call and I will let you know.

Well that ad I cut out of the paper. I set it aside to bring it out many times to think. Should I call or not? Well after weeks of procrastinating I finally called her. She became my queen and a good friend at that. I still talk with her on email as she has moved away. In the next couple of weeks I will see her again at an event coming up. We had a few great years together until that time. Since that first encounter until now I have grown so much. From just a few girlfriends to many around the world. Some I know so well and some a little less. I know they are there and will be for many years.

As I spread my wings further and further from that shell. There is cracks in the shell, but I still pull back at times. I wonder what I am doing and why I am doing. I question myself on should I be doing this. Then I pull up my socks and grit my teeth and say get over it. No one cares except for myself. Go have some fun and go out and play.

I am having my fun and doing things I never thought I would do. I have courage I never knew that I had. I roll right along with others in my circle and have learned so much in this past nine years. Along with this courage I have given myself the idea that I can live. Not curl upon the couch and let my illness get to me. I fight back now when the pain gets too much. There are some days that I will curl on my couch wallow in pain. Then I see a post of a friend who does not know of my pain level I feel. Just the right words at the right time and I feel so much better.

I love my circle of ladies. Who are there from near and far. They may not know that they are helping, but they are. Just a few words here and there can give me the courage I need on a day.

This circle of friends are a world wide group. The red hat society has made me whole again. Started 21 years ago with the exchange of a hat between friends. Has grown so much and is so diverse in who has joined. I may only know a few of these beautiful women in this world wide group, but what I have is working for me. I keep spreading my wings and meeting more of these ladies. I love and I cherish the time I have to play. I hope I have many more years of playing and having a little fun. That is the question that will be answered with time. The more pain I have the less I seem to do. I still push to keep going

I am making plans for the future. More activities to look forward to. So as long as I have future plans I will keep myself going. Things to look forward to. Things that I can do. So looking to the future is what I will do. With my circle of friends who help me along and the red hat society for further support. These beautiful ladies I will cherish for years.

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