You just gotta laugh

I snatched these from Facebook. Something to make you giggle about old age.

I try to keep it laughable. You know getting older. There are some days though that I can’t seem to get a laugh out of my day. I toss and turn most of the night. One hip will hurt so over to the other side. Then the foot cramps enough to make you get out of bed and walk around a bit. Back into bed and then the shoulder tells you that you should not be laying on it. Then there is your brain that tells you all about the things you did not get done today or what has to be done tomorrow. Never ending.

Next morning you are up at a certain time. Are exhausted but can not sleep any more. So you slide yourself out of bed and sit on the edge of the bed. Don’t get up to fast or toppling over might be in your plan. Oh yeah, if you have two pooches that sleep with you as well you defiantly do not disturb them as you get up. They give you such a look when you move and disturb them.

I love my pooches, but they do have an attitude about being disturbed so early in the morning. But dang I have to go pee so the heck with them. I know they have to pee too, but they have to wait a bit until I am dressed good enough to go outside with them.

So you finally get up and head for the bathroom. Your pooches desire to stretch too and head in the same place you are. You always got to have my guardian angels with me wherever you go. Never are without company when you do your business. Just like they need company when they do theirs. Talk about fair play. Well they are getting older too so will take as much of them being company as long as they are with me.

A few years ago I use to do stretches in the living room. My pooches were younger then and wanted to play. So every move I made they seemed to be under foot. I would do a downward facing dog..a yoga position and they would crawl under me while my butt was in the air and my face hanging down. Next thing I would see was dogs giving big sloppy kisses to me. Tail wagging and wiggling around to please play.

Aw! Those stretches and playtime are the thing of the past now. I can still get down on the floor, but dang is it ever hard getting back up. Pooches only want to play for a bit now instead of hours on end they use to. Goes the same for me too. The three of us just snuggle up on the couch

Now our big exercise for the day is a walk around a few blocks to keep the bod moving. If I do not get out at least once a day. I just start to stiffen up and that is not good. They love the walk too, but don’t do much of it anymore either. A few years ago I would walk for miles and miles. I was in Edmonton for a convention one year and decided to stretch a bit. I walked from the hotel I was staying at to west Edmonton mall. Was just a little longer then I thought. I know I could do it and yes I did. I then proceeded to wander around the mall eventually found some other Red Hat ladies I knew where going to be there and stopped to chat with them a bit. Well I was offered a ride back to the hotel. I gladly took it, but would have probably walked back if had not gotten a ride.

Another marathon walk I took was in Winnipeg at a convention. I was there a day or two early and decided that touring around town would be a great idea. So I walked from the hotel to the forks down town area. I made it there wandered around a little and walked back to the hotel. This was a couple of years after Edmonton and my bod was starting to show some ware of sjogrens. In my younger days I walked for miles. I loved to walk. Would walk from our house in Stratford in Ontario to a little town outside of Stratford called shakespeare were my hubbies parents lived. We both walked there. Along the railroad tracks. In winter we would cross country ski that way. Now just getting around a few blocks and I am so dang tired. I feel weary and my legs start to shake.

Getting old would not be too bad, but when you happen to end up with something that is not going to go away and just get worse as time goes on. It kinda hits you in the butt that you are not going to have the retirement you thought you where.

So now I make the best of what I can do. Most of the time it is my comfy couch with my pooches snuggle around me. I do allot a crocheting, which keeps my hands busy. I take a walk with my dogs in the morning and once in awhile when I feel on the up side I head out and enjoy the weather. I take myself on little adventures around back roads in my bug. Sometimes I find something interesting to stop and look at. I get out and walk and enjoy life to it’s fullest. Well at least I try. Some days it is not possible.

I did a silly thing a year ago. I saw on Facebook about a convention being held in Australia. I so want to go there. Also a few other places in the world. So I emailed the lady running it and ask if there was still space. She said yes, so I signed up to go. The thing is it is in 2020. That is in another year from now. Will I be stable enough to be able to go there? Stable enough to sit on a plane that long and go to Australia. I have trouble sitting in a car for a half hour drive with hubby now before my legs start to bother me and I have to start twitching around. Well I will see how silly I am in a year. Or just plain stupid on deciding to do this in the first place. What I want to do is go to Sydney first and see the sites there and then head to the coast where the convention is and then home sweet home. My last hurrah I think. Can I do it? Well I hope so, but time will tell. I already said to hubby a couple of times that I may change my mind and then go to the Winnipeg convention that is coming up a couple of months after this one. For now though I will keep thinking about my Australia adventure. I may be nuts, but I will keep thinking happy thoughts.

This year we have a cruise booked to go on. Alaska here we come. A very nice relaxing sail up the coast. Sitting on the deck at night a just looking up at the stars. Watching the land of BC go by until we see the coast of Alaska. I just hope that I will not be walked up and down stairs so much. From our room to the dining room. From the dining room to the theatre. Up and down the stairs. And he wondered why I wanted to sleep all the time. He likes his exercise. I liked it at one time too, but now, well it is just getting to hard for me to do. I would love to just go to one spot and sit and watch the world go by. Call me lazy, but I just can’t do it anymore.

I am a member of the Red Hat society. If you have not heard of this well! It is a worldwide group of ladies who get together and have a blast. I have been to many conventions with these groups. I know that I can go anywhere in the world and meet up with ladies who are members. I know I would not be alone for long if I was traveling someplace. If a convention is going on. You are at the airport and all of a sudden you are not at the airport alone. You are traveling with other ladies going to the same place. I have so much fun in little groups like my own to larger gatherings where everyone is having a good time. I mostly sit back and watch the fun. Sometimes I get more involved. I am a queen and an ambassador. I love this group and want to stay a member as long as I can. I know there is always someone I can contact to help me out to talk to or just go out and have a chat with. Girl talk is what you need every now and then. Without it life is nothing cause sometimes hubbies just don’t understand.

So I said I was a queen and ambassador. The thing is I am starting to slow myself down. I don’t go out as much and do not meet up as much with these ladies. My wonder is if I should be stepping down as queen soon. I keep going but sometimes I just need the time at home. So if we are planning anything I am not there as often as I was before. My energy levels are dropping and keeping things organized takes a little more effort now. I am starting to think that I am slowing the group down on not getting out as much. I know I have all the ladies standing behind me and helping me in anyway they will, but I just get the feeling that I am not there for them anymore.they are a great group of ladies and I love being with them, but maybe by next year or so there may be another queen taking over. Okay my whine for the moment.

So with all the trouble going on with my bod. I keep up the smiles and try to laugh at all the silly things I do. The other day I had the cupboard jump out and knock me in the leg. Dang cupboard. I never knew it could move so fast. Or there was the time a day or two ago I was out walking the pooches. Hubby was with me. So I get to hear about this allot. Walking down the sidewalk there is a post stand of a basketball net. So I walk around it. At least I though I would walk around it. Smacked my shoulder right into knocking me sideways and right into hubby. Knocked him sideways. Weird. I thought I was going to miss that pole and he never knew what hit him. Oh well yeah he did and was trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with me to do that. You know maybe I was just trying to knock him out on the road. Good thing he didn’t. I walk down the stairs very slowly now. My knees are just not what they use to be going up and down the steps. So it is a very graceful movement I make when I go up or down the stairs. Just think of me a beautiful purple gown coming down the stairway. Not very graceful if I say so my self. Flip flop, flip flop, too funny.

This is all discouraging, but have to make the most of it or I will just go nuts thinking about the what Evers and the what if’s. So I will keep on laughing and making the best of whatever. Hoping that there are more good days then bad. Take my days one day at a time.

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